Wait Is Over!! Follow These Astrological Remedies To Get Your Dream Job In 2021

Dream job 2021

As the new year commences, most of you must have had chalked for yourself a list of new year resolutions and must have made promises to yourself that you would follow them with sheer honesty. However, not many of us really keep these promises intact. But if you really want to achieve something, trust me no one can stop you. Hurdles will cross your way but you must learn to stand strong and show your worth to the world.

Now, let’s say you made a resolution this year that you will get your dream job in 2021 or you will be a topper in your class or any other field. However, despite trying anything and everything, chances are things are not going in your way. This surely means that there is something wrong. So why not try some Astrological way to resolve the woes? Sounds interesting right? Getting a job is easy, however, getting that “Dream Job” that you really want is not a piece of cake. 

In today’s article, I am going to tell you about some of the secret Astrological remedies that you can follow to get your dream job in 2021 and convert this year into big for yourself.

Astrology Has All The Answers

Undoubtedly, Astrology has all the answers. Whether you agree on it or not but Astrology plays a very important role in our lives. Zodiac signs, Planetary positions, Gemstones, Mantras, Poojas all together lay the foundation of our present and future life. Not only this but Astrology also helps in depicting our past lives and gives us a chance to correct the mistakes we might have made in our past.

Astrological remedies for career

In a situation, where you feel like standing nowhere with no clues left, astrology comes into play. It helps you in gaining insight regarding your employment or any other matter, which might be bothering you. Consulting an expert Astrologer who can provide you with genuine insight into your life and make your vision clear about your future goals is advised.

So, if you really want to get your Dream Job in 2021, you are in the right place. Just follow these Astrological remedies and try to apply them in your day to day to life. Believe in God, he has got something really big planned for you.

Astrological Remedies To Get Your Dream Job

According to Vedic Astrology, to get a suitable job, the third, sixth and tenth houses of a person’s Horoscope need to be strong. The third house resonates with our ambitions and dedication towards our aim or goal. Meanwhile, the sixth house boosts our strength to face difficulty or hurdles coming our way. The tenth house depicts life achievements and the desire to achieve something. Therefore, the placement of these houses should favour you if you are looking for your professional dreams to come true.

Astrological remedies for career and job

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  1. Worship Lord Shani (Saturn). Saturn is the significator of dominance and worshipping it daily will surely increase chances of employment.
  2. Worship Lord Sun every morning by offering water with a mixture of turmeric and rice.
  3. Worship Lord Hanuman on a regular basis. It helps ward off evil effects from your Saturn and increases the chances of you getting employed.
  4. You can also consider performing Rudra Abhishek Puja to make Lord Shiva happy. He will remove all the obstacles from your life.
  5. Worshipping Lord Ganesha will increase the chances of your success as he is known as Vighneshwar (Lord of supreme knowledge).
  6. Donate mustard oil along with moong dal at the nearby temple every once a week.
  7. Fast on Saturdays and do not wear Black clothes on Saturday for it brings negativity to your life.
Planets and astrology

Chanting Mantras

  1. Chant Gyatri Mantra 108 times everyday starting from Sunday. Dothis continuously for 11 days and you surely see the positive results. ‘Aum Bhur Buvah Savah Tat Savitur Varenyum Bhargo Devasaya Dheemahi Dhiyo Yo Nah Prachodaya”
  2. Meditate Om Shri Shanaishcharaya Namah | at least once in a day.
  3. Om Shantaya Namah |
  4. Om Sarvabhishtapradayine Namah |
  5. Om Vishwasmai Namah |
  6. Om Mahabhagaya Namah |
  7. Recite “Dashrathkrit Sani Strotam” every day one time in the morning and before going to bed in the evening.
  8. Om Shripradaya Namah |
  9. Om Gunakaraya Namah |
  10. Om Indraya Namah |

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Gemstones Recommended


  1. Wearing Lapis lazuli Gemstone on the middle finger of your left hand will surely help you in getting your dream job.
  2. Blue Sapphire gemstone ring will remove the evil shadows of Saturn.
  3. Ruby Gemstone is highly recommended. It is associated with the sun and signifies name, fame, success and health.
  4. Wearing White Sapphire gemstone is highly auspicious. It is associated with the planet Venus and represents good luck, wisdom and wealth. It will surely help you in achieving your dream.
  5. Wearing Pearl gemstone is also very beneficial if you are a student or looking for a job. It is associated with the planet moon and brings positivity to your life.

All the aforementioned remedies, Mantras and Gemstones are recommended for all 12 Zodiac signs. Follow these remedies honesty and you will soon achieve everything you have desired for. Pray to God to fill 2021 with loads of happiness, luck, fortune and try to stay positive altogether. 

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