Is Your Child Psychic? 7 Signs To Find Out

Psychic Child

Undoubtedly, a child is the most beautiful gift of God that every parent wishes to have. Every parent wants a child that would come as a blessing to them and fill their lives with bulks of happiness. But have you ever thought of those parents who receive this blessing of God but with certain abilities or you can also say certain special gifts. These children are called “Psychicor “Special Kids”

Some people might call them abnormal or disable but actually these children are born with special powers or spiritual gifts and are often called “Children of God“. Psychic children have certain special abilities that help them to see, hear and feel the sensitive information received from various sources. For normal people, its a disorder but for those children, it’s a unique way to see the world differently.

Understanding whether a child is Psychic or not is not an easy process. Every parent needs to understand the signs, spiritual energy, develop skills and take care of every motion of the child since his/her childhood. So, in this context, let’s discuss some of the signs that can help every parent to know whether their kid bis really special or not.

The child is Afraid of the Dark

Although every small child is afraid of the dark if left alone. However, if your child experiences typical fear of the dark like shouting, unusual sounds, feels nervous when it begins to grow dark. These signs are a strong hint that your child is Psychic and you really need to take care of that.

Apart from this, if your child experiences unwanted mood swings, feel uncomfortable in bed, afraid of cold water, afraid of the wind, starts crying in the midnight etc. These are also some signs that Psychic child usually possesses.

Midnight Nightmares

If your child continually awakes during the midnight especially during the 3-5 am, its a sign of worry. Nightmares for a Psychic child is not at all good for him in which he sees such things that others typically cant. It also gives a warning that some evil activity is trying to overcome his mind and makes him act abnormally. Such negative dreams can harm your child, even can cause death.

  • Always try to communicate more and more with child, so that he doesn’t feel alone.
  • Experiencing nightmares is a strong sign that your child is Psychic.
  • The best thing you can do is to reassure and comfort your child. Either invite them into your bed or return with them to their bed and remain until they fall asleep once more.

Attraction Towards Animals

Every child is fond of animals especially dog but in the case of Psychic children, you will see a deep attraction towards animals. A special Kid has expanded consciousness by which he/she can talk to animals and can communicate without words or gestures. Thir Psychic abilities can differ from other people in a number of ways.

So, if your child is drawn towards animals, it’s a good sign that he has got a special power by which he communicates with other living organisms as well.

Special kids

Highly Sensitive

Psychic Kids are found to be highly sensitive to their surroundings. They can immediately sense what each person is feeling in a room. Moreover, they can feel if anything wrong is going to happen like a person visiting your home with something negative or with a motive to harm your family. They are always alert of what is happening in the environment and how it’s going to affect them. This happens because even seemingly ordinary objects, like an old wooden armoire or a hallway, can retain the energy of the past residents.

Imaginary Friends

You might have observed sometime that your child laughs with ownself doing some kind of playful activity. There are chances that they are playing with their friends who actually didn’t exist. It’s just because of their supernatural powers and subconscious mind, they make their imaginary friends with whom they like to enjoy in their own creative world. However, Many psychic kids will avoid imaginary friends since they distrust the spirit world based on the night frights they are experiencing.


Most of the people call these Psychic children abnormal but actually they are far beyond your imaginations. In fact, they are born geniuses who often talk about inspiration coming to them from a seemingly outside source. You might have seen many children making extraordinary drawings, doing creative projects and helping their parents in their work. A little child doing such activities which are even impossible for a mature person cannot be called as abnormal. Their creative mind and high I.Q level is a great outlet by which they express themselves.

Memories of the Past

If your child usually talks about a past life or explains you about his dreams related to past life, it’s a strong indication that your child is Psychic. He/ She may talk about his ancestors, remembers going to a place you know they’ve never been, such as somewhere overseas. It’s a Psychic gift that your child knows all those things, places, incident etc which you haven’t even talked in front of them. This can help you correct any event that you might have mistaken or you want to correct that thing in future.

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