Archangel & Zodiac Signs| A Spiritual Connection


Till now, you have heard the word, “Angel” that is often called the messenger of God. But have you ever heard the word Archangel? An Archangel is a chief messenger or a higher messenger who is above an angel. One major difference between Angels and Archangels is that Angels are for personal help, whereas Archangels generally associate with assistance.

Archangel is a Greek word meaning “chief angel“. Though Archangel has its roots in Abrahamic religion, human beings similar to them are found in many ancient traditions and religions. Archangels are considered to very powerful spiritual beings that are ruling over the world from many centuries. However, both Angels and Archangels are regarded as protectors of humanity but Archangels hold higher ranks as they mostly appear in human forms.

According to the Bible, there are eight types of Archangels i.e Gabriel, Michael, Uriel, Raphael, Daniel, Lucifer, Remiel and Raguel.

Archangels and Zodiac Signs

As we all know, the body of a normal human beings runs according to his/her Zodiac signs. These Zodiacs play a very important role in shaping the life of an individual. In fact, our personality, traits, gestures, our past, present and even future are all ruled by our Zodiac signs.

There are angels and archangels who rule over our 12 zodiac signs. In fact, there is a spiritual connection between our star signs and archangels that together shape the future of an individual. The Angels of the Zodiac can help us to understand our astrological birth sign and how it relates to our life path and soul purpose. It helps us to choose what is right for us and how our overall personality is going to be.

Each Archangel represents certain personality traits. So, in this context lets talk about 12 zodiac signs and the archangels associated with them.

Aries (Ariel-Lioness of God)

Ariel is the healer of nature i.e earth and animals and is often called as Lioness of God. It helps to connect spiritually with forms of nature both physical and metaphysical. These people think more about others putting their own interest aside & are always full of ideas and creativity. You can also call them nature lovers. So, if you want to do something for the environment or create a beautiful garden. Ariel is the best archangel you can consider.

Taurus (Chamuel- Who sees God)

Archangel Chamuel wants always wants peace on Earth. They always want to maintain a peaceful environment and want everything to run according to the decisions of the. It brings peace to inner soul solving your all troubles and is often called the most peaceful angels. Moreover, they want everything to be done in an organised manner and can help you in finding your daily items like wallet, wristwatch, keys etc. If any of your personal items are lost, you can opt for a Chamuel Archangel.

Gemini (Zadkiel – The Righteousness of God)

Its the Archangel of forgiveness. It remembers all the things including the origin of the world, makes you realise your inner soul and reduces feelings of discomfort. Zadkiel Archangel helps you get over the haunting past memories, painful emotions and brings prosperity to your lives. Whenever you feel guilty of yourself, ask for Zadkiel Archangel to assist you. They have the power to bring your inner emotions to reality.

Cancer ( Gabriel- Strength of God)

Gabriel Archangel has always a hidden message for you. It could be the message from God, who wants you to realise your strength and make yourself much stronger. It also represents the feminine forces if creation like motherhood and childhood. This Archangel is the protector of your inner child who helps you at all stages of parenting.

Leo (Raziel- Secrets of God)

Raziel knows all the secrets, mysterious of the universe that holds the hidden messages for humanity. They have the supreme knowledge that helps us to know our physical ability and guide us towards the path of success. They are also capable of recurring your dreams, thoughts, imaginations and make you much stronger to tackle the difficult situations of life. Raziel is a divine soul who has all the answers that are stopping you from moving forward.

Zodiac signs and Archangels

Virgo (Metatron- Lesser YHVH)

They are the archangels of presence who have established your life on this universe. Metatron associates with Merkabah also known as Metatron’s Cube. They are basically related to the limitations of your life, boundaries that are stopping you from going far away. Metatron cleans low energies and motivates you to speed up and realise the spiritual gifts that God has blessed you with.

Libra ( Jophiel- Beauty of God)

Jophiel mission is to beautify your life. It is often called as Feng-shui Angel who wants to uplift your thoughts and make you realise the beauty within yourself. It will help to develop spiritually, self-motivation and an excellent speaker. Josphiel inspires you to create a relaxing and calm atmosphere and see everything in a beautiful manner. If you want to realise your inner self, meditate with your soul, it’s better to take assistance from a Josphiel Archangel.

Scorpio (Jeremiel- Mercy of God)

Jeremiel is the angel of emotional issues. It helps you to overcome your past thoughts and seek mercy from God. Moreover, it helps you to take a dig into your past life, review what you have done wrong, learn the new lessons and pray to God for forgiveness. Jeremiel wants you to realise that God has better plans for you. However, these Archangels are often associated with death.

Sagittarius (Raguel- Friend of God)

It represents relationships, groups and social order. Raguel’s main role is to create a peaceful and friendly environment among your family members, friends etc. That is why they are friends of God who can give you the best solution for all your life problems. Raguel is an Angel of fair who brings prosperity, harmony and helps you to get rid of discrimination and harassment.

Capricorn (Azreal- Whom God Helps)

Azreal is the angel of death who brings an end to all things. It’s one of the sweetest archangels who help people to cross over when its time to go. Furthermore, it shows you the different stages of life and you get an insight into all the events that you will face in your entire lifetime. Azreal takes your soul away from this material world to attain Resurrection.

Aquarius ( Uriel- Light of God)

Uriel is an intellectual angel who deals with our ideas and creativity. The angel of light and intelligence who shows us the real path of success and helps to create such things that are quite unique and special. Moreover, it’s a divine problem solver who helps to get our of any difficult situation by using its intelligence and will power. Moreover, its an angel of forgiveness and its motive is to make you realise the reality of God who is the lone creator of this universe.

Pisces (Sandalphon- Brother)

Sandalphone acts as a brother whose mission is to deliver our prayers and messages to God. It connects with our intuition and determines what we are thinking and then believes our prayers to God who has the power to fulfil our all wishes. Moreover, it also relates to music and songs i.e whenever you hear or play specific music feel the lyrics, there could be a hidden message for you.

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