Effect of Sun Transit in Different Moon Sign

Sun Transit 2020- Effect of Transit in Different Moon Sign

Surya Dev or Lord Sun is a royal, magnificent and influential planet. It has eminence and significance in our daily life, science, and astrology. Of all the nine planets, the Sun is the most eloquent planet. For earth, it is the cause of changes in seasons, growing crops, warmth, and life. It is a notable source of life on earth. In Vedic Astrology, Sun is the amalgamation of celestial bodies that govern all the major aspects of a person’s life. It signifies the soul, pride, designation, father, profession, leadership quality, energy, ego, and one’s efficiency to make a mark. It transits in each sign for a specific duration of time. When Sun Transit in different signs, it draws different effects on natives of each sign.

Roughly, Sun takes a duration of 30 days or 1 month to move from one sign to the next sign. Entirely, it takes for Sun about one year to complete the Entire Zodiac Circle.

When Sun is in the 3rd House, 6th House, 10th House, and 11th House from the Natal Moon, it bestows the natives prosperous results. Whereas, when Sun is in the 2nd House, 4th House, 5th House, 7th House, 8th House, 9th House, and 12th House it gives malefic results.

During its time of transit, Sun illuminates various aspects of life that it encounters. In exalting position, it offers sharpness and intellect, honesty and grace. However, when it is in the debilitated or afflicted state, it makes you egoistic, aggressive, and dominative.

Let’s read its effect in all the 12 Signs-

Effect of Sun Transit in Aries

  • Sun transit in the first house creates an amalgamation of Aries lord Mars and Sun. As a result, it makes you grainy and courageous.
  • During this transit, you feel a boost in your self-confidence, power, authority, and strength.
  • At this time, regardless of what you pick to work on, you will be successful for sure. You will be highly ambitious and motivated.
  • There will be challenges in your life. However, you will overcome them easily.
  • Herein, Sun aspects your 7th house that signifies your partner. As a fortunate result, you will be happy with your partner in both personal and professional life.
  • Moreover, there will be a hike in your wealth and financial status.

Effect of Sun Transit in Taurus

  • Sun in Taurus means its union with the enemy planet Venus. Regardless of which, you become strong, persuasive, influential, and fluent.
  • The second house is of speech, money, and gains. Herein, Sun gives fortunate results. It makes you fluent, expressive, and articulate.
  • During this time, you will get great assignments. In addition to this, you will perform at all of them efficiently. If you have any kind of business, it will be fruitful owing to your communication skills.
  • If you are in a job, your clients, seniors, and colleagues will appreciate your work. You will see a hike in your name and fame.
  • There will not be a space for boredom in your life as you will spend too much time in the boardroom explaining your workpiece.
  • In financial status, there will be a constant rise.
  • Moreover, in terms of health, you will have to be extra careful.

Effect of Sun Transit in Gemini

  • In the 3rd house, Sun makes you observant and insightful. You grasp quickly and perform well.
  • There may be short journeys, career opportunities in foreign land, and profitable partnerships. You will take many successful work-related trips.
  • Additionally, there will be a boost in your decision-making ability. You will effectively solve issues and help people. It will give you recognition at your workplace.
  • There can be some temperament issues during this time. Thus, practice keeping yourself collected.
  • You will be quick-witted and will act smartly. It will help you perform exceptionally good at everything and every task.

Effect of Sun Transit in Cancer

  • Sun shares a peaceful bond with Moon, the lord of Cancer. As Moon rules over your mind and Sun rules over your soul, together they make you thoughtful, serious, dreamy.
  • With Sun in your 4th House, which is the house of comfort and achievements, you accomplish your goals.
  • This period will make you pursue your educational goals and learn.
  • Especially for students, it is a golden period. It is time to learn and score well in exams. In addition to this, people who are willing to start or join any kind of learning activity will take benefit from the mighty Sun.
  • As the 4th house signifies your relationship with your mother, in critical matters, you will receive advice from your mother. You will build a great bond with her at this time.
  • You may have to encounter some high expenditures.
  • There can be some mental stress. However, you will come out of it easily.

Effect of Sun Transit in Leo

  • Sun is the ruling lord of Leo. When Sun Transit in Leo or 5th house, it makes you skillful, active, bright, and pleasant. The 5th house is about joy, pleasure, creativity, romance, and love.
  • Herein, Sun has a strong position and gives prosperous results.
  • Especially if you are in a creative field, it is one of the most beneficial transit for you.
  • At this time, you receive appreciation and innovative approaches. Additionally, you get recognition in the society.
  • People who are associated with the government sector also get a tremendous benefit from this transit. Also, if you are looking forward to making a career in politics, it is a fine time to make a hit.
  • Personally, this position also awakes your ego and aggression. Thus, to avoid arguments and conflicts, keep yourself calm. Think twice before you speak.

