Auspicious colours to wear on 9 days of Navratri 2022


As we brace the festive season, Sharad Navratri 2022 is set to begin from September 26, and the 9-day festival will continue till October 4, followed with Dussehra on the October 5. The nine auspicious days of Navrartri are celebrated with grandeur and pomp across the nation in different forms, including the most famous and grand Durga Puja. 

While devotees observe fast, celebrations, offerings, puja each day, there is a certain significance given to colours and meaning of each day of Navratri as they imply the different avatars of Goddess. Here’s the list of colours that you can consider embracing this Navratri: 

Day 1: September 26

White signifies purity and innocence. Wear this colour on the first day to invite inner peace and security in your life. 

Day 2: September 27

Red is the symbol of passion and love. It is the most chosen colour for offering Chunri to Goddess Durga and is also known as the colour of celebration. Wearing red on the second day of Navratri brings vigor and progress in one’s life. 

Day 3: September 28

Royal Blue is synonym to royal elegance and panache. Celebrate by embracing this colour on the third day to bring stability, tranquillity and a sense of worthiness. It also fills one with richness not just in material wealth but also promotes spirituality and inner happiness. 

Day 4: September 29

Yellow fills one with abundant energy, joy and optimism. Embrace this colour to enjoy Navratri and experience the warm cheerfulness throughout the festivity. 

Day 5: September 30 

Green adds auspicious grace and harmony. It represents growth, fertility and fresh or new beginnings. Remove all obstacles and move towards success with this serene colour to evoke blessings from the mother during Navratri. 

Day 6: October 1 

Grey symbolizes grounding and keeps a person balanced. Adorn grey color to stay balanced in emotions as the celebrations of Durga Puja begin on Shashti and bring the overwhelming joy in one’s life. This is the time when a person can seek clarity from confusions and feel heightened sense of intelligence through the blessings of Goddess Durga. 

Day 7: October 2

Orange aids positive energy, creativity and will power. Wearing this colour on Saptami fills one with harmonious spirit and helps in overcoming conflicts with victory. 

Day 8: October 3

Peacock Green/Teal promotes good health and personality. Wear this on Ashtami to encourage individuality of each person around and exude compassion. 

Day 9: October 4 

Pink is the color of universal love, freshness, affection and subtle happiness. On the ninth day of Navrati, grace the celebrations with this color to attract the goodness, positivity and blessings from the festivities. At the same time, wearing pink makes one’s personality attractive and charming. 

A specific colour is assigned to Navratri and is considered auspicious to incorporate these not just in clothes but also in home and life. It is also believed that while meditating (dhyana) during these nine days, one can choose to meditate on the colour of that day which strengthens the aura of the person and helps in healing at multiple layers.  

Wishing everyone a blissful Navratri 2022 and beginning of festivities. May Goddess Durga bless us all!

Blog by – Tarot Poorna

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