Know the Link between Laziness and Astrology

The link between Laziness and Astrology

According to experts, a child must take a sleep of 9 hours, a youngster must take a sleep of 6 hours and an adult should sleep for 7 hours. However, most people of the young generation do not take proper sleep at night. As a result, they experience laziness that takes them to slackness. Laziness, a very bad habit that can erase even the best opportunity from a person’s life and can take them away from everything. It goes against every rule of triumph which clearly mentions that a person needs to have a strong desire to gain something with high spirits to work really hard.

People commonly ignore their constant desire to rest. Nonetheless, it can be because of many reasons including a weak planetary position in Horoscope. Below, I am going to explain the reasons and remedies for laziness. Further, you may consult an astrologer online to know more in details and get rid of your issues.

Planetary Positions that Cause of Laziness

According to Vedic Astrology, there are majorly four planets that affect the sleeping pattern of a native. Specifically, planet Moon, Jupiter, Venus, and Saturn draw the diagram of sleeping. A malefic position of Moon and Jupiter in Kundli makes a person feel sleepy and lazy all day. In addition, it causes weakness, low hemoglobin, gastric problem, and imbalanced thyroid. In such a situation a person may fall asleep while waiting on a traffic signal.

Also, a bad Saturn is the cause behind the constant lethargic tendency.

Planetary Positions that Cause of Laziness

– Planets that Cause Laziness

  • According to horoscope Predictions, when a native’s 3rd, 6th, and 11th houses are weak then they feel lazy.
  • Both in Astrology and sciences, planet Sun is the most vital source of life-energy on Earth. It causes the harmony of day and night. If we’re leading our lives according to Sun’s discipline then we run our lives in harmonious nature. However, when we oppose the cycle of nature, it flips all the benefits away.
  • In addition to this, when the planet Rahu or Saturn has a strong position in the Kundli, a native receives the malefic results. Thus, they experience constant laziness.
  • According to expert Astrologers, if planet Moon is the Main Planet is in a native’s Kundli or when it is positioned in the House of ascendant or Lagna house, it makes them lazy. In addition, such a planetary position makes a native inactive and physically extremely weak.
  • As mentioned above, planets Jupiter, Moon, and Venus are the planets that make a person lazy. Therefore, when the planet Jupiter is the Main Planet or when Planet Venus is aspecting the House of Ascendant or Lagna house, then the natives will be lethargic
  • Moreover, with a malefic Shani in Kundali causes terrible laziness. With such a Planetary position, a person faces issues of unwanted lethargies.

Remedies for Each Zodiac Sign to Get Rid of Laziness

In Indian mythologies, the great Gayatri Mantra is able to offer strength to weak people. Thus, you can chant Gayatri Mantra for a peaceful state of mind. Also, it pleases the Moon. Similarly, high calory food items also cause sleepy behavior, thus, you must avoid food with a high calory. Significantly, colors are an important part of our life. Therefore, to eradicate laziness from life, you should wear and use a more orange color. It attracts diligent energies.


The Aries natives are already ruled by energetic Mars. To add benefits and remove slackness they should plant a banana tree on Thursday of any month and Ekadashi (11th Lunar Day).


Venus is the lord of Taurus, thus, to strengthen Venus, they should donate their clothes to any person who needs it.


Under the rule of Mercury, these people are commonly blessed with great abilities. To pull opportunities, Geminis should consume Kesar for 21 days in the morning with an empty stomach. It brings great energy to them.


Moon is the lord of Cancerians. Thus, with a weak moon, these people can suffer a lot. To avert the negative effect of the Moon, they should plant a Banyan Tree specifically on the auspicious day of the week, Tuesday.


Under the rule of the Sun, these people must take care of the diligent tendency. Such people can keep a copper coin under the pillow. Further, in the morning they should settle the coin under a Peepal tree.


For Virgos planting a banana tree on the Ekadashi or 11th Lunar Day of the month is very beneficial.


A strong position of Venus is important for Librans because Venus is also their sign Lord. Thus, they should chant the mantra ‘Om Namo Bhagwate Vasu Devay Namah’ every morning after bathing.


Under Mars’s governance, these people are generally blessed with great skills. In order to enhance the abilities, Scorpions can chant the Path of Sundarkand.


A benefic position of Jupiter is essential for Sagittarius because Jupiter is also their sign Lord. Thus, these natives should put a Teeka of Haldi with Ganga Jal for 21 consecutive days.


A benefic Saturn is essential for Capricorn because Capricorn is also their sign Lord. These natives should donate wheat on an Ekadashi to eradicate laziness.


The natives of this zodiac sign should hold a pace for Planet Venus, and should periodically worship Ma Santoshi.


The position of Jupiter is significant for Pisces because Jupiter is their sign Lord as well. Thus, the natives should donate Khichdi (cooked of a black gram) on a Saturday.

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