8 Mysterious Ways The Universe Speaks To Us

Ways Universe Speaks To Us

Have you ever imagined what is life? What led to the existence of humans in this big UNIVERSE? How do we balance our own needs with those of others? What our creator actually wants from us? All these questions sometimes create troubles for us and instead of thinking about them we generally try to ignore this reality.

We came alone in this world and we have to leave this materialistic world alone as well. This is reality either we accept it or not, one day we all have to taste the reality of death. Before that, we must realize what we are actually meant for and what this Universe wants from us.

Agree with it or not but we receive signs and hints from Universe all the time. It wants to communicate with us but we are so busy in our lives that we are not able to pick these signals that describe our actual flow of life. These signs might be a coincidence but there are chances these are universal ways designed to guide us in one way or another.

So, in this context lets discuss some of the ways by which the universe speaks to us. These messages can make a huge difference in your lives if you are able to pick them properly.


Dreams are the result of our subconscious mind. People say dreams are the outcomes of our past life Karma but actually, these are the powerful signals in which the universe wants to communicate with us. However, it’s your call how you deal with these hints and apply them in your life.

Dreams are the messages that the Universe sends us to pay more attention and write them down in your journal as soon as you wake up. Find their meaning afterward to see how they relate to your life and what guidance they bring.

Sudden Thought

Have you ever experienced certain thought clicking your mind out of nowhere? This can be a random idea, a solution, or something you feel inspired to do. It basically a sign that the universe has sent to communicate with you.

If you pay attention you will realize what is it meant and how a certain idea hit your mind and got your work accomplished. For example, if you suddenly think of your mother, that is a sign that you should call her as she might need your support or love.


Animals are such creatures who have the power to smell what’s going to happen. The universe sends us messages in a number of ways and one of them is animals. The second most powerful creatures on earth after humans. That is the reason some people trust animals more than humans.

Continuous sighting or voice of a particular animal is a strong signal that something is going to happen. For example, a number of birds flying in the sky at a particular place indicate that something unusual is going to happen and you need to escape. Another example is of dogs, it is said that when a person dies only Dogs are such creatures who know whether that person is going to hell or heaven.

Experiencing Deja Vu

Deja Vu is a French word which means “already seen“. Have you ever experienced the feeling of the same thing happening again and again? Those who have experienced the feeling describe it as an overwhelming sense of familiarity with something that shouldn’t be familiar at all.

In simpler words, when you experience some event multiple times but actually that had happened only once.

For example, you are walking on the road and a red car is passing nearby and suddenly you have the feeling that you’ve already experienced this very thing. This might be a way or a signal universe has sent in order to communicate with you. Try to find the reason behind all these things rather than ignoring certain events.


Synchronicity is an experience of two or more events that occur in a meaningful manner which are causally unrelated. It is most common and we all have experienced it. When you are thinking about someone just before they call, text or you bump into them in person.

It’s a universal sign that indicates that you are on the right path and also gives a confirmation that your thoughts have a clear vision of the future. When you notice the same coincidence happening more than once and it begins to take on meaning, then it becomes a Synchronicity.

messges of universe

Songs/ Music

This is interesting and sounds a little strange too. How does the Universe talk to us through music? Have you ever experienced a random song or music popping into your mind? These things display a strong connection between our minds and emotions.

When you hear a song listen to it with full concentration there might be a strong message from the universe. For example, when you hear a song after a long time it reminds you of all those past memories that you might have shared with someone special. The universe can use these songs, tunes or lyrics to convey important information to you.


Meditation is another way the universe tries to connect with you. Spiritual meditation is a way by which you connect with your eternal soul solving all problems and answers which need to get corrected. Yoga, exercise, music are the basics of meditation which leave a very powerful impact on your minds.

Meditation not only relaxes your soul but also refreshes your mind and you feel much comfortable and easy afterward. This might be due to the reason that the universe has a secret message for you through the medium of meditation.

Gut Feelings/ Intuitions

Gut feelings mean when you give first preference to your heart rather than obeying the orders of the mind. It’s a natural phenomenon where you pay more attention to your internal feelings before doing or executing something. Trust yourself many times it actually makes sense.

For example, you had made a plan to go to a hill station this weekend. You have book the tickets, the hotel everything is planned. Suddenly, you get intuition from inside that something unusual is going to happen and you should cancel that particular plan. Later you get the news that the plane you have booked the tickets for has crashed. This is another way the universe sometimes gives you hints and that too for your benefit.

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