Famous Instagram influencer talks to her favourite astrologer

Vijay Nehalchandani

We all, once in a while, think of owning a business or starting a startup. But fear and lack of knowledge around the same refrain us from doing so. However, the good news is that when it comes to startups, there are always people who can guide you around it so that you don’t feel like an immature when starting your startup journey. And one of those startup geeks is famous Instagram influencer Vijay Nihalchandani.

Vijay, who goes by the name @idea___man on Instagram, is a famous Instagram influencer with over 280K followers on his Instagram page, where he shares business ideas, entrepreneurial tips, and much more to poke you to relook at your career.

In the 6th episode of The Astrotalk Show, Vijay joined his favourite Astrologer SnehaG to chat about his present and future and the role astrology has played in making him what he is today. 

In the talk show, Vijay recalls owning a startup in the hospitality sector before the pandemic struck and things went down for him. Yet, unlike many people, Vijay didn’t sit around staring at his empire fall but decided to start an Instagram page to share his entrepreneurial experience with people out there.

Luckily, in no time, Vijay’s Instagram page started receiving a quality response from viewers who applauded him for his interactive and genuine content. 

“I believe in astrology but also believe in the fact that astrology won’t help you if you don’t help yourself. So, when my business went down, I began to look out for something I can make a living from. And thankfully, content creation happened for me,” says Vijay. 

Talking more about astrology, Vijay says that he has seen things happening for him just the way astrologers have predicted. However, he has also realised that the blessings of planets only come to those who are ready to make an effort in life and never give up on things just because they seem difficult.

Just like Vijay, if you too wish to get a FREE session with your favourite astrologer, comment who is your favourite astrologer and why in the comment section of this video or send us a mail at media@astrotalk.com

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