Medical Bath- Is it really a source of Happy Life?

Medical Bath? Is it really a source of Happy Life?

In Indian Medical Astrology, there are numerous texts that explain the significance of Medical Bath. The ancient Ayurvedalogists accept its importance to lead a happy life. Also, it has a strong significance in Astrology. If a person has a problematic planetary position that may cause them to suffer, then a Medical Bath can please the planet and reduce the inauspicious effect of the planets.

Each planet has a relationship with certain medicines. If a planet is weak in the horoscope and is giving inauspicious results, then bathing with a mixture of medicines related to that planet proves beneficial. Similarly, in ancient times, our sages and munis used to bathe the natives in order to calm the suffering of the planets.

Planets are the celestial bodies that govern our life in uncountable forms. They in one way or another are responsible for the way we are. A strong planet in Horoscope gives tremendous auspicious effect and bestow us with grandeur. On the other hand, a weak or debilitated planet gives inauspicious effects. Moreover, if we go to Astrologers, they suggest you with remedies. However, in ancient Indian Astrology, Medical Bath was one of the best remedies.

Read on to know which Medical Bath would offer you benefit for the 9 planets


The sun is the factor of life. This gleaming celestial is the reason behind changing of seasons on earth, crops with the significance of winter and summer, festivals, and vitality. In astrology, the Sun signifies planetary power, status, and authority. Also, in astrology, the sun signifies power, status, and authority. In addition, this planet also signifies fame and well being.


As the most important part of the solar system, the Sun is also the controller, master of the universe, energy center and planetary emperor. Also, Sun is a punctual planet, due to which every person whose Sun is strong, they are punctual and influential.

Thus, for the peace of the Sun, mix the powder of Kaner, Devdar, Saffron, Cardamom, Mahua flower in water and take a bath. By doing this, you can get rid of Grah Dosh soon.


In astrology, the Moon represents our innermost personal desires, aspirations, and needs. This planet also regulates a person’s emotions and mood. The Moon is the most important planet in the solar system and astrology.


How a person is on the inner surface and the feelings he holds depends on his Moon and the position of the Moon in Horoscope. For example, Mars is an energetic and aggressive planet. If in a person’s Kundli, Moon is with Mars, thus, that person would not control anger and emotion in most situations. Therefore, the position of the Moon plays the utmost importance in crafting a person’s life.

To please the Moon, put Panchgavya, silver pearl, oyster, conch and Kumudini flower in water and take a bath. This medical Bath delights the Moon and at the same time, calm the suffering of the Native.


Whichever aspect of the life of a person is red, hot, fast, vibrant and sharp, they all come from the smoldering planet Mars. The dominant position of Mars creates a strong personality and our boundaries are not strong. Therefore, every such strengthen personality receives respect. This planet monitors the energy and strength of life.

Mars is also portrayed in Vedic astrology as the god of war. Also, this planet gives supremacy and determination to overcome obstacles. As such, the position of Mars in the horoscope must be strong for strength, vigor, and forwardness in life. Moreover, to please Mars, put dry ginger, fennel, flowers of red sandalwood in water and take a bath.


Mercury is the reflector of the brain, ability, perseverance, and skill. It shows how and how much better or insufficient you know a subject. This planet is the lens of your mind and proficiency, and the shape you give reality.

The planet Mercury has also been called a messenger and in ancient legends and Vedic astrology, it is also considered a controller of intelligence.

Mercury Medical Bath

In addition, the planet Buddha also governs the way a person speaks, thinks, walks and lives. Therefore, for intelligence and knowledge, we need to remember this beyond its basic roles.

In this way, take a medical bath with Terminalia Bellirica, rice, Phyllanthus Emblica, and honey mixed in water.


Jupiter or Brihaspati or Guru rules over the prosperity and fortune in the life of a native. With a great significance in Vedic astrology, primarily, the planet Jupiter is related to spirituality and education. At the same time, it controls wealth, intelligence, and generosity in a person’s life.

Jupiter Medical Bath

In a strong position, Jupiter gives the native liberal and superior thinking. Even if some of the other planets in the horoscope are in a low place, even with the influence of Jupiter, they do not affect the generosity and decency in the life of the native.

Therefore, both the happiness and the strength of this auspicious planet is a must for the spiritual, educational, cultural character. For Guru Shanti, one should take a medical bath with liquorice and white mustard in water.


Specifically, Venus is all about feminity, beauty, flowers, happiness, and intimacy, so you should care about your lover with genuine intentions. Continue to compliment your partner as a good habit, regardless of anything. Purchase something luxurious and expensive too.

Venus Medical Bath

For the peace of the planet Venus, take Behera, Amla, Cardamom, Saffron and take a bath in water.


The Lord of Karma or Shani or Saturn is not someone who we can please easily. You have to scour yourself in every way for discipline and hard work and prove your loyalty. The result, nevertheless, comes in the most amazing way when Shani Maharaj is happy with your efforts.

Saturn Medical Bath

In order to please planet Satur, a native may take bath with water mixed with antimony, Kalatil, Nagarmotha, black sesame, Shatpushpi, black urad, and Lodhre.


The half-planet Rahu, in astrology, is called the illusion factor and the shadow planet. Also, It is said that it can never be satisfied because Rahu has only head and not the bottom part of the body. Rahu takes you above the boundary line and you do things that society will not accept. It is all about amusement beyond limits and apologies.

Rahu Medical Bath

The planet Rahu is a tabulator and contributes to obsessive acts. Clearly, there’s something that doesn’t originate morally, but if the person wants to do it, it’s because of the planet Rahu.

For pleasing Rahu, a Medical bath with Nagabel, frankincense, leaf of sesame in water. It pleases Rahu and offers the native a planetary peace.


Ketu is also the headless half-planet. It gives the person a spiritual instinct and detachment to worldly desires and ambitions. At the same time, it helps to break away from the hollow efforts and leads towards liberation.

Ketu Medical Bath

Ketu always gives the scope to one’s thinking towards knowledge and future life. As a result, Ketu makes a person better in terms of character and mindset. As such, there are many advantages of Ketu being strong and pleased in the horoscope. Therefore, for the peace of Ketu, take frankincense, Bala, Motha, Priyangu, and bathe in water.

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