Mars Retrograde 2020- How It Will Affect Each Zodiac Sign

Mars Retrograde 2020- How It Will Affect Each Zodiac Sign

Mars, the robust and masculine of all nine planets. Bowing to its violent and brave character, in ancient times people worshipped Mars in the form of War God. When Mars Transit from one sign to another, it brings a great amount of changes in the life of one and all. On 9th September 2020, Mars Retrograde 2020 in Aries is taking place.

Following the huge Astrological events like Saturn Retrograde in Capricorn 2020, Jupiter Retrograde in Capricorn 2020, and Mercury Retrograde in Cancer 2020 Mars is all set to draw impact of its retrograde motion on people. As a vivacious, energetic planet, Mars portrays bravery, vibrance, confidence, integrity, positivity, optimism, and strong self-expression. In Vedic Astrology, Mars is called the Dharti Putra. Thus, it also rules over aspects like native land and brother. Additionally, it governs over connectivity, vision, imagination, relationship, passion, karma, domestic life, and all the red stuff. With a strong Mars in Kundali, you grow to be a smart, passionate, confident, and courageous person. However, with a poorly placed Mars, you constantly deal with unexplained fears, lack of good self-expression, and cowardliness.

About Mars Retrograde 2020

Mars completes its rotation in the 12 signs in two years whereas it resides in each sign for about 6 weeks. Additionally, it goes in the retrograde motions in every 2 years and 2 weeks and lasts in the same for 60-80 days. This year, Mars Retrograde will take place in Fire Sign Aries on 9th September 2020 and shall remain there 13th November 2020.

Aries, a fire sign is often denoted as the leader of zodiac signs. It is one of the two signs governed by Mars. The other sign is Scorpio. Both of these signs commonly outshine for their fearlessness, aggression, passion, loyalty, and vision. When a planet goes into this motion, it becomes even more powerful and imparts both auspicious and inauspicious impact. As Mars is going in the retrograde motion in one of its own signs, there can be many changes to observe for all the 12 signs.

Mars Retrograde 2020 Effect on Aries

As Mars is your Sign Lord and it is going in the retrograde in your sign, you can sense its influence the most. You will have to be a little aware during this period and look carefully for opportunities. Often, you might have to act over the top and way too rebellious to attain what you aspire. However, the energy of Mars will give act manus in manu with you. Well, with energy, the force will also make its way in your life. Thus, you will become part of many new projects in the coming time. Nonetheless, there can be some quarrel generated by your vicious behavior.

Keeping patience will be key. Overall, this retrograde will be fortunate for you. It will highlight you in your career and personal life. All that you have to do is be careful with your own vibrance and use it wisely.

Mars Retrograde 2020 Effect on Taurus

You are always dear to all. This retrograde will only give a push to that in your favor. Mars Retrograde will accelerate your career to a new level. You will be able to break free from obstacles and fulfill all the tasks. Additionally, it will give you chances to start fresh and get new opportunities. There may be new collaborations that will turn completely in your favor.

All the previous exhausting experience will turn in exotic ones as you may also have a chance to travel abroad. It can be a perfect time to explore a foreign culture. For you, this event will bring peace and calm.

Mars Retrograde 2020 Effect on Gemini

As far as Astrology explains about the Twin Sign Gemini, every up and down only makes you stronger. However, this occasion will only have some minor things to notice for you. If there is a pre-planned journey, you might have to reschedule it for later. Additionally, there are chances for a minor road accident. To avoid the risk, you may take extra precautions.

You are a twin sign which can lead you to attain a nature of disentanglement from others. At this time, there may be some difficulty that you may face to manage your personal and professional life together. To ensure clarity, spend some time with yourself alone. It will fix everything.

Mars Retrograde 2020 Effect on Cancer

For Cancerians, Mars will impart effects on career house and finance. You will have to take care of your financial sector. There can be some delay in payments and inheritance. However, eventually, all the obstacles will be removed. Additionally, this period will test you a little.

You will have to make decisions like choosing between close relationships and professional choices. It will make you set your priorities. You will have to make long term decisions rather than a few temporary solutions.

