Holashtak 2020- Things to Not do on 8 Inauspicious Days Before Holi

Holashtak 2020- Things to Not do on 8 Inauspicious Days Before Holi

In India, Holi is one of the most eminent festivals of Hindu Tradition. It marks immense joy and bliss among one and all. Also known as the festival of colors, it is celebrated by everyone with enthusiasm, love for family and friends. Also, it is a day to welcome every person and offer them delectable Holi food. However, people still have a very thin idea behind the celebration of this festival and also the duration of the festival. For many, it is a one-day playful activity. Nonetheless, people who are aware of Indian Mythology, commemorate this as a nine-day festival.

Observed as an eight-day festival, Holashtak is an inauspicious period that falls right before Holika Dahan and Holi. According to both Scientific researches and mythological beliefs, during this time negative energies enter our environment. Contrary to the day of Holi, these eight days are really unpropitious, ominous, and unpromising. Annually, it falls on the 8th day of Krishna Paksha.

Holashtak Prarambh 2020

According to the Hindu calendar, Holashtak 2020 is taking place on 3rd March, Tuesday. Typically, this period lasts for a duration of eight days, thus, it is called Holashtak. However, depending on the Astrological aspects and position of the moon, it may last for 7 days as well.

The period begins on the Ashtami of Shukla Paksha of Phalguna month. It ends with the Holika Dahan Puja. In 2020, Holashtak ends on 9th March, Monday with the beginning of auspicious Muhurat of Holika Dahan. Furthermore, the celebration of Holi will take place on 10th March, Tuesday.

Sunrise- March 03, 2020 at 6:50 AM
Sunset March 03, 2020 6:27 PM
Ashtami Tithi Begins March 02, 2020 12:53 PM
Ashtami Tithi Ends March 03, 2020 1:50 PM

Why Holashtak is Inauspicious?

After the request of other Gods, Kamadeva infringements the penance of Lord Shiva with his “Prem Baan”. Angry at the whole incident, Lord Shiva opens his Third Eye and burns Kamadeva to ashes. After this, as Kamadeva the god of love collapses, the entire universe was covered with grief and sorrows. Upon this, Rati, wife of Kamadeva performs tough penance of 8 days to revive her husband. Pleased by Rati’s penance, Lord Shiva blessed Kamadeva with life again.

Alongside this, another major tale goes this way- Angered by his son Prahalad’s undying devotion for Lord Vishnu, King Hiranyakashipu tortures him for eight days. These eight days take place before the incident of Holika Dahan. Thus, due to these eight days of the attack on devotion have been considered inauspicious in the Hindu religion.

Significance of Holashtak

Holashtak divides into two words, Holi and Ashtak. Here, Holi is the festival of colors, and Ashtak means the eight days. In the Hindu religion, these eight days are considered extremely ominous as these days resemble the persecution of devotee Prahlad. Due to Holashtak being an unfavorable period, the mythology suggests prohibition of all fortunate works like Yagya, havan, marriage, and Hindu Janeu ceremony, etc.

Auspicious ceremonies are prohibited in these days as planets including the Sun and Moon are in a harmful position. According to the Vedic Astrology, the positioning of Planets in these eight days are in a way that could draw a lasting negative impact. During this period, negative energies are exceedingly harmful. Therefore, it is also a time when some people perform Tantrik activities and Totkas. In addition, the Sadhna for Tantrik Vidya is also highly successful in this period.

Daan in Holashtak-

According to the Best Astrologers of India, all the Nine planets (Navgrah) are in their fierce form. From Ashtami to Purnima, this planetary position is considered an auspicious period. Additionally, it is said that due to such a position of planets, a person may suffer from stress.

Any auspicious work in this period doesn’t give a prosperous result. However, Daan is a flourishing act. Performing Daan in Holashtak and offering food to needy brings fortunate results. Daan in these eight days provides relief from the sufferings of life.

Rituals to Follow on Holashtak 2020

All the rituals on Holashtak are performed to eradicate the negativity and negative impact of planets. On Holashtak, you should purify the area for Holika Dahan with Ganga Jal. Further, apply two wooden pillars and cow dung cakes. These two sides of the pillars are considered Holika and Prahalad. According to the Hindu beliefs, since this day, people start collecting woods and other items they are willing to burn in the Holika.

In addition to this, you can decorate the wooden branches with colorful clothes. It averts the negative energies. According to Expert Astrologers, every individual should decorate the branches. It brings joy to life. On the day of Holika Dahan, these pieces of clothes are either buried along with Holika. Also, these clothes absorb and ward off negative energies.

Things To Not Do on Holashtak

According to Hindu scriptures, any of the 16 Sanskars of Hindu religion is prohibited in the Holashtak.

  • Marriage- The duration of Holashtak is not felicitous for performing or fixing the marriage. It can impart hazardous impacts in a couple’s life.
  • Child Name and Mundan Sanskar- Child name or Mundan Sanskar is one of those life activities that help a child grow in their life. However, the Muhurat of naming a child in the Hindu religion is crucial. Thus, on an unfortunate muhurat like Holashtak, naming a child can give adverse effects.
  • Construction- According to Expert Astrologers, Holashtak is an extremely baleful occasion for constructing any building. Whether for professional or personal use, the beginning of construction of any building doesn’t draw fruitful effects. Similarly, for performing Grah Pravesh or housewarming it is not an auspicious time.
  • Commencement of Business– Any business started during the Holashtak Period draws debt and losses.
  • Joining a new job- Pursuing or joining any new profession in the Holashtak period only brings stress in professional life.
  • Purchase of any luxuries- In these 8 days, buying any luxuries like vehicles, gold or silver doesn’t bring any opulence.

Kharmas 2020

Accoding to our expert Astrologers, from March 15, Sundat, the Sun will enter Pisces, which will remain until April 14, Tuesday. Due to the commencement of Kharmas 2020, no auspicious rites can be performed during this period including marriage, graah pravesh, Mundan, etc.

Holashtak 2020 Date and Next 4 Years

Day Date Year
Monday3rd March2020
Tuesday3rd March2021
Monday22nd March2022
Thursday10th March2023
Monday27th March2024

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