Appearing in Exams in 2020? Top Vastu Tips for You to Aim Success

Appearing in Exams in 2020 Top Vastu Tips for You to Aim Success

Being a student is burdensome. Each student has to experience the real world every step of the way. Thus, it takes months of hard work and consistency to achieve great results depends on our future dreams, desires, and hopes. Speaking about exams and results, an atmosphere that supports the study essential for every student to express, enhance and embrace wisdom. In our previous blogs, we have already talked about how you can Kick Start Your Career with Astrological Remedies and how you can attract fortune with Vastu tips. Now, what if your setting in the study room can complement to add an extra feather in your cap?

According to expert Astrologers, Vastu is an ancient science that offers a solution for all problems. Be it any kind of hindrance in your life and in any aspect it has the energy to cure it. For instance, it can remove poverty, reduce conflicts from the relationship, avert obstacles, and enhance the standard of life. Similarly, Vastu can help students to attain their goals and score a great result. As we all know that board exams 2020 is around the corner, here are the best tips for all students.

Vastu Tips to Score High in Exams

  • Mathematics and Accounts students should face north direction for a good result.
  • On the other hand, Physics, architecture should face South direction for the desired result.
  • Further, to prepare for subjects like Chemistry and Biology, students should face south-east.
  • To prepare for subjects like Hindi and Sanskrit students should face north-east direction.
  • Moreover, students should face west while preparing for Law, Business Studies, Economics, and English.

Astrological Remedies to Enhance Focus

Meanwhile preparing for the exams, it is common to experience issues related to concentration ability. Amid all the strict diet plans and study routines, a pinch of Vastu tips can add a bonus to both your preparations and marks.

Astrological Remedies to Enhance Focus
  • If you are constantly experiencing a lack of concentration in your studies, sit back for a second and relax. Later, settle your study material in the west or north direction. It will add into positivity and good vibes around you and you’ll not face the issue any further.
  • Further, when you sit back to study, face either the east or the north direction. It’ll help you avert distractions.
  • In addition, the right color is essential to boost your concentration power. Thus, always try to use a green color cloth to cover your study table. Both green and blue colors improve concentration.
  • For good results, the study room’s door should be in the northeastern direction.
  • Also, try to keep your chair away from the spotlight. In addition to this, you should not sit under a lamp for study. Always choose a broad open area with big tube lights.
  • According to our Vastu expert, the study room also should not have a mirror. However, if in any case there is a mirror in the study room, apply a cover at it during the night.

How Vastu can Help to improve Concentration

  • As I mentioned above, colors have a significant role in the formulation of concentration. Therefore, your room should not use too dark or too dull colors in your study room. Such colors only cause disturbance and destruction. Following the rule of Vastu, use joyous and bright colors like blue, beige, green, and white. These colors symbolize both joy and mental clarity. Thus, it helps to boost thinking power.
  • Also, any sharp object like knives and scissors should not be kept on the study table.
  • Wooden chairs are always helpful in studying. You should always sit on a fine wood chair in the east direction.
  • Water is a great source to reduce anxiety. Thus, you can place an aquarium in your study room in the northeast direction. It enhances concentration and offers a soothing environment.

Special Tips for Direction

Directions play an essential role in Vastu. Here are the specific directions for your study room-

  • Similar to the obstacles in life a study desk in the middle of the room mirrors hindrances. Also, it should not face the wall of the room as it blocks the success’s path in your career. Neither the desk should face the entrance of the room nor the wall.
  • The Study Room is favored to the east, northeast, and west. Therefore, when you sit for studying you should face east or north direction.
  • In addition, both southwest and west directions are great for putting bookshelves and libraries in the study room.
  • Moreover, you should always sleep with your head in the east or south direction.

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