Matchmaking or Kundali Milan- Does it Matter in Marriage?

Matchmaking or Kundali Milan- Does it Matter in Marriage

Kundali Match Making is a comparison of two birth charts. In Vedic Astrology, Kundali Milan is a practice to analyze whether two people are compatible to have such a fruitful and charming relationship like marriage. Matchmaking is a process of bringing together two or more people, especially for the purpose of marriage. It analyzes the compatibility between them.

Kundali Matching of a bride and bride to recognize their degree of mutual respect, comradeship, and potential marriage. In addition to this, in the probability of troubles and issues between them, it guarantees explication and answer to a happy marriage.

At the time of marriage, Kundli Matching or Horoscopes Matching play a crucial role. According to Hindu Sacred texts, marriage is a predetermined holy association well before birth. Marriage is one of the most beautiful moments of a person’s lifetime, indeed.

Importance of Matchmaking

Matchmaking plays a very important role in marriage/wedding. It is a beautiful relationship that ties two souls together for a lifetime and beyond. Often, we see numerous rituals when a Hindu Marriage takes place and even before the marriage. The majority of the families before decide to get their children married, first match their detailed birth charts to check whether their stars are compatible or not.

Everybody desires a good companion that can create some wonderful memories and feel pleased around. It is the zone in which the person’s actual happiness resides. Where marriage in India is a meaningful thing, contemporary people are keen to find the perfect partner.

In Hinduism, both bride and grooms’ horoscopes or kundli are matched to resolve any adverse effect after marriage. Astrology also promises a range of treatments and approaches for overcoming its malicious effects for any doshas.

Compatibility of Two Souls

As per astrology, in the Birth Chart, there are 36 Gunas in total which are matched before marriage to understand the compatibility of the bride & groom and how their life will be. These Gunas have different points and each point indicates how their individual star and destiny will affect each other.

Financial Stability & Career Prospects

Bride & Groom, the movement of their planet has an effect not only on their lives but also on each other’s lives too. By matching Kundli, one can calculate their planetary position and their effect on the people around them.

Bhakoot the seventh guna out of eight guns indicates the effect. It brings financial instability and similar issues.

Compatibility to bear Issue/ Progeny

One important factor which is looked into through Kundli matchmaking is the happiness and health of children. Nadi the 8th point signifies or indicates the maximum points, regarding the chances of childbirth or the problems if any arises. A marriage becomes complete or a family is complete only after the birth of a child. Thus, parents are very particular to secure this happiness.

Special Puja

When a child takes birth, the position of stars & timings of his birth decides his fortune. At times, the timings and positioning of the stars create Dosha in person’s chart like Mangal Dosha / Shandi Dosha, such doshas can lead to problems after marriage, once we match the Kundalis, it detects the same. In extreme cases, the marriage is not advisable. However, in mild cases, we can perform certain pujas to lessens its effects.

Even when Kundlis matches, certain puja are advised after a detailed analysis of the stars of the bride and groom, for a successful and problem-free married life.

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