Mysterious Significance Of The Full Moon

Mysterious Significance Of The Full Moon

The moving body around the earth is not only important in science but also in astrology. Yes! Moon, takes a pivotal place that no planet can fill for. The water in our body sums to 70 %, is sometimes guided by the changing periods of the moon. Similarly, its power guides the intensity of tides. Chandra or moon is the planet responsible for the fluidity in all bodies. Chandra also controls the functions of our minds.

For years and years, people have known that as the phase of the moon changes, so does our life phase. Nights like Amavasya, Chandra Grahan, Purnima shows how a change in the moon can either create or destroy lives.

Chandra is the lord of zodiac sign cancer. It is most favorable in all water and air signs. Not only it rules our emotional self but also affects our sexual drive. Astrologers know that a full moon speaks for stability, luxury, calmness in a person’s character. According to old age astrologers, Chandra stands for motherhood, serenity, fertility, introspection, and traits.

What impact the Full Moon has?

When anything is at its highest point, it is sure to manifest huge intensity. Similarly, in the case of the full moon, we all know that tides shake in an uproar and are dangerous.

In the human world, a full moon has the power to enhance whatever you feel. No matter how good or bad that sentiment might be, a full moon makes it seem like a huge mountain with an unreachable top.

For eg, if a person feels sad, he is sure to feel 1000 times more depressed at a full moon.

This is why it is advisable to think of all the best feelings during a full moon or Amavasya.

Astrologers advise doing all puja or havans at either full moon or Amavasya because of the extreme calm that it provides.  In the perfect still environment, the chants and pujas are most powerful and fulfilling.

Full moons in 2020

  • July 5, 2020, will affect zodiac sign Capricorn. The most affected areas might include backbone, knees, and skin.
  • August 3 2020 will affect zodiac sign Aquarius. The most affected areas might include skin, calf, and ankle.
  • September 2, 2020, will affect zodiac sign Pisces. The most affected areas might include backbone and skin.
  • October 1, 2020, will affect zodiac sign Aries.  The most affected areas might include the head , teeth, tongue.
  • October 31, 2020, will affect zodiac sign Cancer. The most affected areas might include the neck and throat.
  • December 30, 2020, will affect zodiac sign Sagittarius. The most affected areas might include stomach and ovary
  • November 30, 2020, will affect zodiac sign libra. The most affected areas might include shoulders, hands, and, arms.


A strong Chandra in the Kundli has many benefits. The native with benefic moon gets richer and richer in life. Such a man is always calm and strong-willed. They have a good career in politics and as an author. They might become a detective, army officer, or guru. A weak moon makes the person impatient and clumsy. He can become a victim of accidents very easily. Such a man must take the help of Chandra yantra for his benefit.

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