Hessonite| Astrological Benefits of Wearing| Combat Evil Effect of Rahu

Hessonite Gomed Stone- Astrological Benefits of Wearing

Hessonite stone is a shiny light-brown gemstone. Amongst all the stones, it has its significant value. In the Hindi language, this stone is known by the name Gomed. The term Hessonite comes from the Greek language. Here, Hesson stands for the interior. Alongside its lovely honey-colored appearance, it has a great significance in the Hindu sacred writings. Hessonite Stone is an influential gem that imparts the propitious effect of Rahu. Also, it keeps away the negativity of planet Rahu.

Rahu is a shadow planet. It has not a physical form. In Vedic Astrology, it is a planet with only head. It has does not have a body. It depicts all the obsessions and aims of a person’s past life. Thus, it signifies a desire to fulfill those goals in the present life. However, the effect of Rahu in your life depends on the degree and house it is placed in.

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Rahu is the taboo-breaker of your Kundali.

It signifies all the materialistic, obsessive desire that you hide in-depth of your heart. It is a planet that’s not morally correct. When in a strong position, Rahu gives enormous positive effects. With such a planetary position, you may combat any hurdle. However, weak or malefic Rahu brings diseases, instability, and mental illness. Therefore, you can find Gomed stone beneficial to impart Rahu’s positive energy.

There are many benefits of this gemstone. Read them further-

Astrological Benefits of Wearing Hessonite

  • Hessonite stone brings 5 benefits to your life: Dhyaan (Meditation), Artha (Wealth), Dharma (virtuous living), and Moksha (Salvation).
  • Hessonite stone is helpful to avert the evil effect of Rahu. It protects you from all kinds of negativity. Also, it ensures the impart of positive vibes.
  • Gomed gemstone is extremely favorable to boost concentration ability. People with a lack of focusing ability would find the stone extremely helpful.
  • Hessonite improves focus and gives you a sheer direction to lead your life. It helps you attain ambitiousness in your nature.
  • This stone calms the mind. It relieves the wearer from stress, tension. Additionally, it helps to cure depression, insomnia, anxiety, and other mental issues.
  • Significantly, Gomed is helpful in the professional aspect of life. It enhances your financial and social status.
  • For an unhappy marriage or relationship, it can work as a boon. This gemstone frees you from the misery and attracts joy. It boosts harmony and bliss.
  • The ill effect of Rahu may cause problems in your family. Thus, to ward off the emotional and physical troubles of your family, you may wear Gomed Stone.
  • Hessonite stone attracts fortune in your life.
  • It can be helpful in combating diseases related to the spine, ears, skin, and brain. You can find it helpful to fight against fatigue, cancer, leprosy, and blood pressure.
  • In addition, it enhances your health. It cures illnesses like epilepsy, infections, and allergies.
  • This precious gemstone can protect you from black magic and the evil eye.
  • Significantly, Hessonite is favorable for political leaders, public speakers, and influencers.

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How to Wear This Stone

Hessonite is a powerful gemstone. However, it only brings advantageous effects when you wear it correctly. Also, owing to its caliber, it suits only a few people. Therefore, it is important to consult an Expert Astrologer before wearing this gemstone.

You must wear the stone in your middle finger of the right hand as this finger is ruled by Rahu. Firstly, dip the ring in honey and Gangajal for 10-20 mins. Once the ring is purified, you may wear it. Wearing Hessonite with a silver ring is considered to be most fruitful. Additionally, it should weight 3 to 6 carats minimum.

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