How to become an astrologer on Astrotalk?

How to register as an astrologer

Want to reach new audiences as an astrologer? Then you must register yourself on Astrotalk as an astrologer.

Astrotalk, in the past few years, has emerged as one of the most popular astrology consultation platforms in India, currently entertaining a community of 1800+ astrologers. Astrotalk, as an astrology platform, hasn’t only allowed astrologers to take their Astro skills online but has also shielded them against the disruptions in business caused due to the pandemic.

In the past four years, Astrotalk has expanded rapidly and in fact, in September 2021, crossed the milestone of offering 1-Lakh minutes of one-on-one daily consultation. We have been breaching the number ever since and currently offer more than 1.2-Lakh daily minutes of one-on-one daily consultation through the Astrotalk app.  

Interestingly, this is not it. Astrotalk’s popularity is such that celebrity astrologers such as Amarjit Agarwal, mother of Bigg Boss OTT 2021 winner Divya Agarwal, and Meenu Sharma, mother of Indian model and actress Aditi Sharma, have also joined Astrotalk recently as astrologers.  

Benefits of joining Astrotalk as an astrologer 

Here are some of the reasons why you must consider joining Astrotalk as an astrologer.

  • Work from anywhere, anytime.
  • More than 1.5-Lakh daily app users, which you have the chance to convert into potential customers.
  • On Astrotalk, astrologers can earn from 3 mediums – Talk to astrologer, Chat with astrologer and Live Sessions.
  • 7000-8000 average audience on every Live Session on the app. 
  • Live sessions not only offer you free publicity but also a chance to earn money from the viewers.
  • Top astrologers on Astrotalk earns an average Rs. 80,000-1,00,000 per month. The highest earing by an astrologer goes up to Rs 15-Lakh/month.
  • 0 marketing effort. Astrotalk handles the flow of users on the app, which is expanding with each passing day. 

So if all of these benefits inspire you to be a part of India’s most famous astrology platform, then below, we have highlighted how you can register as an astrologer on Astrotalk. 

How to register as an astrologer on Astrotalk?

The process is fairly simple. 

  • Click HERE to open the registration page.
  • Fill in your details, such as your name, phone number, skills, etc. and submit the form.
  • Soon, our team will reach out to you.
  • There would be a couple of interviews that you need to pass and once done, you can start your journey with Astrotalk.

If you have any issues registering with us, you can reach us at


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