Astrologer shares simple exercise to help you sleep early & better

The 4th episode of The Astrotalk show is here, and this time we again have with us the highly requested Tarot SnehaG, and yet another fan of her, Shimona, as our guest. 

Shimona and SnehaG have known each other for over three years now, and the duo usally have a lot of chatter on issues related to health, career, relationship and more. 

“I personally believe in astrology so much, but I am not a fan of knowing my future as I like to live in the present. So when I talk to SnehaG, the conversation is usally about what should I be doing now to make my future better. I share my current problems with her, and she always guides me through them in the best way possible,” says Shimona. 

In the episode, Shimona talks about problems that are common to many of us, such as not being able to sleep early, career-related problems, etc. 

“Right from my personal problems to professional ones, Sneha is my go-to person. And I think we all need to have someone like her in our life who we can share everything with. Some have their parents or partners to listen to them but for me, SnehaG has always been there and I can really trust her,” Shimona adds.

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