Highlights of Pride Month 2020- How People Celebrated Amid COVID-19

Highlights of Pride Month 2020- Here's How People Celebrated June Amid COVID-19

Due to COVID-19 around 500 Pride events were canceled all over the world. June is a very important month for PRIDE activists. Pride gathering tells and educates people around with the need of recognising lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) as social groups. The pride month is a tribute to people involved in making lives better for the rainbow flag carrier. Due to lockdown restrictions, people could not gather and celebrate this auspicious historical event.

There has been struggling history about the rights and violence against the LGBTQ community. No one wanted the spirit among people to die. Hence, the event was moved online on different platforms so that people around the world can still feel joy about the PRIDE amid COVID-19.

History of PRIDE MONTH

In New York on June 28, 1969, police attacked a gay club named Stonewall Inn, Greenwich Village. This raid soon attracted riot movements across the town. The leaders of the movement included black, trans, bisexual women and the movement went active for six days. The demand was to abolish the ill-treatment against people who want to be open about their sexuality. Brenda Howard, ‘The Mother of Pride”, has a significant contribution to working for gay rights.

After the awareness about the pride group was amplified, a gay politician, Harvey Milk laid the foundation of the gay rainbow flag with his designer friend. He along with George Moscone was assassinated in San Francisco City on November 23, 1978, for his work in getting recognition for LGBTQ. This erupted the spirit of public and riots for demanding gay rights were started all over the world.


The celebration of the pride month will be taking place at online platforms, due to the global pandemic. The event was very much celebrated among the people in the past. Corona Virus failed to effect the spirit among the public. Through an online campaign, people worked to form a digital platform for LGBTQ+ Allies. Here is how people around the world celebrated this historic event:

INDIA: #21DaysAllyChallenge

India Pride activists and influencers went online to create mini challenges for 21 days. And, the whole essence lies around the fact that it takes exactly 21 days to form a habit. Communities all around India participated in this tributary challenges

Global Pride 2020

EuroPride will celebrate Pride Month online. It starts on June 27. The event will be a mixer of great performance and speeches. Many big leaders and royalties around the world will attend the event.

Dragfest 2020

We all know the involvement of New York City in making Pride Month a crucial event for the world. Marti G. Cummings, a drag artist, with the help of NYC city council candidate will organize Dragfest 2020 in the tribute of celebrating Pride Month. Also, the event will have many performances by other drag artists.


In the United Kingdom, a four-day celebration will mark the celebration of PRIDE month. Also, people can celebrate with amazing DJ’s and dances, with their favorite costumes.

San Diego Pride

This virtual event is an absolute escape from the stress of a global pandemic. It includes interesting events like virtual bingos and many more crucial events like virtual workshops.

Dublin Digital Pride Festival and Parade

Dublin events will be happening online. Also, they have a list of many events that will be happening virtually to make people involved in the celebration.

Stonewall Day

Pride Live and Warner Media will be hosting an online parade for communities across the globe. The event will also include being an online forum for recent black and brown attacks on the public.

The struggle related to LGBTQ has been very rigorous and people around the world have fought their lives off for their social recognition. On 6 September 2018,  India’s Supreme Court was successful in legalizing consensual gay sex. Also, many other countries that were against the idea of LGBTQ accepted its existence. Hence, to pay tribute to all the lives lost and supporting all the people still struggling with their sexual identity, Pride month is an important event. The online platform helped people to continue their spirit about the awareness of LGBTQ rights.

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