Energy Healing-Understanding and Using It to Change Life

Energy Healing-Understanding and Using It to Change Life

Clearly, we all know that energy exists – we need to consume it to stay alive just as much as your phone needs to be charged by it to keep working. However, here’s where it gets a little curious. Energy isn’t just a form of nutrition or battery power, it’s at the core of everything in our Universe.

Let’s just go a little bit deeper.

Energy is constantly vibrating at varying frequencies. Some vibrations equate to a ray of light while some vibrations equate to rocks. We basically call the denser vibrational forms of energy as “matter”.  All matter on Earth is made up of atoms, which are the incredibly tiny, energetic building blocks that form our existence. 

What is Energy Healing?

Now, you must be wondering what is energy healing?

Well, energy Healing is a form of healing that basically balances and restores the flow of energy in the body. In this process, the energy is channeled from the main source through the healer to the patient or person who seeks the healing. It is performed in order to remove energy deficiencies and blockages.

This results in activating the body’s natural ability to heal itself. Treatments may include a combination of healing modalities including Reiki, Art and Colour Therapy, Pranic Healing, Quantum Touch, Theta Healing and many more. Focus is often placed on solving emotional or spiritual problems, which have a profound effect in other areas such as physical health or mental health problems.

For instance, if you break your hand, you need a cast to help set it straight and maybe some medicines to help your body heal. However, here actually it’s your energy which ultimately heals the break, repairs up the skin, and gets you back in motion again. 

Now, let’s get a little clarity on what energy healing actually is! Because we already know that everything is made up of energy and energy is dynamic and always in motion. Thus, it means we have the ability to influence and manipulate the outcomes of things at an energetic level. 

How does Energy Healing work?

The active component of energy healing is the energetic act of intention which we focus to get the necessary outcome. To explain it in more detail, when we intend to do something, then we create a ‘thought’ in a form of energy that gives our body instructions on what our activity should be in order to get the desired outcome. Now, since we have an intention in our mind, the focus then lets us know ‘that’s our preference’. In short, the intention is the target, while focusing is the directive: ‘we are going to hit that goal’!

Once the intention and focus generate, the energetic field around us naturally reacts to the energetic message and then engages. It creates a ‘pathway’ to the aim – whether it’s for yourself, someone else, or something, else. 

Is Energy Healing Helpful?

Many of you must be questioning if it works?

Of course! It does. There is no other form of healing. It’s the energy only which heals the cut, mends the bone, blows off the thoughts in our mind.  

However, due to its nature, energy healing can be subtle for some, yet profound for others. The variance comes down to the energy healer and the intensity of the intention and aim. For instance, we can send energy heal to someone that is the receiver, to help them recover from any illness or pain, and the person will feel it. As a result of your energy healing, all of a sudden they may start doing healthier things to get better results. But something that’s important to remember is that every person has their own free will.

So while your energy healing efforts will always contribute to a good cause, if they choose to go against those feelings or they end up eating unhealthy food every day and stop exercising. In that case, no efforts of external energy healing can change a person’s own will. 

So, in short, energy healing is a non-invasive healing technique that can support one’s healing efforts. Also, it can be integrated with other healing modalities to achieve great results. 

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