Effects of Venus in different houses


Venus in Vedic astrology is considered a feminine planet. Its a significant representative of bright glamorous things, beauty, glamour and parties etc. and rules over the creative aspects of an individual like romance, love, sex, music, dance, happiness and pleasure activities. It’s the biggest symbolization of female energy, financial gains, marriage, good clothes, flowers, pearls, wife, brahmins and so on. Furthermore, Venus is also representator of attraction, prosperity and knowledge.

Planet Venus

According to mythology, Planet Venus is not just associated with sexual activities but also with unconditional love and passion which might even end up in reincarnation, Nirvana and immortality. It rules places where beauty, harmony and amusements are attained.

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Read further to find out how the planet of sex, pleasure and beauty affects your life.

Venus in 1st House-

  • The first house is concerned with the native’s outer appearance, their health, character, temperament, their strength and weaknesses. It mostly relates to one’s public appearance.
  • Venus’s presence in the First House depicts that the native has an artistic persona with a hint of sensuality. The native enjoys music and poetry and music and all other forms of art along with beautiful surroundings and has a great sense of aesthetics.
  • Planet Venus grants the native a playful personality, appealing physique with beautiful and dazzling eyes plus curly hair. They gain a lot of friends because of their calm, polite and sensitive nature towards others.
  • Relationships, specifically love and sexual relationships are very important to the native, they can’t be single for a long time.
  • An afflicted Venus can make to native very conscious and insecure of their appearance or they want everybody to like them and suffers deeply if someone dislikes them.

Venus in 2nd House-

  • The second house is associated with the possessions and the wealth of the native. This position suggests the native’s earning capacity along with the ability to handle money.
  • Venus being the feminine planet attracts, it attracts the money and finances. Undeniably, the cash flow of the native grows and they spend an extravagant amount of money on arts, beauty and entertainment.
  • A good Venus here makes the native balanced, soft-spoken and a peace-loving person. These people know when to speak what, they choose their words wisely that leaves an impact on people’s lives.
  • There’s a great possibility of earning money or addition to the wealth because of beauty or some creative activity. The native loves to be admired and pampered with gifts.

Venus in 3rd House-

  • The third house is mainly concerned with native’s siblings, relatives, and neighbors. Apart from that, it is also the house of communication, short distance travels and moving from one place to another.
  • Placement of Venus in the third house suggests that the natives will feel their best when they’re with their siblings or relatives and when they’re moving. They love visiting beautiful places like cafes, parks, and gardens.
  • Native with the placement of Planet Venus in 3rd house often wants to make their career in poetry and literature as it is something that highly stimulates them.
  • There’s a possibility that the natives might use their excellent speech and communication skills for some selfish reason, specifically when the Venus is afflicted.
  • It is extremely important for the natives to have a partner who’d listen to them, but their true feelings in front and is communicative in the relationship.

Venus in 4th House-

  • This is the house that represents home, childhood, mother, the kind of relationship the native shares with his mother, one’s early childhood and the way native’s likely to treat his family.
  • When Venus is in the 4th house, it makes the native extra sensitive and emotionally attached to his parents. They have a childhood full of beautiful beautiful memories and fondness.
  • The native likes to be a wonderful host. They naturally have a sense of aesthetics which is evidently visible in their homes. It provides them with a sense of fruitfulness and inner pleasure. In addition to that, such a person is likely to gain financially from their family affairs.
  • In the case of afflicted Venus, the native’s family doesn’t really appreciate all the efforts they put into creating a pleasant aura in the family.

Venus in 5th House-

  • The fifth house is about pleasure. It shows how the native expresses himself creatively. What the native considers fun and what they like to spend their free time. It also indicates the father’s wealth.
  • The planet of love in the house of love itself, what could be better than that? This placement proves to be very beneficial and the native is lucky to have this placement in their natal chart because Venus feels very comfortable in this house.
  • It gives the native joyful and exciting romantic relationship. This placement makes the native have popularity among friends and a strong love for kids.
  • Having Venus in the 5th house gives the natives a tendency to have a female first child and they may have a very beautiful female child.

Venus in 6th House-

  • 6th house indicates the kind of services one provides for humanity, it describes the way the native is going to be fruitful for the society.
  • Venus in the 6th house grants the native with a strong inclination to be of service at work. Their co-workers admire them for their easygoing and humble personality.
  • There is a strong tendency that the native will be drawn towards the subject of beauty, art, and creativity. They are likely to do well in such occupations.
  • These people have a beautiful and ever-evolving personal style. Besides, they pay good attention to their diet as they like to stay healthy and look great.
  • The native is always connected to art and creative fields even if he/she is not directly connected to it. They might be floral designers, interior designers, photographers, editor or makeup artists.
  • This placement creates good hairdressers, fitness trainers, beauty or cosmetics specialists, dance trainers and so on.

