A letter to my friends in depression

A letter to my friends in depression

We try to hide all our dark emotions inside us and keep a fake smile for the people who care about us. Maybe they do the same or maybe we all do the same. We are humans, we cannot hold on to a single feeling. We have innumerable feelings within us, which makes us complex, but humans too. So is feeling depressed a bad thing? No. Depression is a feeling too, a bad one though. We can, unfortunately, come in some situations which can make us feel depressed.

There are some wounds that never show on our body, but are deeper and more painful than any other wound. But that doesn’t mean they will not heal. It will take time, but it will heal for sure. You don’t need to visit a doctor if you are depressed, but you need a person, a person to whom you can share, with whom you are comfortable, whom you trust, who will never judge you no matter what, and who will love you unconditionally. Falling in this feeling alone can be a lot painful than usual but still, you will fight it. But just know, you are NEVER alone, there are so so many people whom you might not know, but they love you, they admire you.

Each morning we are born again, it’s up to us how we live up to that. Depression is not a war, you don’t have to fight it. You just need to get over it with time, with a slow pace. Depression is a feeling in you and you never ever have to fight with yourself. You may get a bit complicated while in this feeling, but you never become an unlovable person. Your loved ones will still love you the same.

Sometimes life will kick you around, but sooner or later you’ll realize that you not only a survivor. You are way stronger than anything life throws your way.

Seeing suicide the only way to come out of it? You need a doctor then surely because you are too weak. You are letting just a bad feeling to take away your entire life. Are you so weak that you don’t even trust your future to give the best to you? This is a bad phase, a really really bad one, but it will pass away. Sushant Singh Rajput and some other talented ones like him took their lives by themselves, obviously, they were in a depression. But why they didn’t think that they will pass this. Sushant’s death has disturbed us so much, the thing already mentioned before, people love you unconditionally, it’s not necessary that you know them or not but you make a so much difference to their lives by just being into it.

You are only confined by the walls you build around yourself. You are so much worth and valuable that you have no idea about it. Obstacles will always come, you cannot imagine a path for you to be filled with flowers and fragrance. To achieve success, you need to face a lot of bad experiences, but this doesn’t mean that it is a war to fight with. It’s just a difficult track to cross away, but YOU WILL cross it.

Being angry, anxious, depressed, and defeated are not God’s plans for you.

You will be the person one day who will love his life the most as you’ll realize how precious it is. Overcome your depression, as someone is waiting to love you so much, someone is waiting for you to complete their lives. Suicide is never the way out of it, it’s just a way out to your life. Trust yourself, you are strong enough to find a way out of every hindrance and you’ll shine brighter than the stars.

You can never cross the ocean until you have the courage to lose sight of the beautiful seashore.

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