Annoying Habits Of Each Zodiac Sign As Per Astrology

zodiac signs annoying habits

We know you don’t want to hear this but you are not without your flaws. After all, no human being is perfect. Scratch that, not even gods and goddesses are faultless. Each of us has a characteristic that annoys another to no end. And even our loved ones can’t help but complain at times. But there is always room for improvement right? Astrology can help detect the annoying habits of zodiac signs. Armed with the knowledge of what it is about you that ticks people off you can work to better yourself.

The annoying habits of zodiac signs may not be very apparent to you but they may be deal-breakers for many people out there. And we certainly don’t want you to miss out on friends and lovers just because you just don’t know yourself well enough.

Here are the most annoying habits of the zodiac signs.


Aries’ most annoying habit would have to be their utter disregard for people’s feelings. They are inconsiderate, rash and downright rude. The zodiac sign literally doesn’t think twice before saying something so they might not even realize that they can be pretty hurtful without even trying. Aries can also be rather dismissive of people’s thoughts and feelings. If they would actually come off their high horse they would see that they are actually rather hard to be around.

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The bull is known for its stubborn streak. If they believe in something they will never agree that they are in the wrong even if they are losing the argument. They will come up with illogical claims and dialogues to support their theories every time. Selfishness can also be considered one of Taurus’ annoying habits. If they want something they will go get it even if it means they have to step on others’ toes to get there. 

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Geminis are known for their excellent communicative skills unfortunately for them this boon is their downfall too. The star sign likes talking to people and getting to know them but they often zone out while talking to people. So at the end of the day, if you ask them what they have learnt about each person they have spoken to, they will come up empty. Because really they were barely present in the conversation. They would rather talk than listen and that’s just annoying.

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Cancer is so sensitive that it is irritating. You can never say what’s on your mind around the star sign because you don’t know what might upset them. Cancerians can also be very needy and clingy in relationships. If you let them know that you need space they will be quick to play the victim card and wind up making you feel guilty for ever suggesting it in the first place. We wish Cancer knew that this isn’t how you make people stay in your life, quite the contrary actually.

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Leo believes that they deserve to be the centre of attention at all times. They are desperate for praises and accolades and when they don’t get it, they lash out. This zodiac sign’s annoying habits include their need to go fishing for compliments every time. Leo believes that they are the best and they want constant reminders of it. It can be quite irritating to keep up with their incessant demands.

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Virgos are perfectionists by nature. So, we guess you know where we are going with this. The zodiac sign’s annoying habit would be their constant need to micro-manage everything. They want everything to be done according to them and any deviation from their carefully orchestrated plans will not be tolerated. It gets increasingly tiring to be in close quarters with someone who finds flaws in everything you do.

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This zodiac sign’s indecisiveness is its worst trait. They have trouble coming to sound decisions because they literally have no clue what will work out best for them. Libras are those annoying friends who always ask you for advice but they do the exact opposite of what you have asked them to do. But they will come back to you with teary eyes when things invariably go south with them.

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Scorpios are very intense by nature and that is easily their most annoying habit. They do not know how to take things lightly not even jokes. They can be laughing and having fun with their friends one moment and in the next moment, you will find them storming off because somebody has hurt their gigantic ego. The zodiac is also not above manipulating people to get what they want. Granted we don’t exactly realize we are being exploited by them but when we do it makes us want to steer clear of them.


Sagittarius loves their independence to a level of toxicity. They detest being tied down so much that they push everyone out of their lives without even considering anyone’s feelings. Instead of revelling in the fact that somebody loves them, they consider it to be a burden because they are thinking of ways to get rid of them.

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Caps put their work above all. They are so goal-oriented that sometimes they forget they have a life outside of work. They would rather spend time cooped up in their office than go out to spend time with near and dear ones. Naturally, people begin to assume that they hold little to no importance in their life. Making people feel unwanted is Capricorn’s most annoying habit.

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Aquarius is a firm believer in the concept that they are the smartest and most intellectual of all. They look down upon everyone and is quick to belittle them. Hanging out with an Aquarius usually involves them showing off their knowledge and them rolling their eyes at you when you ask questions. If only they are wise enough to realize that this trait of theirs makes them look like giant turds.


Pisces lives in their own make-believe world. So having a conversation with them often feels like talking to oneself in the mirror. Actually worse, because at least your reflection is giving you the attention you want. The zodiac sign’s annoying habits also include taking on everyone else’s problems. So if you are their well-wisher you cannot help but wish they would spend more time bettering themselves and less time impersonating Mother Teresa.  

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