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Living is an Art. In this world of technology where virtual things rule our realm of reality, I’d definitely consider living an Art because most from the masses only exist. As bizarre as it could end up looking but people are forgetting the real meaning of lives. However, I being a Vedic and Nadi Expert want to share a few of my opinions on life and its meaning and how it is related to beyond human affairs.

As far as my understanding goes, in our universe, there are energies and celestials forms that in numerous ways guide our us in our existence and give our lives deeper meaning and make it a cut above. For instance, the 9 planets and their far-fetched impact on our life. Therefore, I am here to explain a few points that may help you to please these 9 celestial bodies for a happier life.

Everyone in their Horoscope chart has some good planets or some bad planets. Now, the fight is how to please the planets which cause bad effects and are giving malefic outcome. These days, as to please and advert the harmful effect of the planet, we hear a lot that either we shall donate or follow some specific Remedy for good results of that planet.

To be specific, it is true but partially. In addition, we must not forget that our planets have a direct relation to our behavior. Thus, the positivity starts with self-efforts. Therefore, you don’t need an alternative and using your strength tool and bring a change in your life. In addition, following some simple techniques in your daily life can actually give u the best results.

Advisable on a daily basis to Please Planets


Sun, the pride planet, governor of fatherly figures and reputation. You may often hear people tell you “it is tough to please the head of the solar system.” However, I tell you, Sun, just like its bright & warmth representation, is always ready to offer the most in relation to a person’s influence and their prestige.


Therefore, consider five positive qualities of you every day and think about the best of you. Also, you shall not show & promote the habit of bargaining in the market. Also, give some extra money daily depends on ur capability whenever you take any service. If possible, wear dry clean clothes every day.


The Moon, illumination of emotions and soul is the bright planet that results in all the moody changes in a person. Thus, to keep a good moon get a hug from your loved ones daily because a Jadu ki Jhappi can cure negative thoughts.

Astrology Woman

Also, keeping a maid at your home would help you. Moon is all about how you feel. Therefore, to offer yourself some happiness, pamper yourself with a beauty treatment like massage & spa every month.


The red big planet of the solar system is renowned for energy and bravery. Pleasing the angry planet Mars would only give positive outturns when the native shows energy and courage.

Astrology Man

Perhaps, you should go for a walk every day and engage yourself in energetic activities. Thus, start exercising or join a fitness gym. Mars requires you to show the energetic behavior and optimization of your soldierly attitude.

Therefore, you have to be physically fit. For the best results, follow a strict healthy routine. In addition, keep your hair short.


Brahaspati or Guru, Jupiter holds a dominant & significant role in making a person shallow or grandiose. As it represents teachers, education and grasping abilities.

Jupiter Astrology

As Jupiter is all about forming your inside & thoughts, to please this great planet you should start ur day with a prayer. Also, advert all the negative thoughts from your mind and bless everybody whoever you meet. Also, weak Jupiter cause effects like fat and incurable diseases, thus, you need to watch your belly fat, it shud not be bulky.


Planet Mercury or Buddh crafts a person’s mind & future. It is all about your learning abilities, skills, and wisdom.


To please Mercury, you should pray to Goddess Durga. Also, an easy yet great habit would be interacting with kids who are younger than 9 years. On a daily basis, you should spend some time with the kids, play with them. Also, go for a weekly Manicure. (Hand massage)


All the pearls, beauty, romance, pleasures, joy and glee is a result of Shukra or Venus. Thus, to have a joyful and pleasureful life one should please Venus. As it governs the aspects of Monetary benefits, relationships, nice clothes one should keep a habit of spending on a few specific things.


Specifically, Venus is all about feminine energy, bliss, flowers, pleasure, and sex, thus, you should take sincere care of their lover. As a fine habit, start praising ur life partner daily irrespective of anything. In addition, get anything expensive, go for some brand when you shop.

Beauty is governed by Venus, thus apply moisturizer every day and take care of your skin & hair.


Shani or Saturn or the god of Karma is not someone who is easily pleased. You have to scuff yourself and prove your loyalty in every way toward discipline & hard work. The result, nevertheless, comes in the most amazing ways when the Shani Maharaj is happy with your efforts.


Pleasing the god of Karma may result positively when you take bath twice a day, one in the morning and one before sleeping. Also, mopping ur home every day at your knees is result-oriented. In addition, massage your knees every day.


We all know there are 7 planets in the solar system. However, Vedic Astrology still considers Rahu and Ketu as planets. Besides, these are Shadow Planets. As Rahu cannot be seen, thus, it forwards a person towards all the virtual & materialist stuff.

planets (rahu)

Pleasing planet Rahu requires courage to go against the words of the world, its ethics and set of regulations. However, pleasing Rahu with one’s behavior becomes a method when you clean your washroom, toilets, and maintain high hygiene every day.

Also, Rahu requires you put effort. Thus, you have to clean it, without any help. In addition, Astrology says Man to not keep a beard and prefer clean shave. On the other hand Astrology for woman says, they should wear a ponytail and avoid open hair.


Ketu, the planet of spirituality, motivation, meditation, and selflessness. As it is a headless planet, it takes a person towards all the altruistic stuff. When in a strong position, Ketu makes a person better as well as spiritual every passing day. However, when it is malefic, it makes the person dominant and hard-headed.

planets Ketu

As I mentioned above, Morning gratitude is a must for u. Play any audio mantra or motivational songs in the morning. Cleaning and taking care of ur legs is now compulsory. Before sleeping also clean ur legs. Perhaps you may go for a good leg massage once in a while.

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