Enhance your luck through your lucky number

Enhance your luck through your lucky number

Number plays a significant role in everyone’s life. Everyone has a lucky number as nature has blessed us with it. It brings vigor, positive vibes and can fill one’s life with happiness. To know one’s lucky number, he or she should add the digits of his or her birth date to obtain a single-digit number. This single-digit number is believed to be one’s lucky number. However, sometimes despite our lucky number we notice our effective traits getting faded. That’s what we are going to discuss in this article. We will be reading about some tips to enhance your luck through your lucky number.

Lucky number 1

People having birthdates 1,10,19,28 have the number ‘one’ as their lucky number. Such people have Sun as their dominant planet. As Sun is in the center of the Solar system similarly these people are born leaders. They have commendable leadership skills. However, if the people having these birthdates are not having things going their way then there’s the best remedy. Take a golden colored cloth and write number 1 on it with a yellow color and keep this wallet in your wallet or handbag. This will enhance your luck and will make your day lucky.

Lucky number 2

The number two is the number of People having birthdates 2,11,20,29. Such people are very emotional. Basically, they are full of sentiments. They have the moon as their dominant planet. As we all know Sun doesn’t have a light of its own but is visible to us due to the light of the Sun. For these people, it is advisable whenever they are stuck or not getting what to do they should take advice from a close and dear person of theirs. It will prove to be golden advice for them and will bring them luck. To enhance their luck, people with the birth dates summing up to 2 should always keep a circular or square-shaped silver coin with them. If you are emotionally unstable, the round is preferred however to be more practical in life, one should keep the square-shaped coin. For these people, the silver color is extremely lucky.

Lucky number 3

People having birthdates 3,12,21,30 have lucky number three. They are the teachers and can guide someone very well, Apart from being teachers, they are very good marketing people as well. If nothing is going right in your life, then you should use number 3. These people have Jupiter i.e guru as their dominant planet hence they should take the regular blessings of their Guru. Also, It beneficial for these people to tie saffron in yellow-colored cloth and keep it with them. It brings even more good luck if number 3 is written on it.

Lucky number 4

The number four is the number of People having birthdates 4,13,22,31. These people, with number four, are the best thinkers. If they start listening to their intuitions in their day to day life, then it can completely change their day for the better. The dominant planet for such people is Rahu. To enhance their luck, they should maintain a distance from smoking and keep four grains in a cloth tightly wrapped in their bag.

Lucky number 5

People having birthdates 5,14,23 have number five as their lucky number. The people are the people of Mercury. Such people are very clever, witty as well as intelligent. The main attraction of their personality is their communication skills. They can do wonders with the magic of your speech. To enhance their communication skills, even more, such people should keep a naturally green plant on their desks. It can be either bamboo or money plant or any other as well. Also, it good if they consume five leaves of Tulsi every morning.

Lucky number 6

People having birthdates 6,15,24 have lucky number six. The number six is the number of Venus. These people are very creative. They have a very mesmerizing personality and charisma. These people should write a number on a silver-colored cloth and keep it with them to enhance their luck.

Lucky number 7

People having birthdates 7,16,25 are the healers. No matter, whichever profession they do, they have this quality of making one feel comfortable. These people should keep number seven written with a grey pen on a piece of brown paper for good luck and happiness.

Lucky number 8

The number eight is the number of people having birthdates 8,17,26. These people’s lives are full of ups and downs. On tilting it, infinity is formed signifying endless opportunities. If these people gain spirituality or enhance their social behavior, they can change their life for good. They should always respect and pamper the people working for them. Donating mustard oil to the poor and the needy is also beneficial for them.

Lucky number 9

People having birthdates 9,18,27 have nine as their lucky number. This is the number of givers. They have human traits and can read one’s mind easily. It is good for these people to use red-colored phone cover to get a trouble-free life. Also, they can keep nine grains of red-colored daal tied in a small cloth, always with them.

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