Mars Retrograde 2020 Effect on Leo

Similar to many other signs, for Leos, the retrograde will bring challenges of re-evaluation. You will have to reassess your professional life and your personal relationships. There can be some quarrel between you and your partner.

You are commonly a no play all work kind of a person. However, the retrograde will ask you to take a breath and relax. A little chill will not squeeze your productivity. You can have some adventure with your partner. Look for chances to catch a few.

Mars Retrograde 2020 Effect on Virgo

Virgo, the elegant of all signs may have a tough time during the retrograde as it will affect your house of health. Additionally, it may slightly draw an impact on your work. Thus, you have to be careful. You have a habit of overwork. Here in this period, try to settle the weight a little. Along with this, some vibrant romantic energy would move in your life.

It will break the flaws and barriers in your life and help you take risks. The dynamic energy would also take you so much further and so soon that you maybe start to wonder. Get ready for some steamy adventures.

Mars Retrograde 2020

Mars Retrograde 2020 Effect on Libra

More or less, the retrograde will bring you joy time and again. However, you have to reassess your emotions. As you share a fair part of your feelings with your family and partner, make sure you manage your attitude toward them. While you are a very warming personality, you still lose your cool at times. Besides, an adventure from the past life may revisit you. Don’t let it overtake you.

There can be big challenges in front of you, especially regarding your relationship. Well, you are a very domestic person, with the energy of Mars, you will handle everything like a boss.

Mars Retrograde 2020 Effect on Scorpio

The retrograde will affect your home section. As Mars is your Sign Lord, be ready for some major and powerful changes. While you can encounter some blockage, there can be some difficulties & conflict in household matters. Herein, to avoid dispute, try to remain calm and listen to your family members.

On the other hand, you will extremely vibrant and driven. In matters of professional life, you will fix issues quickly. There shall not be requirement of many efforts from you to clutter your daily routine. You will spend time at your home with your family. At times, things might look messy but eventually, you will deal with them.

Mars Retrograde 2020 Effect on Sagittarius

For Sagittarians, the planet of valor, Mars will pull brakes of speed. You will have to be careful about road activities. There are chances of accidents. Thus, you have to take precautions. As far as possible, avoid road journeys.

Along with this, natives who are in studies must be extra careful. Also, your communication may lead to disputes. Thus, avoid heating conversations. It will only create tension.

In between slight tensions, you will sense romance. Not to feel under the weather, drive slow toward anything new. Besides, there can be chances of financial gains. All you should do is wait for right opportunity and hit the right button.

Mars Retrograde 2020 Effect on Capricorn

For Capricorns, Mars retrograde will shuffle your financial life aspects. During this period, there can be some money issues.

You might encounter issues like payment delay and difficulty in attaining payments. Thus, avoid making an investment during this time. Adopt a habit of smart budget planning and spending.

There can be some small family disputes. You must deal with them smartly and not aggressively. In the end, you inner strength will lead you to peace and win. Don’t lose your chill.

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Mars Retrograde 2020 Effect on Aquarius

Natives under this sign must warm up for a little tough time. The Mars Retrograde will bring you a period of stress and aggression. Time and again, you will feel anger and make hasty decisions. You might also say words that you neither mean nor think but would regret later. Thus, to avoid all this you must calm down and relax. Otherwise, it will only emit undesirable tension.

On the other hand, your mind will require your prime focus. You are an excellent communicator but you will still need to be careful with your words. Just take a part of your day to spend with yourself. The overdoing of social life is making you tired. To avoid stress, take rest.

Mars Retrograde 2020 Effect on Pisces

For Pisceans, the retrograde will bring occasions to enjoy some health-improving time. Activities like meditation, yoga will help you deal with the stress of life. As the valor of Mars is a bit too much for you, practice meditation to keep your subconscious chill.

Often, you will need to give some extra attention to your health. Including your health, your professional life deserves slightly more of your hand. Gradually, the stress can make you feel overwhelmed, to jump off the stress-rail, treat yourself with a little patience.

Dear Pisces, along with this, there can be some minor clashes. There are a few things that you are haggling over. Before it gets worse, try coming out slowly. Besides, your social ties will help you do great in this period. Your friends and family will help you handle the stress. With a little spiritual help, you can do so much better.

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