Love Problems: Reasons and Astro Solutions


Nowadays, love problems are rising up very fast. People of almost every age group are facing this problem. Because there is no age of love and attraction.

What is the reason for the break up of love and relationship?

Why does everything suddenly go wrong while going on the right track?

Suddenly, the partner starts behaving like a rude, and despite many efforts, the situation is not normal. Hundreds of questions start to arise in our mind as to why this happened.

Reasons Behind Break-up:

love problems

When we are in a love affair with someone or in a relationship with someone, we start to have very high expectations from our partner. We want the other person to listen only to us when we want to talk to them, just as we would like it to happen. These rising expectations sometimes lead to cracks in our love affairs.

Bad behaviors, cheating, misdirected anger, being unsupportive, toxic people, withholding affection and attention, lying, stealing are some other reasons behind the breakup.

To avoid this one needs to understand each other. Do not try to change what they accept. Accept as they are. You should share your feelings, talk about mutual issues, plan for the future, but do not impose your words on each other. We have already decided, but also give some time to others to make decisions. Changes in life happen over time, so we should change ourselves accordingly.

These are common things that we need to keep our relationship alive.

Love Problems and Astrology:

The position of different planets in a person’s horoscope determines a lot about their love life and relationships. Let us explore in which situation our love relationship is good and in which situation it is bad:

  • The fifth house in the horoscope is considered to be of love. This is where love is born.
  • If the 5th house is good in the horoscope, by good we mean the 5th house, Bhavesh and Kark horoscope are in a good position. Also, there should be no bad effect on them. There is a sight of the auspicious planets on the fifth house, then the love relationship goes very well.
  • But if the fifth house is in a bad state in the horoscope, it means that the lord of the fifth house goes into the 6th, 8th, 12th house of the horoscope, any sin planet is situated in the fifth house, or the sin planets are visible in this house, or
  • If the lord of the fifth house goes away from himself in the twelfth house, then the situation of break of relationship arises.
  • Also, if Shani Dev is situated in the fifth, seventh, ninth and eleventh house of the horoscope, the same situation is created.
  • If there is a situation of breaking up of the love relationship, then we should take measures according to the position of the planets, so that the situation becomes favorable.

Astrological Remedies for Love Problems:

astrological remedies for love problems

The best thing about Vedic astrology is that it provides remedies for different types of problems in order to embattle the effects of weak planets. Below given are a few remedies to get rid of your love relationship problems.

  • Gift white flowers and sweets to each other every Friday.
  • Wear a love stone or pendant.
  • Wear the fifth house stone according to the horoscope, but according to the position of the planet and based on the advice of a scholar astrologer.
  • If the feeling of love in the horoscope is not in good condition, then get rid of it.

Hope you enjoyed the article and remedies recommended will be helpful to you.

What’s your suggestion to build a healthy relationship with your partner? Comment Below

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