Horoscope 2020: For All 12 Zodiac Signs

horoscope 2020

For all Zodiac Signs, the year 2020 is going to bring positive changes. New Year, New Hopes, New Beginnings and we all are eagerly waiting for 2020 Horoscope predictions. Annual horoscope 2020 is analyzed and explored by the World’s best astrologers from AstroTalk.

Every Zodiac sign has a different monitoring lord. Permutation and Combination which is going to occur in Year-2020 will affect positively or negatively to our different areas of life like Career, Finance, Relation, Education.

Let’s have a detailed view of all Zodiacs horoscope for 2020 :

aries horoscope 2020

Aries Horoscope 2020:

Natives will be benefited in the second half of the year 2020. But proper care would help you recover from any disease. You would have to face Love hurdles if bonding with your partner is not stable. From 10th September to 14th November, Mars will retrograde. Stay away from taking decisions related to Career, Profession, and Business between this period.

You should engage yourself in extra-curricular activities to stay fit and healthy. Chances that you may change your place of residence. The year will be beneficial for dedicated students. Investors have chances of sudden profits during this period.

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Taurus Horoscope 2020:

taurus horoscope 2020

From the starting of 2020, Saturn will present at 12th House. It will trend down your luck factor.

Around 29th June 2020, Mars will be entering in Aries. Natives are advised to not take major decisions regarding Career or Occupation. This period will make unwanted expenses from your earnings and savings. Be careful while investing.

Jupiter will start to progress from 13th September onward and you will feel boomed from the inside, full of energy More ever, you will start to shape your talent and it will beneficial to you in the long run.

Gemini Horoscope 2020:

gemini horoscope 2020

Your Spiritual Inclination will go far deeper. From the beginning of the Year 2020, you will start to face issues relating to your Health. So it is, always beneficial to practice Yoga on a daily basis.

Avoid making financial decisions and try to postpone investments you are wishing to make. Issues related to family seem to pop up. Transit of Rahu will create your chances to travel to foreign countries and Position of Saturn in the 8th House will increase chances of Job Promotion.

For Unmarried people, the situation of marriage will be created. Just know your capabilities and move on.

Cancer Horoscope 2020 :

cancer horoscope 2020

This Year you will get fruits of your success and new paths of success will be created, especially for people in the Entertainment Industry. You might switch your business and job.

Bad phases will be also there. You have to work hard to achieve small goals. You may have to face Stomach problems. Might find yourself burdened with lots of work pressure. But a little effort will kick it out.

Three major planets Jupiter, Saturn, and Mercury will move together, they will bring a lot of changes.

Read more about Cancerians.

Leo Horoscope 2020 :

leo horoscope 2020

The presence of Sun in the 5th House will result in a lot of major changes. You may purchase New Property or Vehicle. You may face financial challenges.

After 29th June, as Mars into Aries, your good luck will be on the boom. High Sales, Project approval, Business Deals everything will run smoothly. Rahu is entering in Workhouse on 23rd September. Working professionals Rahu will develop the ability to work better for you. Seniors will expect better performance but, you will achieve success.

The students who are planning to study abroad and Higher education will be successful.

Don’t take stress, it may affect your personal life. Don’t miss any opportunity. You may get success and fame at the international level.

Virgo Horoscope 2020 :

virgo horoscope 2020

You will see a rise in your Honor, Business and Finance. You will create New plans and Tracks to move on this year.

Lord Of 5th House Saturn, will result in educational opportunity for you and your children. Lord of 9th House Venus will increase your luck. Mars In 3rd House will result to handle all troubles easily.

Be Careful, if planning to start a family. Focus on your Education. Take care of partners’ health. Be attentive while driving on the road. Try to avoid differences with your siblings.

Libra Horoscope 2020 :

libra horoscope 2020

Lots of dreams you ever dream of might come true. In the Path of progress, you may face few barriers because of Saturn in 10th House. The businessperson will have a great year ahead in terms of profit and brand growth.

Try to focus on your primary goal. Maintain your budget and save as much as you can. There will be an increase in your productivity. Try Not to expose your Ideas/Plans.

From 30th March, Jupiter will enter into Capricorn which may impact you negatively in terms of Maternal Happiness, Property and Vehicle.

Scorpio Horoscope 2020 :

scoprio horoscope 2020

The position of the Mars position will result in occupational and financial growth. Lady luck is sure to shine, who works hard. Be careful of your health and family. You will receive a lot of support and happiness from your partner. At the beginning of the year, you may change your workplace due to Rahu in 8th House.

On May 11, Saturn will retrograde and may bring some problems for you. The vision of Mars On your 3rd House will impact your honor and education negatively.

On 23rd September, Rahu will come to 7th House. It may result in family problems. Also, Ketu At the same instant will increase your self-confidence. Have Patience, Focus on work and move towards success.

Sagittarius Horoscope 2020 :

sagittarius horoscope 2020

You will be full of energy throughout the year. You will smoke out your difficulties. New paths will open, for peoples especially under the education sector. Your economical condition will be good because of Venus in the House of Wealth.

Rahu can interrupt, new couples in love. From Mid-February your business will start to mellow down. Don’t indulge in arguments and altercations throughout the year. Because it’s not the right time for miscommunication.

Rahu in 6th House can cause disease and hostility for you. You will face challenges. Keep yourself away from extra expenses. Saturn will turn progressive and money aspects can be created.

Capricorn Horoscope 2020 :

capricorn horoscope 2020

Horoscope Chart having 5 signs will cause hurdles for you. You will perform better in your business expansion, especially in areas of Import-Export. You will be great in fighting every problem and it will provide you great relief.

On 30th March, Jupiter will change its position. It will benefit you in terms of Health, Wealth, Fame, Relationship etc.

On 30th June, Jupiter will relocate to 12th House. There will be a possibility to buy a new property. You will start feeling confident from inside. This will be the best time to make future plans.

Saturn will be progressive from 23rd September. Now you can invest in Stocks, Mutual Funds etc. You may receive financial benefits.

Aquarius Horoscope 2020:

aquarius horoscope 2020

You will receive best results in terms of finance as Venus is in 12th House. Good fortune will increase in the field of work, job, business.

On 30th March, Jupiter will be in the 12th House. It will bring either new happiness or new challenges on your track. You may suffer from occupational pressure.

Progression of Rahu on 23rd September in 4th House will affect your Mother, Home, Vehicle and Happiness. This conjunction will result in lots of success. The progressive turning of Saturn on 29th September will result in the decline of your problems and control your expenses.

Pisces Horoscope 2020:

pisces horoscope 2020

10th house will be occupied by Mercury, Jupiter, Sun, Saturn, Ketu which will bring new career opportunities, promotions, appraisals. Miss to any of these opportunities will lead to unexpected losses.

You may go on with a new relationship. You are likely to increase your savings for your future. Issues may arise between you and your family members.

Saturn will retrograde on 11th May, which will slowdown money flow. In this period, Students should be a little careful about their Education. In the beginning of the year Rahu will present in 4th House, which will lead you to be confused somewhere.

Ketu is going to change on 23rd September and moving to 9th House. In this period the atmosphere of your house can also be a little religious. Your interest in spirituality will also increase.

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