Change Your Luck- Top Astrological Tips to enhance your Goodluck

Change Your Habits- Change Your Luck

According to the Vedas, fortune follows good habits and mores. Habits and good-luck works identical to Karma and life. Like a good deed offers good results, hard work & good habits offer good-luck. You can, of course, use your freedom of choice to split off from your unhealthy habits and work on improving your karma. This, in exchange, will unlock the favorable results of the planets and therefore, change your luck.

Here are the top Astrological Tips to enhance your Goodluck

Goodluck Plants

Plants, a grandeur and lure of nature that crave tender & care. In return for a tiny volume of love, generosity, care, and affection, they bestow us with great things like life. In Vedic Astrology, planting, watering a plant, taking care of plants on a personal level is a powerful remedy for Moon, Mercury, and Sun. It offers relief from the perpetual stress, depression, and anxiety.

You shall not keep a plant, specifically, a good-luck plant at your home if you are unable to take its proper care. It brings terrific losses.


In Astrology, salt represents Venus and Moon. Whereas, steel and iron signify Saturn. Thus, an amalgamation of these both materials is generally fatal. Thus, you shall keep your salt in the glass container.

Refill your jar each Friday. In addition, sweep the floor with water mixed with rock salt. Therefore, not only will you be able to clear your unpaid duties and debts but also you will improve your designation in your profession.

Daily Routine

Have you been facing issues with your rivals and competitors? In order to resolve the issues, quit having your socks, shoes, and slippers thrown here and there at your place. In addition, wash your socks each day. Organize your footwear appropriately as well as in the right place.

Daily Routine

A person’s daily routine is a path of their journey that they carve. The youth of India believe in sleeping in the day and staying up at night.

Are you unable to get a suitable job or a deserved promotion although you are skilled or eligible? Do you have a habit of sleeping late every night?

According to the Best Astrologers of India, you shall choose to change your routine ASAP. Try to wake early and pre-sunrise wake up. Also, as great an extent as possible witness the rising sun and perform Pranayam.


The money you earn is one of the sources of the fortune that you attract in your life. Thus, whenever you earn money or get your salary/ receive payment you shall it keep it untouched for a minimum of the next 24 hours. It prevents extra and wasteful expenditures.

In addition, avoid taking any kind of loan on Tuesday (any month). It only generates difficulties in repaying the amount.

Also, if your “on the paper name” is different from your “Birth Name” you must change it before long. Many people change their original name on paper for fun, many do it for the sake of having the desired name. However, according to expert Astrologers, it often impacts negatively. Changing your name can bring you a load of financial debt shortly.

Rahu Puja

With an unpleased Rahu in Kundli, a person never feels the joy of having a home. Rahu wouldn’t let you perform any task on tasks on time and in a perfect form. Also, if you face severe financial crises or frequent defeats it can be a result of due to Rahu.

To get rid of the harmful effect of Rahu, you can break one coconut on every Saturday and distribute it as an offering after performing Rahu Puja. Instead, women can offer coconut in the temples.

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