Decoding Secrets of The New Moon- The Enigmatic Beauty

Lord Shiva

Few people truly know the eight phases of the moon. Even fewer actually understand what each of the phases means in astrology. Astrologically, every new moon points to an end of a Lunar cycle. It also signifies a new beginning or starting afresh of something.

New Moon in astrology

On the new moon night, a person’s emotional needs move towards your desire. It is the time to make your mind for the next month, be it for a new plan, project, idea, job, thought, relationship, etc. New moon night invites many changes in your life and you must be looking for new phases. There is a dominating quality of this occurrence and it’s also a delicate time for the unknown.

In the aura, one’s desire comes close to one’s goal. He might not feel or know how the goal will be fulfilled. It is time to trust yourself and have faith in your power to make things happen.

Tips to help on the New Moon night

The magic of this lunar phase can be felt very easily. In the same way, it is natural for you to be carried away by it. Our experts have compiled a set of rules and tips to help you obtain the magic of the new moon without any problem

Focus on goals

During the New Moon, one could desire everything which is not for real, so you must be realistic. Because your focus will prove useless unless it in on something that is real.

Tilting balance

the New Moon phase makes your emotions delicate.  It can be heavily damaged if one is not ready to open for a new start.

Significance at birth

  • If you are Born at New Moon

 A person born on a new moon is focused, classy has a strong aura. They are ever ready to be a leader.

  • If you are Born right Before New Moon

People born just before the new moon like to stay alone and rarely make friends. They are closed, but can easily read other’s mind. Psychic, wise, and thoughtful, these men should not be messed with.

  • If you are Born after New Moon

Such men are great intellects, fun-loving, and nature lovers. They like every moment of life and highly support their families and friends. Like a map, they show the direction to anyone who is lost in life.

All New Moons to come in 2020

  • July 20, 2020- In zodiac sign cancer. Most affected parts include- stomach, womb, legs
  • August 19, 2020- In the zodiac sign Leo. Most affected parts include- heart, artery, and brain
  • Sept 17, 2020- In zodiac sign Virgo. Most affected parts include- pancreas, lungs, arms.
  • Oct 16, 2020- In zodiac sign libra. Most affected parts include- kidney, skin, head.
  • Nov 15,2020- In zodiac sign Scorpio. Most affected parts include- neck, feet, arms.
  • Dec 14, 2020- In zodiac sign Sagittarius. Most affected parts include- liver, hips, thighs.

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