Furniture and Vastu – These Factors Can Hinder Your Success

Furniture and Vaastu - These Factors Can Hinder Your Success

Furniture and Vastu have a significant relation. These small factors that you ignore in daily life can hinder your peace and success.

To increase the beauty of the house, it is very important to keep the furniture correctly. Thus, we should keep some things in mind while placing the furniture. Above all, you must keep the furniture according to Vastu Shastra because if you do not do this, you may be prone to damage in many ways.

Today we are going to tell you about the ways of decorating furniture according to Vastu Shastra through this article. As our home and office are the two major spaces in our lives, it is important to keep things in order at these places. Many times a person starts suffering due to Vastu Dosha or improper setting of furniture at their home. Thus, to avoid these hindrances, you should keep a few facts of Vastu Shastra in mind while setting furniture.

Furniture and Vastu shastra

Many trees are full of negative energy. Using woods of these trees to construct furniture brings negative energies in household and family members. Therefore you should always wood of positive tree such as rosewood, sandalwood, Ashoka, Tae Kwan, sal, Arjun or neem, etc. Using them is auspicious and would be beneficial for you.

It is not considered auspicious to buy furniture made of wood on Tuesday, Saturday, or Amavasya. Therefore you should always consider buying furniture or wooden items only on an auspicious day.

Take care of direction

Heavy furniture should always be kept in the west direction and light goods should be kept in the north or east. In this case, due to negligence or willfully ignoring it, there can be a possibility of money loss.

While making wooden furniture in the house, the work should start from the south or west direction and finish it in North-East. Using this method does not hamper the progress of the family.

The wood purchased for making wooden articles should be avoided from keeping in North-East or different North-East. This will cause delays in your work as well as the loss of money.

Designs on Furniture

While making furniture some shapes like Radha-Krishna, flower, sun, lion, cheetah, peacock, horse, ox, cow, elephant, and fish are considered auspicious. You can have them made in your furniture. Along with this, you should get light polish done on the furniture and you should avoid using dark colors that spread negative energy.

The furniture should be round from the edges. The pointy edges can be harmful to children or adults and they also increase negative energy in the house. The height of the furniture should also be taken care of so that it never hits the ceiling.

The direction of the Bed

The headboard of the bed should be directed in the south or west and should have good decoration or color on the wall in front of it. This results in good sleep at night as well as the good health of the person sleeping on the bed.

Furniture made of steel should be used for the office. With this, you get positive energy as well as money.

There should not be many corners in furniture as this type of furniture is never considered auspicious. Therefore, any possible damage should be avoided by using furniture with a minimal number of corners both at home or office.

For positive results, you should purchase furniture for home or office keeping the above measures in mind. Along with this, furniture should be kept in the proper direction according to Vastu Shastra so that you do not suffer any kind of harm. Keeping these simple remedies always in mind, you can decorate the furniture properly and enjoy the perks of life.

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