2020 New Year Celebration Ideas- Chill in Breath-taking Skywalks

Breath-taking skywalks

Nature has blessed humans with many wonders and wonderful views. On the other hand, the breath-taking skywalks are one such wonder partially created by humans to observe those scenes.

While not being for faint-hearted, the skywalks offer striking sight to all the adventure seekers and wanderers. Despite the existence of these beautiful creations from a great distance from the mass population, it never misses receiving a huge amount of visitors each year. There are so many skywalks existing in the different corners of the world. Amongst some of the identical, there are a few that may leave you to stun.

Besides the fact, each of the skywalks has its own significant beauty and specialty, we are here today with the list of the best skywalks in the world that you should mention in your bucket list.

Skywalk in Tianmen Mountain, China

There are a huge number of viral pictures from this location. How can they not be viral, this place has a view to die for.

Skywalk in Tianmen Mountain, China

One of the most thrilling experiences waits in China. Each year thousands of visitors pay a visit to enjoy the dazzling Skywalk of Tianmen. There are many ways to have a goose-bumping trip to China’s Tiananmen Mountain; the 1400 meter high skywalk is one of those breath-taking experiences.

Leave the old road cable car, the skywalk is the most thrilling way to relish the flaunting grandeur of this place. Retreat the rover and adventurer of you with the mesmerizing experience in the green ally of China.

Arizona- the Grand Canyon skywalk USA

Arizona- the Grand Canyon skywalk USA

A gorgeous view of Canyon from 4000 feet above the Colorado River Bed, The Grand Canyon Skywalk is a mesmerizing view every traveler must need to visit once in their life. This place has the cantilever bridge that extends 70 feet out over the stunning canyon to amaze the sighters.

Also, it is the eagle point to enjoy the hypnotic view. As it is high above from the ground, the place is not for the weak-hearted people. Nevertheless, it allures all types of travelers.

Skywalk, Arenal Rainforest, La Fortuna, Costa Rica

Skywalk, Arenal Rainforest, La Fortuna, Costa Rica

While Costa Rica is famous for the striking beaches, mountains, sunset and natural beauty, the skywalk is something which stands with an enticement
none less. The Arenal Rainforest offers the La Fortuna, a magnificent skywalk.

It is inside one of the most acclaimed forests which the world waited long to explore. Further, with a diverse design of Skywalk amid the green splendor, La Fortuna gives you a chance to walk through a high path surrounded by the striking view of two amazing waterfalls and forest beauty.

Glacier Skywalk, Glacier Rockies, Canada

Adrenaline rush? Feed it. Glacier Rockies of Canada is a new way to connect with nature at its extreme. The Glacier Skywalk, Glacier Rockies is a trip to fulfill your soul with a whole lot of escapade across nature and spectacular views.

Glacier Skywalk, Glacier Rockies, Canada skywalks

The Glacier Skywalk is a mesmerizing point where the glass road separates you from 918-foot drops. Just imagine!!!! The experience twitches with a five-minute scenic transfer by coach from the Colombia Iceland Glacier Discovery Centre. After this, what you experience is heavenly splendor.

Oriental Pearl Tower, China

When in China, why not take advantage of heights and views?

Oriental Pearl Tower, China skywalks

The 5th tallest tower in the world, the Oriental Pearl Tower was opened in China in the year 1994. It has the height of the tower in the world at 468 meters (1,535 ft). However, the tower’s observation deck was opened later in the year 2009. There is a figure of glass floor & walls with a complement between glass wall panels to allow a breeze through it. It is a TV tower offering a flawless view and experience.

Bridge Climb, 3 Cumberland Street, the Rocks, Sydney, Australia

Bridge Climb, 3 Cumberland Street, the Rocks, Sydney, Australia skywalks

An exceptional experience for your life waits at a 2.5 km distance. The Bridge Climb skywalk is one of the flawless adventures every traveler seeks. The most frequent climber to the Bridge Climb is an 84-year-old man who belongs to Sydney. It takes the climbers to scale 1332 stairs in the Bridge Climb route which takes 1 hour if the climbers walk continuously.

Calgary Tower, Calgary, Canada

Calgary Tower, Calgary, Canada skywalks

The Calgary Tower is 190.8 meters (626 feet) free erect remark tower in Canada; it is one of the major tourist attractions due to the great height it possesses. Originally the tower was called Husky Tower. It was conceived as a joint. It is a part of an urban renewal plan and it was inaugurated to celebrate Canada’s centennial of 1967.

Each year an event is put to benefit Wild Alberta. It draws hundreds of people determined to climb the entire 802 stairs of the tower.

The Skydeck Willis Tower Chicago, USA

The Skydeck Willis Tower Chicago, USA skywalks

A 1,450 feet tall the Skydeck Willis Tower Chicago, the USA, which is also the twelfth- tallest building in the world. and the second tallest building of North America and the Western Hemisphere. With a total of 110 floors, it clashes with the most breath-taking sights of the world.

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