Watch: Astrotalk astrologer predicts Mika’s future on Mika Di Vohti

Mika di Vohti

In one of the most happening moments for Astrotalk, famous Bollywood singer Mika Singh recently interacted with Astrotalk astrologer Sneha on the popular reality show Mika Di Vohti. 

For the ones who don’t know what the show is all about, Mika Di Vohti is Mika Singh’s hunt for a bride in the old-school Swayamvar fashion. The show streaming on Disney+ Hotstar and Star Bharat has 12 female contestants out of whom one shall become Mika Singh’s bride. 

Shot at Ummed Jodhpur Palace, the show also features celebrity judges and guests such as Daler Mehndi, Hina Khan, Kapil Sharma, and many more to help Mika find his life partner. And if they weren’t enough, Astrotalk astrologer Sneha was there to help Mika find the most compatible jeevansathi for him.

To watch the full conversation between Mika and astrologer Sneha, you can watch Episode 17 of Mika Di Vohti on Disney+ Hotstar. 

For a gist, the episode showcases Mika Sigh thanking astrologer Sneha for helping him get to know the contestants better and also helping him find who among all the contestants would be a compatible match for him. 

“As Mika is starting a new journey, I understand his confusion fairly well. The fact that Mika has so many admirers here for the Swayamvar and so many girls who want to marry him makes me happy. The right life partner is crucial for a successful marriage and Mika has always wanted to make the right choices. But he often gets confused because he has a soft spot for girls. I am glad I could help him,” says Sneha. 

In another special gesture, it seems like Mika couldn’t keep the excitement of finding an app like Astrotalk to himself and thus also recommends the app to the host of the show and his dear friend, Shaan. 

“Mika paaji using Astrotalk app on the show indicates the acceptability of astrology across different classes of society. I appreciate how Mika paaji not only used Astrotalk to get future predictions but also recommended it to others,” says Puneet Gupta, founder of Astrotalk.

If like Mika Singh, you too are looking to find a compatible partner or resolve your love and marriage problems, then make sure you talk to astrologers on Astrotalk.

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