Holashtak- Period of Black Magic| How to Know If You are Bewitched


India is a land of diverse traditions and colorful celebration. Almost every month, people celebrate different types of occasions in different types of ways. As we all know, Holi, the enchanting festival of colors is only a few days away. Popular for the cross-culturalism of observance, people from multiple parts of not just India, but also across the entire globe prepare for the festivity before a few days. Many families make ready and assemble important things and snacks for the festival. On the other hand, many prepare to undertake their envious contention through different mediums.

According to the Best Astrologers of India, Holashtak is an inauspicious period when all the planets are in their most fierce form. In addition to this, it is a time when enormous negative energies are around people. Thus, it becomes easy to get harmful acts like Black Magic done.

Perhaps we think that bad luck stabs us like a sharp knife. Often, we are the victims of a bad spell. But how can anyone distinguish between an odd coincidence and a strongly chanted spell? As 3rd March, Tuesday is the holashtak Prarambh 2020, here are a couple of questions, you should ask yourself in order to find out if you are bewitched by someone or not.

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Aim and Effect of Bewitching

A curse, bewitchment, spell or black magic has but one aim to damage. Through magical spells, it tries to harm your personal or professional well-being. As a matter of fact, not just to harm you but also it aims to impair your family and loved ones.

The most common effect of bewitching are as follows-

  • Poor health
  • Relationship dispute
  • Desolation or Depression
  • Fall in wealth
  • Family issues
  • Sudden injuries
  • Unexplained losses

Whether you talk about the curse or bewitching or Black Magic each of these is performed to draw negative effects in your life. An evil spell can also be compared to the poison from a third person. However, it is a slow poison that effects little by little. In fact, a spell grows on you with time and gradually, it takes up your entire life under the impact.

The world today is modern and it doesn’t accept the existence of any such energies. On the other hand, regardless of the contemporary implications, there are a good number of people who understand the presence of energies. These people often take benefits of all the positive and prevent from negative. As a matter of fact, India is one of the most ancient part of the world. Therefore, here, many people have wisdom to analyze the form of energies whether negative or positive. With the help of Black magic removal specialist, any person who is suffering from a curse or bewitchment can set themselves free.

As we all know the inauspicious period of Holashtak begins tomorrow. It is one of the most powerful times to undertake any envious act like bewitching and black magic. However, with the help of Black Magic Removal, you can protect yourself and your family.

Bewitchment and Black Magic

Universe has its own ways of sending signals to us. It warns us with many singular approaches when it comes to saving us from something negative. Only, we have to look carefully and watch closely. Thus, we can’t detect and prevent negative energies from harming us.

The very first thing to do when you feel that you are under a spell, make sure that you are not surrounded by the elements that can strengthen it. Also, make sure part of the suffering you face must not come from yourself or from the people around you. Further, in order to prevent any harmful action towards you, it is essential to ensure the root cause of your problem. Thus, whether you are actually bewitched or not is a big question.

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Holashtak Puja

Holashtak 2020 start and end date are 3rd March and 9th March. Thus, it is the perfect time to carry out Holashtak Puja. It is carried to ensure the removal of all the negative energies from your life. The benefits of this puja are numerous. You can ensure the eradication harmful energies, evil eye. Moreover, on the occasion of Holi 2020, you can welcome all the happiness and bliss at your home.

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