Venus in 7th House-

  • The seventh house is one of the most important houses of all. it’s the house of partnerships, be it in business-related matters or in life.
  • The presence of Venus in this house gives good results in marriage. It blesses the native with a beautiful, wealthy and an attractive spouse someone with whom they can possess and enjoy the comforts of life.
  • The native is also likely to flourish in business partnerships. They usually are blessed with someone who is not just their business partner by also their friend which makes the business atmosphere quite pleasant.
  • In the case of debilitated Venus, the partner of the native might be lazy and someone with bad behavior.
  • Nevertheless, the native completely understands the value of companionship in their life and they are very close to their partner and maintains a balance and harmony in the partnership.

Venus in 8th House-

  • The 8th house in Vedic astrology represents marriage, corporate resources and the property or money inherited. It’s also the house of hidden matters, occult, mysticism, death, and rebirth.
  • This placement indicates that the native will have a partner who is well informed of money matters and would be someone who will provide richness and comforts in life.
  • However, in the case of afflicted Venus, it could make the native lazy and careless. The native might even experience disappointments in their love life.
  • The presence of Planet Venus in this house draws the native to people who have darkness in them. They are always attracted to the mysterious and dark energy that people possess.
  • Native is likely to get into a relationship with someone who is mysterious, sexual and wealthy. On the other hand, others find the native charming and enchanting without being able to identify the reason why.

Venus in 9th House-

  • This house is concerned with the long-distance travels like a pilgrimage or foreign travel etc. and the knowledge obtained during it. it’s also related to the religious and philosophical ideas, together with the higher learnings of the native.
  • When Venus is position in this house, it makes the native very fond of traveling, they are always excited about discovering new places, culture, music, and art.
  • There are chances that the natives might get married to some foreigner or someone who’s settled in foreign lands. The native tends to live far from his/her native land.
  • A badly aspected Venus may give the tendency to escapism, especially at a younger age or the native might cut his studies short either by their own choice or due to some obstacles.
  • These people take great interest in religious and philosophical discussions and are tend to be fair-minded.

Venus in 10th House-

  • In Vedic astrology, the 10th house is considered as the house that represents a career or profession. It shows if the person will achieve fame and grandness in his life. It is also the house fathers.
  • When Venus is positioned in this house, it gives the native a cheerful and friendly behavior with a harmonious and compelling personality which makes them gain a lot of attention in their workplace.
  • The native tends to be an easygoing and sociable person and have a positive outlook on life. This quality of theirs helps them a lot in their life. The native shares a good relation with his father.
  • With this placement in the native’s horoscope, they tend to be more enticed towards making a career in music, speaking or even politics.
  • If badly aspected, this position might affect the native’s public image. They might even use their talent and abilities selfishly to gain money.

Venus in 11th House-

  • The 11th house is a strong indicator of sudden wealth and gains. It represents prosperity, sudden income and good wealth. This is also the house that depicts one’s social circle.
  • Placement of Planet Venus in the 11th house grants the native with a gracious personality. It further helps them in making friends easily. The native might attract many friends from the opposite sex.
  • Native is naturally blessed with a persona that he is easily able to financially gain from their social activities.
  • Native with this placement has a strong desire of being surrounded by their friends. They attract financially sound people who can further give them financial assistance when needed.
  • In the case of afflicted Venus, the native should not overindulge in social groups and with hanging with friends, as it might affect them unfavorably.

Venus in 12th House-

  • It’s the house of secrets, fears, the subconscious mind and isolated places. It also represents liberation and detachments from the materialistic desires of life and indicates one’s inclination towards spirituality.
  • When Planet Venus is placed in the 12th house, it depicts that the native would love to spend time alone. Moreover, they may have hidden love affairs as they like to keep things hidden from people.
  • The native is likely to be shy and introvert. They enjoy mystical and artistic things. Being themselves very creative and artistic, they are usually unaware of their artistic talents or keep that hidden from the world.
  • The presence of Venus in the 12th house makes the native unaware of his personal charm. So, these people are likely to be more attractive and charismatic then what they think. 

This analysis here offers just a little portion of the whole picture, to know more you also need to see the positions of other planets in your horoscope.

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