Guidelines for lockdown- Everything You Should Know About

Guidelines for lockdown- Here's a Quick Gist

Coronavirus has jeopardized the entire world. As the number of COVID-19 patients is increasing, the government became compelled to extend lockdown. Previously, the lockdown was to be lifted on 14th April. Despite the strict 21 days lockdown, the infection crossed over 10000 people in India. Therefore, looking at the facts & figures the lockdown extended to 3rd May 2020. On the other hand, there are numerous challenges that the public has to face during the lockdown. Including challenges to manage daily life to wages and income have become sheer issues in the past few days for the public. Looking at the matter, Prime Minister Narendra Modi declared issuing guidelines for lockdown.

In order to diminish the hardship of people, some industries, especially in rural areas, will reopen after April 20. However, this relief is for the areas that are not a hotspot of COVID-19. PM Modi said the restrictions would come to relaxation after one week in such areas.

There will be a relief for the farmers as well. The government will allow the farm activities, constructions like roads & buildings in rural areas. In addition to this, IT, E-commerce, and inter-state transport of goods will keep return to work. Nonetheless, every hotspot will have a strict restriction that has a higher number of COVID-19 cases.

The Home Ministry, in its guidelines for lockdown released on Wednesday preceding the implementation of lockdown 2 by Prime Minister Modi, stated that all public services such as the inter-state and inter-district movement of people including bus and metro facilities continue to be prohibited until 3rd May 2020. Alongside this, domestic, international air transport, rail services, academic institutions, and training centers will continue to be shut down.

Read ahead quick gist to know what services will reopen on April 20-

Quick Gist of Guidelines for Lockdown

  • In order to generate jobs for daily wage workers, services in Agriculture sectors and relevant activities will resume completely. However, industries will operate under strict social distancing norms.
  • Rural Common Service Centres will continue to work. To reinforce the Rural Economy, industries in rural areas will resume operating. For instance, road constructions, food processing industries, MNREGA, and industrial projects. These activities will provide job opportunities for the rural and migrant labor force.
  • Services like hospitality, Cinema hall, malls, gyms, shops, all religious places will not resume.
  • All the inter-state essential goods transport will resume working after April 20. Additionally, food stops on highways and repairing shops will reopen.
  • IT hardware & essential goods and packaging will resume.
  • Services like courier, print & electronic media and construction activities will reopen.
  • Government offices, hospitals, nursing homes & clinics, medical shops, pharmacies will continue to work.
  • Fisheries, animal husbandry, plantation, and social sectors will reopen. Also, financial sectors like banks and ATMs will continue working after April 20.

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