Moksha Yoga in Horoscope – Effects and Remedies

Moksha Yoga In Horoscope

Humans take birth in this world and embark on the journey of life that starts with childhood. After getting an education, one earns wealth with the help of jobs. Further, the bond of marriage binds and moves the family forward. Then a new journey begins with children. In the end, they reach their demise. In this way, they get trapped in this worldly illusion from childhood to old age. Laughs in family happiness weep in their grief. But posthumously the soul moves from one body to another. It is a universal truth and this life cycle always goes on. The person who gets out of this life cycle is called Moksha.

What is moksha yoga

Salvation is the liberation of man from the bond of birth and death. That is, a native does have to be born after attaining salvation. Their soul merges with God.

The Moksha Yoga in the horoscope of a native is very rare. Especially, in the contemporary time when people are running after only worldly desires. It is considered auspicious to have Moksha yoga in the horoscope. Achieving salvation is a very difficult task. To achieve it, a native has to perform extreme penance. Even the greatest sages and saints had to live in severe penance for many years to attain salvation. Even Lord Buddha had to spend his entire life in meditation to attain nirvana.

If this yoga is formed in a person’s horoscope then they get salvation without severe penance. Due to the effect of this yoga, a person goes on to do good deeds in their life. Their mind is not distracted by the illusion. They live their life without worrying about luxury and attachments.

Effect of Moksha Yoga

This yoga greatly affects the life of the native. The effect of this yoga helps the native form a strong and unique connection with God and positivity. The person keeps feeling close to God all the time. They believe in the path God shows them.

They go on to do all the difficult and impossible tasks in their life with ease. Regardless of the failures, they keep looking for the brighter side of the situation.

Due to the effect of Moksha Yoga, God reflects infinite kindness towards the native. They may face sorrow time and again but they come out stronger every time. This yoga makes a person’s life happier by which they lead a life without mental suffering. Such a person always thinks about the happiness of others as well. They encourage others to take the right path. Due to their optimism and positive thinking, the affected person has the ability to create a separate place in society and gain respect.

Moksha Yoga in Horoscope

If planet Jupiter is sitting in Pisces in the Ascendant position or is sitting in the 10th house or if any cruel or inauspicious planet is not aspecting it, then the attainment of salvation becomes possible for the native.

When the auspicious planet is sitting in the 12th house and the lord of the 12th house is sitting in its zodiac or friendly zodiac and is aspected by an auspicious planet, then in such a situation the native attains salvation by their own auspicious deeds.

If Jupiter is sitting in the 1st, 4th, 6th, 7th 8th, or 10th house in the Cancer zodiac and all other planets are weak then the person attains salvation.

Remedies for Moksha Yoga

Achieving salvation is very rare in today’s time. Only God can offer salvation to a person. However, according to scriptures, human beings can attain salvation due to their practices and habits. Although the list of Sat Karm is very long, you can perform these remedies to attain salvation.

  • To attain salvation, you have to first abandon greed, worldly desires, and attachments. You should keep yourself away from all these things.
  • One has to clear their mind and get free from lust.
  • All your senses will have to be tamed.
  • You must always respect women.
  • You must help the needy, poor, and handicapped.
  • Donations, charity among the poor also bring salvation.
  • You should have compassion and serve all the creatures.

By doing these simple remedies, you can attain salvation. To learn more, connect with expert astrologers on AstroTalk.

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