Confused b/w job & business? You must watch this

Will I have an arranged marriage or a love marriage? How can I do better in my career? Or Why am I so emotional? If you ask yourself such questions on a regular basis, then the third episode of The Astrotalk Show is especially for you. 

In the third episode of the Astrotalk Show, we have with us astrologer Sonia in conversation with our lucky guest Priya to answer some of the most common questions we all ask ourselves on a daily basis. 

Priya, who is a working professional, has been using Astrotalk for two years now and interacts with astrologer Sonia whenever she feels stuck in life. Priya calls astrologer Sonia an angel who has changed her life so much over the years.

“I grew up around friends who have always been into parties, dating and stuff. They all are comfortable with the life they are living. However, I could never be satisfied with what I have achieved and have a habit of running behind more. But over the years I have realised that you can’t run blindly behind something and guidance is very important if you really want to achieve something in life. Astrologer Sonia has guided me excellently throughout the past 2 years. She is the only one who could have motivated me to start my own business, which I am already working on,” says Priya. 

In conversation, astrologer Sonia and Priya also talk about the latter’s love life. 

“Although she knows a lot about me, but I avoid bringing my relationship into the conversation with her. Still, Sonia always makes sure she guides me in my relationship (without asking me much about my partner) as she knows I am an emotional person and won’t be able to handle heartbreak well,” Priya adds. 

Just like Priya, if you too wish to get a FREE session with your favourite astrologer, comment who is your favourite astrologer and why in the comment section of the video or send us a mail at

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