Diwali 2019 Horoscope- Diwali Date and Kundli

Diwali 2019 Horoscope

The prosperous festival of light and color, Diwali brings string of happy faces, bright streets, and glowing sky. Diwali is all about worshipping the God and Goddess of fortune and escalate joy. Diwali 2019 falls on the 27th of October. The Lakshmi puja muhurta for all signs on Deepawali is 06:40 PM to 08:13 PM.

Please read the Diwali 2019 horoscope to know what is up for you this year.


People under the Aries sign are governed by the planet with enormous fresh energy and fearlessness, Mars or Mangal. You are popular for your spunkiness. However, the day of Deepawali would be auspicious for you generally but your health might not remain very good due to all the physical exertion involved.

Therefore, focus on enjoying the day with minimal physical effort and by remaining away from any negative thoughts. Also, reciting the mantra ‘Om Namo Bhagwate Namah’ 108 times will help you out here. You may hear good news on this day.


Taurean, similar to the bright illumination of Diwali occasion, this is a highly auspicious day for you. Perhaps you should consider bringing something new to your home today as it will prove to be very lucky. As you are governed by planet Venus, you are garnished with happiness and pleasures. Furthermore, you will enjoy the festivities to the fullest and will feel happy and compiled on this day.

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A good day is promised by the planets. On this day the purchase of items like A.C., Refrigerator, Washing machine, TV, Computer, etc. for your home will be auspicious. Your expenditure shall increase. Your relation with your spouse will be cordial. Extension or interior decoration at your home is possible. An unexpected gift from a friend or relative may brighten your day further.

Diwali 2019


Cancerians, you may feel a little tense and restless today due to all the work at home. However, with the radiance of Moon, you know how to lift up the spirits on a festive night. Diwali 2019 is a fine day and you will enjoy the festival vibes. Also, there is a possibility of your participation in some celebration at the residence of your neighbor. Moreover, avoid driving or going out of your home if it is not too necessary today.


Under the influence of the Sun, you choose to glow your surroundings. For this reason, you will feel like enjoying to the fullest by taking a complete break from everything else and simply relaxing. However, this may not happen as you may find yourself hosting a lot of guests today.

Also, you may have to spend on some unplanned expenses on this day nonetheless, they would be for the positive only.


Virgos, the epitome of sharpness, analytical expertise may have plans to take off the badge of a perfectionist and relax to the fullest on the occasion.

As a result, you will be truly relaxed on this day and would prefer staying at home and avoid going anywhere just for the sake of making the most of the day of Deepawali.

To make your day even brighter, the arrival of an old friend may delight you a lot and would dedicate the Diwali 2019 remember old memories. Also, the festivities would give you tremendous peace of mind and a feeling of completion. In all, this would be a day to cherish for you.



For Librans, the auspicious day of Diwali can be a bit harsh for their taste. Your health may bother you today and you may feel like relaxing but without success. Perhaps you may wonder that your planet lord Venus is in a different mood.

Consequently, be patient and recite the mantra of the Moon to get rid of the problems and bright up the festival vibes. Mantra is – Om Shram Shreem Shraum Sah Chandramase Namah.


Scorpions planet lord Mars offers them a heap of strength. However, the festival of light gives the message of celebration. Therefore, this is an auspicious day to buy something for yourself that you have been holding off for long.

Also, to add a flavor of laughter and delight, there are chances of unexpected guests coming at your home so welcome them and get their blessings. You will feel happy and generally calm during the day.


Among the five day festivity of Diwali, today is the best day for you. If anyone is going to really and fully enjoy the festivities, it would be you for sure. Nevertheless, some irritation may also arise as you may feel constantly distracted due to work at home while you would rather prefer to be focused only on celebrations. However, things would remain good for you. Thus, enjoy the bliss and the boxes of sweets and chocolate.


Capricorns guarded by Shani or Saturn, you are always a little too much disciplined and organized. Celebrations and festivals are similar to the usual days for you and do not excite you much. As a result, the day of Deepawali would be a regular day for you as you might find yourself constantly thinking about something at your work.

However, on this occasion, the sky & lanes, and hearts become bright. Thus, the best thing to do is to let go of negative thoughts and focus only on this auspicious day which deserves only happiness and celebrations.


You are also ruled by the slow-moving planet Saturn. Therefore, you may move the spirits slow on this day.

However, the day of Deepawali shall bring joy and love in your life. This entire week would be full of shopping and fun. You may, however, feel physically exerted on this day and this might tone down the enjoyment you may otherwise have on this day. So, try to rest whenever you can while enjoying the festivities at the same time.


Pisces are governed by the planet Jupiter. Thus, you are both innovative and thoughtful and cannot bear it be to a general day on an occasion like Diwali. Therefore, driven by your own nature, your day will be full of joy and happiness and your domestic environment will be harmonious.

Also, your family is of great importance to you and any gathering of relatives, near and dear ones is always a source of pleasure and it won’t be any different today. You will feel happy and fulfilled.

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These were the major details about Diwali 2019 Horoscope. Also, you may like to read about what to buy on dhanteras 2019.

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