Effects of Mars in different houses

Effects of Mars in different houses

Mars, also known as “Mangal” in Hindi, is the fourth planet from the Sun. It is also referred to as the Red Planet because of its reddish appearance from the earth. Represented by fire, action and raw energy, this planet is associated with the native’s courage, leadership and dominance.

It’s a hot and heated planet which mainly represent the violence of fire, all the destructions caused by fire. Mars is anger, valour and strength which signifies a soldier, policeman, or athlete. Native influenced by Mars, do not want life to be smooth sailing, they love competition, they want to see challenges which is also a reason why Mars represents the enemy.

Vedic Astrology describes Mars as a fiery, aggressive, symbol of male gender or masculinity, a warrior, passionate, and much more. This planet is also considered as the commander in chief of celestial energies.

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Mars in First House

  • First house is your physical appearance, your personality. Its a map of your whole life. Its how every single section of your house will behave depends upon the first house.
  • So, when Mars is in the house, it suggests that the native has a highly energetic and dynamic personality. The native is likely to be strong. They yearn for Independence and are quite straightforward in nature. 
  • This is a great position for Mars to reside in irrespective of the fact that it might make the native aggressive and troublesome.
  • The first house also rules over face and head, there’s a possibility of having scars of cuts or burns on the native’s face. So its usually easy to distinguish that person because of those scars.
  • Even though mars in the first house people are prone to get injured, their curative powers are really sound and they tend to heal quickly.

Mars in Second House

  • The second house is related to your speech, wealth, family, family assets, possessions, food that you eat (because it controls your throat), early education. It’s the house of values that you learn from your family.
  • So, mars here is a very energetic and dynamic speaker. These people make the most dominative and authoritative speakers out there.
  • However, mars in the second house can give somebody a bad mouth. People can curse a lot.
  • Mars has a mentality of a soldier, they like to have a lot of control over things, over their family and over their possessions. They love to control.
  • On the other hand, with these people, money comes and goes. They accumulate wealth through lots of exertion and risks as they earn well through investments and gambling but because mars make the native foolhardy and careless, they are equally impulsive in spending their money.

Mars in Third House

  • It’s the house that represents your courage, communication, media, short distance travels, younger siblings. Mars, on the other hand, represents your aggression, your energy and where you put in your energy.
  • When Mars comes into this house, it elevates the native’s desire to travel and also increases the chances of accidents and casualty in one’s life.
  • This person wants to always lead and be the one to always in-charge of things. This is why Mars in the third house can produce very rude and selfish leaders.
  • However, third house mars personify professional athletes, soldiers and in case of debilitated Mars gangsters, thugs, looters, and pickpockets.
  • Since this house rules over communication, these people love to argue and debate and take pride in defeating people verbally.
Mars in different Houses

Mars in Fourth House

  • The fourth house is the original house of the moon and the sign of cancer, of motherly love and nourishment. Mars here kind of loses its direction, it’s self of being.
  • However, mars is friendly with the moon, it still doesn’t feel comfortable here. They both share entirely different energies. So, this placement of Mars in the fourth house is not considered favourable in Vedic astrology.
  • It can create ill health towards the mother because it’s the house of mother and make the native too strict and rigorous, at times.
  • Mars needs a medium to release its excess energy in order to achieve a balanced life.
  • One of the good effects of mars and that this placement offers to the native, is very active and healthy old age.
  • These people are extremely close to their families and are very protective of them.

Mars in Fifth House

  • Fifth house rules over creativity, sex, romance, gambling, arts, entertainment, passions, dating, talents and affairs. Self- employment, education, intelligence, attitude towards gurus and elders is also represented by the fifth house.
  • Strong and positive mars in the 5th house will make the native very active and energetic and they lead a sturdy and vigorous lifestyle.
  • People with this placement considers romance as a creative and artistic expression. Mars needs freedom and does not accept a life captured in four walls, it needs to go out.
  • Leading a lively and energetic lifestyle is very important to these people and they are often involved in the outdoor activities which also proves to be beneficial for the native.
  • Despite all of that, gambling and speculation is something that could cause a lot of problems in life.
  • If Mars is retrograde here, the native might also face problems in expressing himself creatively.

Mars in Sixth House

  • The sixth house in Vedic astrology is mostly associated with your job and service, challenges, shortcomings, debts, fears, health, litigation, enemies and losses.
  • When mars is placed in sixth house, it represents that the native is vulnerable to losses by fire and is prone to wounds and burns.
  • The native is also likely to meet accidents at workplace because of his own restlessness and recklessness.
  • An exalted Mars in this house blesses the native with good results in profession, marriage, authority, status and reputation. On the other hand, a malefic debilitated Mars here can trouble the native in the same matters because the things go vice- versa in that case.
  • It can also provide criminal inclination to the native under its influence due to which some native even enter into a life of crime.

