IPL 2022: DC vs KKR on April 10, who will win?

DC vs kkr

IPL Match on April 10 will be played between Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) and Delhi Capitals (DC). The IPL match on Sunday will be an exciting contest to watch as both the teams are going strong in the IPL 2022, thus promising an entertaining clash. Led by Shreyas Iyer, the Kolkata Knight Riders have won four out of the three matches the team has played and currently sit atop the IPL points table. Meanwhile, Delhi has won one out of the two matches the team has played at the time of writing this story.  

Considering the two teams, both have performed competently in the last IPL as well. The teams have shown consistency with the likes of players, including Kuldeep Yadav, Rishab Pant, Shreyas Iyer and many more. And as we brace for yet another competition between the two, let’s look at which team has a higher chance of winning the game on Sunday. 

DC Vs KKR: Who will win?

Kolkata Knight Riders

Led by Shreyas Iyer, the Kolkata Knight riders have had a wonderful outing in IPL 2022 till now. And their 1st spot on the points table affirms this fact. But will this good luck continue for the team ahead? As per the astrologers, there is no doubt that the 19th IPL2022 match will be a high scoring one, with KKR’s upper order leading from the front. However, the stars for KKR aren’t strong enough to lead the team home. 

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As per the KKR horoscope, the ascendant house of KKR has been strong for the team until now, but the upcoming Moon transit changes quite a few things for the team. The Ruling sign, Virgo, is also moving away from the 7th house to get afflicted by the enemy planet, Mercury. Thus the probability of winning the next match for KKR looks tough.

Delhi Capitals 

Led by Rishabh Pant, IPL has given the young talent a great opportunity to lead the team, and he has been able to take the responsibility well. A balanced team is what Delhi Capital looks like with the capability of not only scoring big but also chasing down mighty scores. 

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As per the astrological perspective, Delhi Capital has Scorpio as its ascendant sign. The team’s horoscope looks healthy with the placement of Jupiter in its own sign. Moon, meanwhile, is placed in the first house, thus encouraging collectiveness in the team. The strong positions of the planets are increasing the probability of winning their next for Delhi Capitals.  

DC vs KKR IPL match 2022: Which captain will shine?

Shreyas Iyer, born in the Leo ascendant, has lagan lord as Sun in his horoscope. Sun in Vedic astrology defines the soul of a human being, and its placement in the 6th house is individually good for Iyer. Thus his team can count on him to do some talking with the bat in KKR vs DC match on Sunday. 

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For DC, having Pant as the captain is a blessing. He has played some good cricket for the national team earlier and is continuing that form in IPL too. Talking specifically about the match, on the match day, Pant has Moon being afflicted by Ketu, which is a bad signal for him. As per astrologers, Pant will find it tough to score runs in the IPL match on April 10.  

NOTE: The above predictions are solely for astrology-related practices. Kindly do not use it for personal benefits.

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