Love Astrology- How to get over a Breakup?

Reasons for Break Up and Broken Marriage- How to Move On

Are you suffering from a heartache? Do you constantly look for answers for how to get over a breakup? Well, did you recently broke up with the most important person in your life? Did you try to find out the reasons? Maybe you should now.

Love, relationship, and marriage, these emotions are what give the life of a man and woman another meaning. It offers a reason for them to feel connected, heartfelt, and warn in their space. Who doesn’t love warm hugs, cuddles, long talks, and butterflies in the stomach? We all do. Well, not all of us get triumph in the first attempt when it comes to love nonetheless.

Further, what occurs is the worst to experience after a breakup. As far as I know, when a person goes through a devastating period post their breakup, things get more difficult every passing day. That weird disgust, allergy to feelings, no-smooth moods, and hurdle in speech becomes a part of us for a long time after such experiences.

Specifically, when a relationship ends amidst great expectations from one side, it becomes almost impossible to overcome bitterness and combat depression. However, in Astrology, there are great ways to channel the pain into strength and move on to live happily. Well, to begin with, I’d say it is tough to communicate about love Astrology. However, I’ll try my best to explain the reasons for the breakup and how to get over a breakup.

Reasons for Breakup

Besides the grinds of emotional differences, blame-game, and status differences, the celestial bodies also play a great role in the breakup. Love and relationship factors of a native’s life fall under the governance of planet Venus and Moon.

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Here, Moon is the ruler of soul, emotions, thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and desires. On the other hand, Venus rules over feminine factor, beauty, pearl, flowers, romance, attraction, erotism, and sex. In addition, the 7th house of Astrology represents the spouse and partner. The lord of this house is Venus, thus all such situations are a result of the worrying position of Venus.

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Further, some common reasons for the breakup

  • If the Moon meets certain troublesome planets including Rahu, Sun, Mars, and Saturn, there are high chances of a tragic breakup.
  • Sun is a gleaming and arrogant planet. Thus, if Sun outshines the Moon and its powers, the natives are more likely to have to deal with a breakup.
  • Whenever the planets Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu conjoin in the Moon horoscope, they form such situations.
  • If somehow in the native’s Horoscope Moon is in the house as there are no other planets on either side. Therefore, the native may suffer a heartache amid their successful relationship.
reasons for the breakup
  • In a native’s Horoscope, if Moon is in a problematic position and positioned in the malefic house.
  • Whenever the fourth house is weak and also there is no malefic planet’s strength or presence.
  • Moon is the significator of emotions, and while it is imposed between two malefic planets, it doesn’t offer pleasing relationship effects.
  • If Moon is in a weak position in the horoscope’s 6th, 12th, and 8th house.

How to Move On From Break Up

Moving on, easier said than done. Most of us fail every day to move on. Nevertheless, when there is a relationship, there are always two people involved for various reasons with each other. Little that we all know is, one with pure emotions always ends up with the greatest suffering. However, these people are the stronger ones in the relationship.

Nonetheless, every one of us deserves healing from the past and getting better. Thus, moving on is important.

Remedies to get over your break

  • In Astrology, Moon moves our moods and cause any happiness and sadness. Therefore, when we fall in love, all the blush is a gift of the Moon and at the time of the breakup, the pale face & depression is also benediction of the Moon, nevertheless. A breakup occurs with an ill-placement of planet Moon. It causes mood swings, aggression, irritation, and disbelief in a person. Therefore, the best remedy to perform hand-to-hand combat with heartache and post-breakup stress, the native should worship the illuminating Moon.
  • Spirituality, Gods, and positive beliefs always drag a person out of even the toughest situations. For centuries, people worship Goddess Durga in the form of positivity, strength, and vigor. Thus, worshipping to Goddess Durga would help the native in their emotional battle and stress issues.
  • Loss of love, business failure, depression and other possible distortion in life may take place due to the impact of Rahu and Ketu. Lord Ganesha is the epitome of fortune and prosperity. Thus, to get rid of stressful monetary situations, you may worship Lord Ganesha.
Remedies to get over your break
  • Nature, plants, rivers, mountains, and wind hold a beautiful part of all of us. They offer unconditional warmth, memories, and resources of life without any demands. Therefore, one of the best remedies of breakup suffering is serving to plants and nature. You can water the plants and take care of them. Also, offer food to birds and animals who cannot afford it from the sources.
  • In addition, allow yourself a neat & clean environment. A dust-free place attracts happiness, wealth and fortune. Therefore, take care of your house and keep it clean to attract positivity. It may seem a small solution. However, it gives optimum benefits.

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