Astrological tips to strengthen your each Planet

Astrological tips to strengthen your each Planet

In astrology, planets hold a special significance. Each planet is symbolic of a different component of life and various different types of energies. They can bless one abundantly with good health, wealth, peace, and prosperity but only if they are strengthened, not if they are weak. The weak planets may lead to negative impacts so in this article we will be discussing the easiest way to strengthen each planet and get blessed.

Planet Mercury

Mercury is the most crucial planet. When one’s mercury is not strong, it leads to laziness in every task. The easiest way to strengthen mercury is by planting trees. Planting trees signifies the growth and fulfillment of one’s aspirations. To strengthen your mercury, you just need to plant trees and take care of them. Also, you might come across many needy children in your day to day life. Donating them also strengthens one’s mercury.

Planet Venus

Venus is about pleasures, happiness, and peace in life. It represents one’s youth and women. To strengthen one’s Venus one must respect all the women in his or her life. Also, it gets strengthen if you learn that nothing in this beautiful nature is waste and learn the best way to utilize everything. Once your Venus planet gets strong, you become attractive. People look up to you because you become mesmerizing and joyful in life.

Planet Mars

Mars is symbolic of speed and actions. The people with strong Mars has excellent education power. However, laziness and slow-motion represents weak Mars. To strengthen the Mars planet, one should avoid using negative words and angry tone in his day to day life. You should think at least five times before speaking is the best advice for people with weak Mars.


Jupiter is the enormous planet of the Solar System. With age, comes authoritativeness and humbleness and planet Jupiter signifies it. To strengthen this planet, the easiest remedy is to respect your elders and bigger persons, maybe in terms of money, knowledge, or by age. Also, one should stop gossiping about others as it weakens their Jupiter even more.

Planet Saturn

The Saturn is the planet of which most people are scared of. This planet is symbolic of justice. To strengthen this planet, one should take decisions after much thinking and help those in needy instead of donating in temples. Also, one should look after their employees or workers rather than donating and caring to earn fame. This planet tells you to be humble and nice to the people closest to you.


Sun is the king of all the planets. To strengthen your sun, you should learn integrity and punctuality. Like the sun is the center to all other planets, similarly, one should be responsible and stick to their words for strengthening their Sun.


Moon represents one’s emotions. Water represents the moon so wasting it is considered weakening your moon. One should not leave water in the glasses when offered. The moon says if you will not value water, the people will not value your emotions. Hence, to strengthen the Moon, one should conserve water as it will bring emotional stability and mental peace in one’s life.


It denotes one thinking pattern and mindset. Weak Rahu will always generate negative thoughts. The easiest way to strengthen this planet is to stop being jealous and think positive as positive vibes only lead to positive results. The less you speak negative, the more will you flourish in life.


This shadowy planet represents one’s past however it is also a symbol of victory. To improve your Ketu, one needs to let go of the past and focus on the future. Once you start ignoring the negative thoughts of past and think positive, the victory is all yours, my dear friend!

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