Money Plant: Everything You Need to Know about Vastu tips to maintain it

Money Plant Vastu tips to maintain it

Money plant is auspicious for home and affects one’s financial health positively. According to Vastu as well as Feng Shui, there are some plants that are considered lucky and bring good fortune. The money plant is one of them. However, to retain positive affects it is also important to take care of the plant.

Tips to care for money plant

Taking care of the money plant is equally important. Here are some tips:

Water it often

A dry money plant will bring you nothing except bad luck and misfortune. Hence, it is important to make sure to water it regularly. The leaves of the plant should stay in good health and should not wither. Also, one should not let the plant touch the floor. Take care of it get it chopped when leaves wither or dry up but it is important to maintain it well.

Face towards South-east

According to Vastu, the money should be kept facing the southeast corner of your home. This brings good luck and fortune and keeps the negative vibes away.

Never keep it in East-West direction

Never ever keep money plant in East or west direction as it is said to be an invitation for troubles. This could lead to arguments in married life and messy situations. Hence, it is important to make sure that the money plant doesn’t face this direction.

An Indoor plant

A money plant grows best when grown indoors. Plant in a glass bottle and keep it away from direct sunlight.

North entrance

It is auspicious to keep a money plant in the north entrance. It invites new sources of income and career opportunities. Also, it brings good luck.

Nothing Red around

Always remember not to keep any red-colored item near the money plant or don’t keep the plant in the kitchen. This takes away your wealth and brings you bad luck.

Say yes to green or blue

Say no to red and say yes to green or blue color. Planting a money plant in a green or blue flask will bring you more wealth. You can also use a scenic painting behind it for better options.

De-clutter your home

Clutter in the home is the storehouse of negative vibes. Hence, it is important to de-clutter it. Make sure there is enough space in your home that you can easily roam around from one room to another. Also, check that the plant is not just kept in a corner and has enough space.

Green plant

The greener the plant, the better it would be. It matters how much care you take of the money plant. The greener the leaves will be, the better will be your financial condition.

Don’t give the money plant away

Never let anyone else cut your plant. Even if the leaves are drying or withering, chop them off yourself. Letting someone else cut your money plant symbolizes allowing them to take away your wealth and prosperity.

Large Pot and Soil

Whether you want to plant it in a vase or a pot, make sure to choose a large one. The reason includes that the money plant doesn’t grow in any specific direction but haphazardly. It is also important to ask your gardener to check the soil. However, aerated soils are said to be the best for money plants.

Use minimum fertilizers

It is recommendable to keep the use of fertilizers to a minimum, especially during the winters. In summers your money plant will grow good on a liquid-based nitrite feed occasionally. However, homemade fertilizers would be the best option.

Regular protection

You don’t have to put much effort. Just make sure that plant is protected from the harsh weather. In addition, make sure that leaves are in good shape.

Heart-shaped leaves

While shopping for a money plant, make sure you choose the plant that has heart-shaped leaves. This will attract prosperity, wealth, and will foster healthy relationships.

Water and other requirements

Check that water is enough for plant growth. Also, if you live in an area with less humidity, mist it every two to three days. Moreover, keeping it in partial shade will also lead to good growth of the plant.

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