Effect of Sun Transit in Virgo

  • Virgo’s lord Mercury has a neutral relationship with Sun. Owing to this, the transit gives a mixed result. It makes you competitive and clever.
  • Your 6th house represents daily life, sickness, and wellbeing. Thus, in this house, Sun helps to get better within your daily life and maintain a balance in your life.
  • You will gain extreme benefits with the help of your skills. Professionally, you will walk to a remarkable promotion and recognition.
  • In terms of health, you should pay a little more attention to what you eat. Also, go for a checkup if required.
  • In your career, there will be several nice options and results. You will apply your wisdom and sail the boat to success. Your rivals may try to bring you down time and again. However, it will never affect your motivation.
  • There may be some legal issues. However, you don’t need to worry much.

Effect of Sun Transit in Libra

  • Sun shares a sort of bitter relationship with Venus, the lord of Libra. Though, when it transits in the 7th house, it makes you self-confident and offers you bright self-expression & motivation.
  • You can expect monetary gains, rise in your concentration and evident. As Sun refers to the profession of your life, you become more focused. You take the command of your career and beat all your fears. Regardless of which sector you work for, you find yourself extremely efficient at your workplace.
  • Additionally, Sun signifies ego too. Thus, with all the success you might absorb a little ego. However, your efficient decision-making ability gives you profit in your business or job.
  • Your work will take a hike and you will perform marvelously. Nonetheless, a few interruptions may come along your way.

Effect of Sun Transit in Scorpio

  • Sun shares a very friendly relationship with Mars, the ruling lord of Scorpio. Yet, when Sun transits in your 8th House, it makes you imprecise. You continue to struggle to focus on your essential aspects.
  • Herein, Sun enters with numerous challenges in your life. These can be health issues, anxiety, and distress. You can continuously face draining in your energy, decline in your health and a lack of concentration.
  • Additionally, here Sun aspect your 2nd House, which is the house of money, wealth and income. Thus, it makes you a little money-minded and egoist person. Any reckless or hurried decision can make you suffer great monetary losses. Thus, you must rush into making investments.
  • Moreover, there can be opportunities that require you to plan, analyze and execute logically to win.

Effect of Sun Transit in Sagittarius

  • With Sagittarius Lord Jupiter, Sun has a friendly relationship. Thus, it typically gives prosperous, fortunate, and whelming results. It makes you wise, practical and just.
  • When Sun is in your 9th house, during this period, your wisdom helps you fly high. Besides, you tend to grow your knowledge in all the aspects. Be it spirituality or material world, you wish to grow your perspicaciousness.
  • In work-related matters, you become sincere, enthusiastic, and optimistic. Additionally, you grow your practicality and decision-making ability. You review things wisely and analyze to come up with the best ideas and solutions.
  • It is a great time when you can build a great relationship with your work seniors. You will wisely come across the progress in your career. Also, you will be able to perform very nicely and prove your efficiency.
  • If you are an entrepreneur, you can expect a great benefit coming your way.

Effect of Sun Transit in Capricorn

  • Sun and Capricorn’s lord Saturn have a not-so-friendly relationship. However, in the 10th House, Sun has an exalted position and is powerful in this house.
  • In this house, Sun bestows affluence, intellectual abilities, and financial advantages. During this transit, you will have a rise in your financial status, social position, and designation.
  • You can see a lot of abundance, wealth, prosperity and joy coming to you during this time. Especially in terms of materialistic things, you will gain enormously.
  • Herein, Sun Aspects your 4th house that signifies comfort, property, material gains. Thus, you will receive huge gains.
  • You will tend to grow hard work, wisdom, sincerity, and practicality. However, if you wish to attain success, you will have to avoid laziness.

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Effect of Sun Transit in Aquarius

  • Similar to Capricorn, Aquarius lord is Shani or Satur. It doesn’t have a very joyous relationship with Sun. As a result, this transit makes you egoistic and aggressive.
  • As a matter of fact, the 11th House is the house of gains. It is also known as the Labha house. Therefore, you will make a lot of profit during this transit. It will gradually bring you a rise in self-esteem.
  • You will see prosperous outcomes in your career. There will be chances for you to get a hike or promotion. As a result of prosperity in your life, you will grow a unique ego. It will serve to sore your relationships. Thus, think twice before you speak.
  • You will face challenges and set your sail out of the storms without fears.

Effect of Sun Transit in Pisces

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  • Pisces ruler Jupiter has a wonderful bond with Sun. Irrespective of their positive union, this transit will make you spend too often and unnecessarily. It can affect your professional life very much.
  • The 12th House is a house of self-undoing. Owing to this, you may feel a little off during this time. You may also grow differences with your father or father figure.
  • Looking on the better side, you may take a trip to a foreign place and make strong connections there.
  • There can be major health concerns for you.

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