Bad Habits That Hold Us Back From Achieving Success

Achieving success

Habits are the foundation of our day to day life. What we want to achieve in life or what we have dreamt of is somehow related to our habits. A person either adapts good habits that become our support system as we move towards our goal and also gives us a clear vision of life. On the other hand, bad habits become a hurdle that undermines our ability to achieve success.

When we are talking about bad habits, it doesn’t mean addiction to certain things such as Drugs, Alcohol, Smoking, etc. Here bad habits mean ceratin fears, limitations that us back in achieving what we actually want.

There comes a time in everyone’s life where they have to take a bold step, but unfortunately, some people don’t show any courage at that time which becomes a major reason many people lack to achieve success and what they truly want to accomplish.

Its a fact, you can only achieve success, if you are able to overcome your fears that are stopping you from going beyond. Joel Brown once said, “If we doubted our fears instead of doubting our dreams, imagine how much in life we’d accomplish”. So, in this context lets talk about some of the fear or bad habits that That Hold Us Back In Achieving Success.

Waiting For The Right Time

One of the biggest reasons why most people fail to achieve what they actually want. You might have heard many people saying “ I am waiting for the right time to do it“. It completely a wrong concept, if you really want to do something go for it. Which time are you waiting for?

Waiting for the right time means you are not bold enough to face the situations, it’s just a way to ignore the things and nothing else. Make yourself such a person who brings the right time rather than waiting for it. Time waits for none and if you are waiting for the time, it’s your biggest mistake that can even destroy your life.

The simple logic of life is “If you never start, you will never succeed”. “Do it Now or Never”

Fear of Rejection

Fear of Rejection

As discussed above, you can only achieve success, if you are able to overcome your fear. Fear is basically a feeling of uncertainty that pushes you back from taking the first step. Till the time you have this word fixed in your mind, you will never feel free or independent of taking any decision.

Undoubtedly, fear of rejection is the biggest fear that blocks our way on the very step of achieving success. We have seen many people avoid entering into new relationships or trying to meet new people due to a fear of rejection. This rejection word has overpowered our minds in such a way that we even fear of expressing our own self.

Seeking Approval

Another block in your way that always holds you back even if you have made up your mind to something. There is a big difference between seeking approval and seeking advice from someone. If you have decided to do something, just stick to it, no need to wait for the confirmation of others.

Taking advice from others is good but if you if have decided something and now you are waiting for approval of others, it will make you stand like a fool. Listen to everyone but do what your heart and mind say. Taking action and having faith in your own decisions will make you a leader. Therefore do not wait around for the opinion and approval from others.


Doubt is a combination of thoughts that mixup in your mind and you will feel like standing nowhere, confused. Clarity of thoughts is the first thing that you need to work upon before accomplishing any task or goal. If you have any idea in your mind, it’s obvious that doubts will occur naturally, but all you need to stay focused and engrossed towards your goal.

Doubts are like dream killers that fuel the feeling of uncertainty and failure. It exists within yourself and has the power to shatter your all dreams and goals which you have made in your mind.

Don’t confuse yourself with failure stories of others rather create your own success story. You are much smarter than you think and stronger than you believe.

Not Accepting Your Mistakes

A Mistake is basically a lesson that makes you work harder for the next time. However, its the problem of most of the so-called Genius people that they don’t accept their mistake even if they are wrong. These people lack in every aspect of their life because of their ego and self-centered behavior.

Nobody is perfect in thing world, everyone makes in their life but if you are repeating the same mistake again and again, it means there is something seriously wrong which you need to work upon. Make yourself so strong that you are able to accept the mistakes and work on it, rather than justifying and proving your self right.

Be honest with yourself, if you have made mistake accept it and then work further to correct it. This will help you make your mind stronger and much focused on your goal.

Taking Life Too Seriously

Taking life too seriously

Life is like a rollercoaster ride which will go through many ups and downs. It will test you at every step of life, even sometimes it will try to push you back but all you need is to stay headstrong and accept every phase of life with a big smile. If you accept the reality of life there is no one stopping you from achieving success.

Many people take life too seriously i.e they get worried too easily even on a few things. If a person fails in exams, he gets demotivated and even thinks of suicide, failure in business, breakup, etc. All these things are a part of life that will come and go. But life is a big term which cant be compared with these silly things.

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Enjoy life rather than making it a burden on your self. Life is very easy if seen with a positive eye. Moreover, just focus n the positive things, even things are going negative, try to accept them and mix them in your own colors of happiness.

Worrying About Money

No doubt, money is the foremost thing that makes our survival much easier and smooth. In fact, it’s one of the basic necessities of our life for which we suffer day and night. We usually love to invest in something from where we can gain only profit and we ignore that there are chances that we might lose what we have.

Money is all about taking risks if you are investing in something be ready to face the loss, it’s all about taking the risk if you really want to achieve something. If you want to be a moneymaker, you need to think big and for that, you need to start from something, you have to take the first step with having any kind of fear in your mind.

Comparing yourself with Others

Your success is in your hands, whatever you do is completely for your ownself. In today’s world, it has become a trend that before doing something we think of others and start comparing ourselves with them. If someone is doing good, you also try to do the same thing rather than doing the best. We have limited our thinking and that is the reason we fail to achieve what we want.

Think about yourself, try to find what is important for you and then start executing. Looking at others and always knocking yourself down because you haven’t achieved what they have will make you more confused and demotivated. You are the author of own book, whatever you do it for yourself. Don’t compare yourself with others rather set yourself an example for others.

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