Know the astrological benefits of SALT

Know the astrological benefits of SALTKnow the astrological benefits of SALT

Salt is what, whose presence is not felt but its absence makes everything tasteless. We all might be aware of the scientific importance of salt. It is used as a food preservative and is an important component of a balanced diet as well. The deficiency of it leads to Goitre. But, do you know apart from having scientific importance and giving pleasure to our taste buds, salt has significance in astrology as well.

Everything we use in our life has an astrological significance. Be it a lemon or salt, they can miraculously work and fill one’s life with positivity and happiness. The salt removes the influence of negative energy and harmonizes the environment. In this article, you’ll get to know how to use salt to turn the wheel of fortune in your favor.

Salt Removes negativity

Sometimes the negative vibes increase in your home and family members start finding on petty issues. Your wealth keeps on decreasing day by day but still, you don’t understand why is this going on and what all is happening. All this happens when your home becomes a storehouse of negativity.

The only remedy which works in such a situation is to take a bucket of water and add Himalayan salt in it. Mop the floor of your home every day with this salty water as salt prevents negativity from entering your home and also improves your current situation. Also, if someone in your home has ailments related to stomach. It is considered beneficial to mop the floor of your kitchen at night before sleeping with this salty water for beneficial results.

Salt Strengthening relations

If there are disputes between your family members or your relatives and friends do not remain happy with you, then use this remedy of Himalayan salt to turn the things upside down. On the left and right side of your main door, keep Himalayan salt in any utensil. You can color or decorate it too, accordingly. It can magically work for you. It emerges the feeling of love in your guest’s heart for you and strengthens your relations with them.

Reduces the impact of Vastu Dosha

The salt reduces negativity from your home. According to Vastu, if you have rooms or bathrooms in the north or northeast direction of your home, then you can never flourish and there will never be stability in your home. Hence, if you keep salt in a pot or utensil and keep it in those directions, it balances the negative vibe leading to positive results. It absorbs all the negativity and acts as a filter. However, it is also important to change it on a weakly basis.

Prevents Negative Thoughts

If you often get negative thoughts and are quite disturbed with them then salt can do you wonders. Put a pinch of Himalayan salt in the water and take bath with it however remember not to pour this salty water on your head or face. Soon, you will notice your negative thoughts change to positive bringing you luck and happiness.

Salt Improve Health

If anyone in your home is suffering from health issues or is the prey of depression, then place some it in a bowl and keep it near them. It will replace the negative energy and create a positive era.

Protect one from an evil eye

Not just it improves one health and strengthens relations, but also it protects one from an evil eye. This remedy has been practiced, especially in India, for ages. We can often see mothers taking a handful of salt and circling it around their child several times and it does work. It is believed to protect one from an evil eye, along with negativity as well.

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