Mars in Seventh House

  • Mars is a planet of courage, strength, energy and bravery And seventh house is the house of your partner. So, when Mars comes into this house it brings a lot of energy and aggression in the native.
  • One of the adverse effects of Mars even is delays and restrictions in the marriage. It is also considered as an inauspicious placement for marriage perspective as it can bring strong disagreements in beliefs.
  • The native and his partner are likely to face differences of opinions and they might get into several arguments quite frequently. These issues may increase with time, consequently ending in even more serious arguments and fights.
  • Mars is a planet of courage, strength, energy and bravery And seventh house is the house of your partner. So, when Mars comes into this house it brings a lot of energy and aggression in the native.
  • Mars even causes delays and restrictions in the marriage. It is also considered as an inauspicious placement for marriage perspective as it can bring strong disagreements in beliefs.
  • The native and his partner are likely to face differences of opinions and they might get into several arguments quite frequently. These issues may increase with time, consequently ending in even more serious arguments and fights.
  • It is always advised that a Manglik person should marry another Manglik in order to get rid of the ill effects and destruction caused by Mars.
  • This position, nonetheless, will make the native quite an independent and courageous personality. And you’ll be able to fight all kinds of oppositions.
  • If there is no affliction, the native will be an honest and protective person.

Mars in 8th House

  • The eighth house is the house of wealth, sudden events, accidents, in-laws, assets with your wife/husband after marriage. This house also represents death and rebirths. it’s also the house of occult, mysticism and secrecy.
  • When Mars comes into this house, it can cause quite a few accidents or injuries in the native’s life. Like cuts, burns or car accidents. Mars here feels quite in a difficult position.
  • This person can get into arguments with the in-laws considering he has a dominant nature like when he comes in he expects the in-laws to respect him.
  • Mars’s placement in this house might even give disturbed relations with the spouse.
  • This placement also shows the gains after marriage, gains through secretive means. If you have combined effects of benefic exalted Mars in the eighth house, then you are likely to earn a good amount of money, success and recognition with the occult as a profession.

Mars in 9th House

  • Ninth House is the house of your higher learning, spirituality, pilgrimage, long-distance journeys, teachings of fatherly figures, it is also called as the house of your luck, fortune and treasure.
  • A person with the effects of Mars in the ninth house of his horoscope is quite fond of travelling and adventures but with it comes the danger of reckless risks. Moreover, this positioning represents that the native has to be very careful in legal matters.
  • Mars in 9th house creates lots of disagreement with your teachers and especially your father because here Mars doesn’t really like to be told what to do, they don’t like to take orders.
  • He will have his own viewpoints and does not require others’ guidance. It’s like a blessing to him. Native from this house are more inclined towards study and research on various topics related to the spiritual growth of the soul and he might also go beyond this if there are some other supportive influences in his horoscope.

Mars in 10th House

  • The tenth house represents and rules over professional life, karma, nature of the person, reputation in work area, karma, next birth, weaknesses, ambitions etc. So, when Mars comes into this house, it makes the native earn a good amount of wealth.
  • He will be very hardworking and his only goal of life will be to reach the heights of his profession. these people like to lead the crowd.
  • However, to achieve such heights, the native has to work extremely hard and he doesn’t get anything without actually earning it. Due to the dominating nature of the native, most of his colleagues and subordinates would not like him.
  • At the same time, many successful politicians are seen from this house with mars in it, for the exact reason. These people tend to bring something new to the table.
  • Along with that, the raw energy of mars enforces the native to have an enthusiastic and active nature.

Mars in 11th House

  • The 11th house is the house of your network circle, it represents gains of all kind, wealth. This is the strongest house regarding your hopes and wishes as in, how much of it will come true or not.
  • Along with that, it is also the house of your elder siblings. Mars in this house assures one’s effort towards earning an income or livelihood for self and the family.
  • This house s also a strong indicator of sudden income through lotteries, sudden wealth and profits, and prosperity, etc. So, the native belonging to this house with mars will be very competitive in making money.
  • When it comes to competition, the person with Mars in the 11th house may go at an extreme level to achieve their targets.
  • On the negative side, the native is always concerned about making money and for that he will not hesitate to go in an illegal way.

Mars in 12th House

  • 12thhouse in Vedic astrology represents detachments, solitude, isolation, and separation. Foreign lands, foreign travel, isolated places, hospitals, jails, asylums, and losses are also defined by this house. This is the house of letting things go and moving towards liberation.
  • Mars here could be a rather disturbing placement as a bad Mars could cause false accusations to the native which might result in imprisonment as well.
  • The presence of mars in this house even indicate difficulties in expressing one’s anger and aggressive emotions. The native will try to remain reserved.
  • However, on the other hand, if placed favorably, it can provide the native with frequent foreign travels and the native might even settle abroad for good.
  • Some people under the effects of exalted benefic mars in this house gets involved in the fields of spirituality as the beneficial effects of mars blesses them with a special understanding in such matters.

This analysis here offers just a little portion of the whole picture, to know more you also need to see the positions of other planets in your horoscope.
Each planet has a distinct impact on you, depending on which house and sign they reside in. So as to seek out where they are located in your natal chart, you can use our free Kundli Maker.
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