Most Unfaithful Zodiac Signs that are likely to Cheat


Falling in love is a surreal experience overall. It is equally beautiful to share a romantic relationship with your love. Relationships are a tricky business, it takes a lot of effort and commitment to work it out. However, there’s are people who despite being romantically involved with someone are likely to cheat. In fact, an individual zodiac sign has a key role yo play in remaining disloyal. Some of the signs are prone to cheat and it’s hard to keep them stable. So let’s find out the 3 most unfaithful zodiac signs.


The independent zodiac Aries has a reputation of a Casanova. They like to have fun and flirt with every attractive individual who happens to pass them. In addition to their trait even in a relationship, their eyes are busy scanning others. Sometimes they mistake infatuation for love thus quickly losing interest in their partners.

Aries is always on the run, falling in and out of love is their weekly routine. They also have a charming attitude that attracts ample suitors towards them. Moreover, they have no guilt after being unfaithful, they carry on with their lives as nothing happened.


Similar to the firey Ram the lion of the zodiac is no less treacherous. They have excellent communication skills thus everyone becomes their instant fan. A romantic Leo is clever enough to deceive their partner by wordplay. They love seeking attention this is the reason they plan to cheat. It is ruthless of them to get carried away even in a casual surrounding.

Instead, they are always in the constant need to satisfy their ego. Their cheap tricks get out of hand, their partner gives them a second chance and they mess it again. A Leo cannot live without hitting on other people without a blink of an eye. Leo makes it to the top on the most unfaithful zodiac signs


Libras are well versed with the art of persuasion oh so well. They are infamous for their sly ways of playing mind games. Libras love to flirt irrespective of what creation they have with an individual. You can find them hitting even on their best friends, this how they are structured.

Beware if you know any libra they might be promising you the world and having multiple affairs behind your back. If you ever feel like something is off when dating them its a sign that indeed they are being unfaithful to you.

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