Marriage Prediction- Why do Marriages Break? Key to Happy Married Life

Marriage Prediction- Why do Marriages Break? Key to Happy Married Life

Marriage, beautiful beginning of a new journey that offers the life of two people a different status and significance. In India, marriages are more than just a few days of celebrations, colors, and sweets. Here, marriage is a promise for two people to continue and finish their journey of life at a similar destiny.

When we talk about marriages, we always paint a house full of relatives performing numerous rituals and uncountable smiles. However, before the marriage rituals and pre-wedding shoots, the ancient ritual of Kundli-matching or Horoscope matching takes place.

Generally, when we match the horoscope for the man and woman’s marital life, the Gun (गुण) or qualities are incorporated. Forward to obtaining 18 of the total 36 Gun (गुण) qualities, marriage is approved. However, often we observe that even after the groom and brides 30-32 qualities match, the discussion ends into a separation or marriage break.

Why so?

We acknowledge that marriage must not only be accepted on the grounds of two people’s number of qualities in the Horoscope. Understanding the role of planets in relation to marriage is very important. Therefore, first of all, determining the planets and their place in the horoscope is indeed very significant.

Alongside this, the Houses in Horoscope also should be taken care of. Furthermore, we should analyze Gun (गुण) or qualities because, the qualities of one Manglik and non-Mangalik can also match, but depending on the planetary position, a native receives pleasure or suffering throughout life. At the same time, we must see the Dashaas coming through in the same period.

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Marriage Planetary Position

Role of Jupiter

Out of the nine, Jupiter is the most important planet in relation to a happy marriage. Especially if each planet is addressed, clearly, Jupiter is regarded as a component in happy family life. When it in a strong position, it offers grandeur in the character of a person and signifies a great educational background.

However, with a weak Jupiter in Horoscope of a man, he may have to face issues that their wife creates. On the other hand, with a weak Jupiter in a woman’s horoscope, she causes trouble in her marriage and often carries a troublesome character. Therefore, for a happy marriage, the position of Jupiter must be auspicious in both the bride and groom’s Horoscope.

Along with this, the three planets have an essential role in the horoscope with respect to domestic life that are Jupiter or Brahaspati, Venus or Shukra and Mars or Mangal. For a healthy and happy relationship, the above planets should be in a strong position.

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Houses of Astrology for Marriage Prediction

Also, the seventh house of astrology has a significant role to play in the horoscope analysis for a happy marriage. The seventh house, in particular, ought to be free from the effects of in-auspiciousness. Also, the seventh house should not be related to the Sun, Saturn, Mars, Rahu, Ketu, otherwise, it can raise a matter of separation because these are pride planets that initiate arrogance and isolation.

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Additionally, lord of Seventh house should not be in the 6th, 8th, 12th house of horoscope. Also, in which constellation the seventh house’s lord is, the lord of that constellation should not be in the 6th, 8th, and 12th house.

Furthermore, the presence of the lord of 6th house, eighth house, and twelfth house in the seventh house signifies an unhappy marriage. In addition, when an inauspicious planet is in the seventh house or when inauspicious planet aspects the seventh house reflects a sad marriage.

Role of Venus

As a matter of fact, in Astrology, Venus signifies all the elements like love, romance, pleasure, sex, happiness, music, pearls, and flowers in a person’s life. Therefore, it holds a significant meaning in terms of the breakup, separation, and marriage break.

The planet Venus, which is a factor in the intimate relationship of the husband & wife, is also necessary to be strong. In the Horoscope of both the husband and wife, Venus is completely free from inauspicious aspects. Then only there is a possibility of happiness in the relationship after marriage. Along with this, it is also necessary for Venus to be full and auspicious.

Planetary Position for Happy Marriage

If the lord of the seventh house has a vision of auspicious planets and is having a relationship with Venus, then the native gets a happy marriage full of love.

Marriage Planetary Position

If either of the two planets is in sight or combination of Saturn, Mars or Rahu on the seventh house, there is a decrease in marital happiness. When Venus is in exaltation and is free from in-auspicious effects, sitting in an auspicious house with a higher planet, or aspecting with an auspicious planet, there would never be a lack of happiness in married happiness.

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