Do you have these lucky signs in your hand?

Do you have these lucky signs in your hand

It is correctly said “the fate of an individual lies in his own hands,”. An individual is sure to achieve success if he works hard. After all, hard work is the key to success. But if your luck favors you, along with your hard work, isn’t it like a cherry on the cake? Like destiny, luck also lies in our hands. The hands are actually the visible part of our brain and act like a mirror to our personality. There are many lines in our hand which are symbolic of different emotions.

Some line represents one’s love life while the other is symbolic of one’s life span. Palmistry tells that all. Similarly like various lines, there are some signs which can be found in the hands of, not all, but some humans. They are actually believed to be lucky and can turn the wheel of fortune in one’s favor. So, let’s discuss and see whether you have such lucky signs in your hand.

Are you going to be rich?

The curved line on your palm, beneath the thumb, is called lifeline. If you have a triangle in your lifeline whether inside or outside, then it signifies that at a particular age you will become quite rich. It symbolizes that luck, wealth, and prosperity will pave their way in your life at a certain age.

Do you have leadership skills?

The area beneath your index finger is termed as the mount of Jupiter. If you have a star present in this region of your hand, then you are going to be a great leader. It represents you have excellent administration and leadership skills. If you have a star(asterisk) present in this region, then nothing can stop you from being a great leader.

Is your luck in your hands?

The line on your hand, heading from your palm towards your middle finger is called fate line, and the line heading from the Jupiter mount towards the mount of the moon is called headline. If you can see the formation of a triangle on your hand by the intersection of the headline, the fate line, and some other line of your hand then it shows all the professions will be lucky for you. Whichever road may you take, fame and prosperity will accompany you always.

Do you a magnetic personality?

Look at your hand. If the first line on the thumb forms a grain shaped structure, then it signifies that you are quite attractive. This closed grain of wheat like structure formed by the lines in your hand is considered a good sign. It means people get easily attracted or inclined towards you. It is believed to be a quite successful sign which shows wealth and prosperity are in your favor throughout your life.

Communication Skills: What does your hand say?

The area beneath your little finger is termed as the mount of Mercury. The presence of one or more straight lines in that area is symbolic of perfect communication skills. Such natives, having straight lines, can become wealthy by just their way of communication. This skill can make rich and bring prosperity to their lives.

Fame in your hand?

The area beneath your ring finger is termed as Mount of Sun. As the sun is the symbol of brightness and is shiny. So, people having a star, formed by the lines of your hand are believed to be quite lucky. On looking at your hand, if you are able to see an asterisk like structure there, then you will surely achieve name and fame in your life. It is a common sign and is mostly found in the hands of famous people.

Your hand has a secret for you

The presence of star in the mount of Mercury signifies whatever you may say, it is most likely to come true. Hence, such people are advised to think before they speak.

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