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Baby's Zodiac Sign

When a child takes birth, we hear different conversations surrounding us. He or she is a March born; definitely, she will be full of ambition. July, Oh! He shall become a leader. We are familiar with these sentences, aren’t we? So what exactly is this? We determine this quality of a child by their Moon sign, Nakshatra, etc. And, as per Western astrology, their zodiac Sun signs. So let us know more about what each baby’s zodiac sign says about their personality.

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Sun Signs In Astrology

There are 12 Sun signs, which are categorized into four triplicates.

The first triplicate belongs to the Fire element:

Aries ♈, Leo ♌, and Sagittarius ♐

The second triplicate is for the Earth element:

Taurus ♉, Virgo ♍, and Capricorn ♑

The first triplicate belongs to the Air element:

Gemini ♊, Libra ♎, and Aquarius ♒

The last triplicate is of the Water element:

Cancer ♋, Scorpio ♏, Pisces♓

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Generally, Fire signs indicate passion. The Earth signs are practical and grounded, basically. The Air element folks are intellectual and curious. As for the Water element, they are emotional.

This is all about categorization. So what do these Sun signs say about the personality of your child?

We see that many times the Sun signs help in determining the creativity and individuality of an individual. And, for the same, we consult an astrologer as the first-most step. Astrologers shall give you a detailed insight.

However, you can read the lot to understand what your baby’s zodiac sign means in astrology.

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Aries zodiac sign

The babies born from March 21 to April 20 are Aries Sun signers. Commonly, Aries Sun sign children are known to be egoistic, which actually might not be the case.

Also, Aries-born babies are generally enthusiastic and can be good leaders.

Though they are active and energetic, they still possess a stable mind. These children are independent and confident. Plus, they also have steady perseverance and are hard working.


Taurus zodiac sign

These babies have a birthday between April 21 to May 21. Now, if your child belongs to the Taurus sign, things might look challenging to you. It is because Taurens don’t like opposition.

The child’s personality, whose zodiac sign is Taurus, wants things in their own way. But they do seem for help as they find their shortcomings.

They need to be protected sometimes. This baby’s zodiac sign is warm, likes to snuggle, and is really pleasant. As these children tend to be calm and silent, you need to take care of them.

Moreover, kids with the Taurus sign will surely surprise you with their reasoning and innovative ideas.


Gemini zodiac sign

If you have your baby’s birthday between May 22 to June 21, then you are going to get a chatterbox. This baby’s zodiac sign is super energetic and has a great sense of humor.

Gemini children are also fun and caring. But, parallelly they are really active and enthusiastic. In fact, you might want to enroll your child in exciting games or other numerous challenges to keep them occupied.

You also need to keep them focused as their versatile nature tends to change their decisions intensely and too fast. Still, kids with the Gemini zodiac sign are expressive and great speakers. With it, they are sensible and adaptable to the changes as per their personality.


Cancer zodiac sign

Do you wish your child a happy birthday between June 22 to July 23? Well, your child is going to be independent of the beginning. Also, if your baby’s zodiac sign is Cancer, he will be a foodie.

Although your child will be well mannered and disciplined, he or she might be a little moody as well.

What generosity and love are all about, your child shall know that really well. In fact, he would demand the same from you too. And also, you will have your baby’s zodiac sign, who shall have great management skills.

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Leo zodiac sign

Be aware, dear parents, if your child’s birthday is between July 24 to August 23. If your baby’s zodiac sign is Leo, he might be strong outside but emotionally delicate from the heart. So try not to talk too harshly to your kid.

You might notice your child being a little showy too. Well, don’t worry, that is just because of your baby’s zodiac sign. He or she shall love to reveal his or her talent to others.

Leo babies are sometimes significant but always energetic. They can be functional like taking part in exercises and sports and creative and recreational. With all this, you have a very pleasant child to look for if their zodiac sign is Leo.


Virgo zodiac sign

These babies are born between August 24 to September 23. Here is another sign where the parents need to be careful. If your baby’s zodiac sign is Virgo, you need to have a great love and focus for your child.

These children are learners. Also, they are honest, dependent, neat, and a bit timid. Despite all this, it is very hard to please a Virgo baby. You need to establish their confidence from time to time due to low self-esteem.

Virgo children are picky eaters as well. Therefore, parents with their baby’s zodiac sign as Virgo must look for food things that don’t look boring to them.


Libra zodiac sign

Libra’s birthday is from September 24 to October 23. Have your baby’s zodiac sign Libra? You are in for a treat!

These children are always trying to please everyone, even if it is hard. They are beautiful and appealing. Even though they are straightforward and strong-minded, they are also kind-hearted and love justice.

They usually get along with everyone and have an accommodating nature. But, sometimes, they are unclear because of the same thing.


Scorpio zodiac sign

Do you have your baby’s birthday between October 24 to November 22? Then, your child would be sincere and emotional but sometimes controlling in nature.

These children are deep thinkers and very much dedicated to their work. They expect the same from others.

Scorpio babies can be strange, enthusiastic, emotional, but loyal too. Dear parents, don’t forget to teach your child about forgiveness and forgetness. It is because Scorpios lack a bit in it.

Moreover, if your baby’s zodiac sign is Scorpio, you shall also have to make them aware of maintaining equilibrium in the relationships and connections they would make in their lives.

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Sagittarius zodiac sign

Your baby’s birthday will be between November 23 to December 21. Being a Sag, your child will be sincere and expect the same from you.

Sagittarius kids are discoverers of a new environment. Being a parent whose baby’s zodiac sign is Sagittarius, you might want to involve your child in sporting activities and outdoor games.

Your kid will be daring, lively, and active, but they shall also be obedient and will have a lot of friends. With it, he or she will not like to live alone, and as parents, you must keep that in mind.  


Capricorn zodiac sign

Does your child’s birthday fall between 22 December to 20 January? You will have your baby’s zodiac sign Capricorn. These kids have a positive view and solid perseverance. Also, these babies are calm and will have two or three friends.

Moreover, they are book lovers and love to help others. You hand them a book and enjoy rest for your day ahead.

A Capricorn child works hard to attain the benefits he has looked for. Therefore, as parents, you must see that they don’t overburden themselves in the process of overdoing.


Aquarius zodiac sign

Aquarius folks celebrate their birthday between January 21 to February 19. Well, you might get a tough child to look for as Aquarius tends to be rebellious and a bit persistent.

However, they have a positive view and dynamic thinking. This baby’s zodiac sign takes joy in new experiences and can have an impressive friend circle.

Plus, Aquarius babies appreciate unique individuals. So, be patient as your child shall be tranquil and relaxed most of the time in their lives.


Pisces zodiac sign

Your child’s birthday will be between February 20 to March 20, being a Pisces. This baby’s zodiac sign might demand attention from you. Still, Pisces children will be compassionate and loving, strange and magical, loving but analytical.

As parents, you need to guide your child towards success. But, in parallel, you shall have to look to the fact that their feelings don’t get hurt or compromised.

So, this is about the challenges and surprises you might find while raising your child. There might be even more. In fact, there might be some strange or crazy things that your child might have. Also, you might find differences between Hindu astrology and some other astrological branches. But they also have your heart and a new breath to start something new.

So have fun discovering them as your child grows!

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