Impact of Venus ( love God) in your life

Impact of Venus ( love God) in your life

Planet Venus:

Venus- the world of beauty and therefore the embodiment of affection. It is that the brightest planet or celestial object visible to the vacant human eyes within the sky. It’s the second nearest planet to the Sun once Mercury.

Sacred Texts & History

As per the sacred text texts, it’s additionally notable by the name of Bhargava or Shukracharya. In Shastras, it’s said to be the teacher of the Daityas and therefore the Guru of the Rakshasas. It’s the master of Yoga and therefore one is aware of the Sanjeevani Mantra (a formula that revives the dead). True to its name- Shukra, which means the ‘Pure One’ or the ‘Bright One’, Venus is bright and its magnetic power is underneath.

According to the Astrology:

Astrologically, Venus rules the 2d and therefore the seventh Zodiac Signs- after Libra and Taurus. It gets exalted in Pisces and within the sign of Virgo. Venus the Cosmic author, Musician, Artist, Charmer, and mortal the world. Venus is all concerning love, harmony, beauty, and luxuries. And in star divination, it represents comforts, grandeur, opulence, wealth, aesthetics, finesse, grace, and charm. Magnetism and personal magnetism, high-priced garments or attire, perfumes, and sweet fragrances, expensive gadgets, and artistic expression follow it.

Worldly Pleasures

Sensual pleasures, wedding – better half, married and connubial blissfulness, women, feminism, amusement parks, theatres, looking malls, beauty parlors, salons, spas and resorts, places of enjoyment and recreation. It’s additionally attached to fine arts like music, dance, singing, painting, drawing; fields like acting, drama, theatrics amongst many alternative things

Outcomes and Account of the Venus Planet

We take Venus into account because of the planet that helps North American countries. In an additional engaging aspect of our “self” to the external world. Instar divination, it’s a command because of the second most auspicious planet once Jupiter. It’s believed to be continuously noble and sort to the living beings within the Universe. In its many manifestations, Venus allows North American countries to understand the sweetness and everything terrific within the creation of God.


Venus additionally evokes countries in spreading love and eventually letting no force during this world is often as sturdy as love. Affection, love, warmth, kindness, understanding, fondness, and alternative such attributes or feelings that are unit related to Venus. It’s the natural form of relationships and therefore the fond bonds between humans. It, thus, stands for all matters of the center, like love. Romance, passion, sex, carnal pleasures, happiness through mate or partner, and each the varieties of attraction, attracting others and getting attracted by others.

The pleasure of Love & Romance

Although this planet is all concerning love and romance, it will produce a negative impact on North American country once Venus turns Retrograde. Venus- the master of the connection, to form mutual feelings of comfort and trust between folks. Its influence to form someone feels beloved and cared for. Underneath its influence, folks additionally get admiration for any work that we have a tendency to do. Venus additionally denotes the gorgeous merging of the 2 souls of a person and girl in an exceeding relationship, which ends softly on and blissfulness. Thus, it perpetually reminds the globe we have a tendency to call area unit merchandise heart} and affection, which genuine love binds folks. However, there could also be times once your relationship might not be running swish, particularly throughout the Comte Donatien Alphonse Francois de Sade Sati amount.

Mannerism Followed

Venus shows the approach we have a tendency to behave with folks our tact, diplomacy, manners, sociableness, etiquette, civility, and presentation skills. Venus’ ideology is “Full enjoyment with minimum effort”. It doesn’t adapt to the construct of exertions and manual travail. It might rather cause you to notice various strategies to try to some task or to urge the task done. To be ready to relish life well is what Venus is associated with. It’s additionally notable to propel natives to earn additional wealth so rather than exploit their physical energy in performing some work.

Venus, thus, additionally shows the happiness or service one derives from servants, helpers, and assistants. Get additional elaborate info on however every planet can influence you with the help of our Janampatri. In professions and vocations, Venus principally governs the fields associated with the liberal arts. It represents actors, directors, lyric-writers, singers, choreographers, cinematographers, art-directors and films, anchors, glamour personalities, our personnel, etc. You’ll additionally look into our article on however the world of Saturn to career and profession.

Want to know your 2020 Horoscope?

Role in an exceedingly Horoscope Natives with a powerful and a well-placed Venus in their Birth-Charts area unit thought of to be lucky. They say that such natives gain a decent position and success while not abundant struggle in life. They’re blessed with an awfully pleasant temperament and a captivating look with sparkling eyes, sweet manners, and therefore the soft pleasing approach. They even have a style for arts, music, dance, and drama, nice aesthetics, an exquisite dressing sense, and style, ability to win over folks. A sense of refinement and style, smart relations, and support from girls, a pretty house, wealth, and opportunities for enjoyment.

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