Indications of A Weak Sun in your Kundli

Indications of a weak sun in your kundli

According to Vedic astrology, each planet has the power to give both auspicious and inauspicious results to the native. However, results vary depending upon the position, state and degree of the planets. Hence, The state of the planet determines if the planet is weak or not.
The positive impacts of the sun bring about good fame, name and illuminate the ambitious nature of the natives making them motivated, highly driven and competitive. Click here to read about the effects of Sun in each house. 

Significance of Sun in Astrology

The life-giver that enlightens the whole world is the true representation of the self, the soul, spirit, and liveliness. But what if the soul doesn’t have the power to trigger off, it will not stimulate the individual to do something superior in their lives in spite of everything. It is said that when the sun is weak or debilitated in the chart, the individual will want to achieve big things in life but with a shortcut, and most of the things they do, they fail at it because of their inability to understand the dynamics behind the victory, the fact that success comes by taking the long hard road and continuous hard work.

Effects of a Weak Sun- 

  • Lack of will- strength and courage
  • Absence of self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-respect
  • Lack of motivation and efforts
  • Lack of self- dependency (emotionally and materially)
  • Inimical relation with father
  • Low energy, anemia, weak digestion
  • Weak eyesight
  • Possibilities of arthritis and weakness of bones

Astrological Factors indicating Debilitated Sun-

  • Sun being in its debility i.e., Libra – Presence of Sun in the lower degree of Libra or in an evil house takes away Native’s drive and motivation towards work.
  • Presence of Sun in its enemy sign (Saturn, Venus)
  • Sun in a difficult or malefic house
  • Under the malefic aspect of Saturn, Rahu or Ketu.

Effect of debilitated, afflicted or weak sun in the Kundli :

1st house:

The presence of debilitated Sun in Ascendant can create health problems for the individual as the first house rules over the physical presence of the native. The native is also likely to suffer from eye problems and headaches. The basic character of this person is usually either arrogant or perplexed.

2nd house:

2nd house being the house of immediate family and possessions of the native, acts as unfavorable for the finances as well as family comforts with the presence of weak Sun in it.

3rd House:

This house relates to communication, journeys, siblings, creativity and mental intelligence. Due to afflicted Sun here, the native may have communication problems and a sour relationship with his siblings.

4th House:

4th house is the house of homeland, roots, mother, motherly love, heritage and family values. The positioning here might make the native detach from their homeland and family values. Besides, a weak Sun is likely to muddle up the domestic happiness of the native.

5th House:

Weak Sun in the House of pleasure, creativity, education and progeny indicates that the native might have to deal with issues related to those areas of life. They and their child/children might get detached from one another for some reason.

6th house:

Here, the positioning will not be positive for the sisters and daughters of the native. It may also have a negative impact on the native’s health too. Moreover, the native’s likely to get involved into arguments with his maternal grandparents.

7th house:

The placement of Sun in the house of partnership causes disharmony with the wife/husband of the native and separation from the partner. In fact, even the health of the native get affected by the presence of the weak sun in this house.

8th House:

8th house in Vedic Astrology governs longevity and sudden events like sudden gains, losses or even death. Inauspicious sun in this house can create trouble. The native is likely to have extramarital affairs which further cause complications in various areas of his/her life.

9th house:

The placement in the house of ethics, values, higher learning and ancestors can create problems with the forefathers and the native might withdraw himself from their properties. It can also create a hitch at work.

10th house:

The afflicted Sun usually proves to be unfavorable for the father of the native. Consequently, he/she may be detached from his/her father and share an aloof relationship with their father. In addition to that, they may face failures at work as well.

11th House:

With the placement of inauspicious Sin in the 11th house, the native might be unfortunate in terms of gains and prosperity along with it affecting the longevity of the native. Likewise, the native usually face obstacles in achieving his goals.

12th house:

The positioning of the weak Sun here, can create sleeplessness for the native. The thinking abilities of the native might also be lowered to a certain level. Having an inauspicious sun additionally, impacts the income and home situations of the native.

Psychological indications of a weak Sun- 

Sun is the hot and luminous planet representing the ego and outer persona of a person. In its highest degree, it represents truth or soul however on the lower degree, it signifies ego and aloofness in the native.

Click here, if you wish to know what areas of our lives govern each houses and how they create the foundation for one’s life. 


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