On Chaitra Navratri 2023 Day 2, Worship Maa Brahmacharini With These Rituals To Get Her Blessings

Maa Brahmacharini, Chaitra Navratri 2023 day 2 (मां ब्रह्मचारिणी, चैत्र नवरात्रि 2023 का दूसरा दिन)

Navratri Day: Day 2

Form of Durga Maa to worship: Mata Brahmacharini

Colours to wear: Green, Red, White, Yellow

Flower to offer: Chrysanthemum

Maa Brahmacharini is worshipped on the second day of Navratri, as she is believed to be the available form of Goddess Parvati. Brahmacharini is a Sanskrit word meaning: Brahman, absolute reality, supreme consciousness. On the other hand, Charini means the feminine version of Charya, one who behaves or conducts.

Chaitra Navratri 2023 is from March 22, 2023, and after the worship of Maa Shailputri on the first day of Navratri, the second form of Durga Maa, Maa Brahmacharini, is ritually worshipped. As per Hindu mythology, she is the unmarried incarnation of Goddess Parvati, the wife of Lord Shiva. Beliefs state that the goddess wanted to marry Lord Mahadev, for which she performed severe penance for thousands of years. As a result of it, she finally got the opportunity to become the wife of Lord Shiva. This is the reason why goddess Brahmacharini is the symbol of power and true love.

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Chaitra Navratri 2023 Day 2: Day of Maa Brahmacharini

According to the Hindu religion, worshipping Gods and Goddesses in auspicious times is fruitful for the native. Also, the 2023 Chaitra Navratri, day 2 will be on Thursday, March 23, 2023. People shall worship goddess Brahmacharini on the second day of Navratri, i.e. Chaitra Shukla Paksha Dwitiya Tithi.

How to worship Maa Brahmacharini this Chaitra Navratri?

  • On the Navratri 2023 Day 2, wake up before sunrise and take a bath, etc.
  • After this, sprinkle Gangajal by keeping the picture or idol of Maa Brahmacharini.
  • Also, on the day of Maa Brahmacharini, offer clothes, flowers, fruits, etc. to the goddess.
  • Specially offer vermilion and red flowers in the worship of the Goddess.
  • According to the belief, offering saffron kheer, pudding, or sugar during the worship of Chaitra Navratri 2023 day 2, devotees seek the blessings of the goddess, along with all kinds of happiness.
  • Milk-made sweets and other milk-related products are very dear to Goddess Brahmacharini, so offering milk and milk products to the Maa Durga on the second day of Navratri is especially encouraging. If you wish, you can offer panchamrit too.
  • Apart from this, you can offer water chestnut kheer, halwa, or raw banana burfi to the goddess.

Benefits of worshipping Maa Brahmacharini

  • Of all the nine planets, the goddess governs the planets, Mars and Mercury. She possesses the power to remove any kind of problems Mars causes in the 1st and 8th houses of the horoscope.
  • Also, she bestows her devotees with never-ending courage, determination, and immense power to fight negativity and sorrows. 
  • Worshipping Maa Brahmacharini in the right way increases a person’s tolerance. Also, it gives them the power to step out of their comfort zone and emerge victorious in all kinds of situations.
  • Apart from this, Mata also rules the planet Mercury, so worshipping her blesses one with knowledge, might, intelligence, and good health. Students who are preparing for any exam or those who are preparing for an interview should also take the blessings of Mata Brahmacharini for success.
  • Worshipping Devi Brahmacharini blesses one with success in the medical profession.
  • Also, the worship of Brahmacharini Mata proves to be very fruitful for those suffering from mental problems.

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Miraculous mantras of Mata Brahmacharini

Dadhana Karpadmabhayamakshamalakamandalu.

Devi Prasidatu Mayi Brahmacharinyanuttama॥

Ya Devi Sarvabhuteshu Maa Brahmacharini Rupen Sansthita.

Namastasyai Namastasyai Namastasyai Namo Namah.

Padmabhayam Akshamala Kamandalu by Dadhana.

Devi Prasidatu May Brahmacharinyanuttama.

Om Devi Brahmacharinya Namah॥

Meditation Mantra:

Vande Vanchhitalabhaya Chandrardhakritashekharam।

Japamala Kamandalu Dhara Brahmacharini Shubham॥

Gauravarna Swadhishthanasthita Dwitiya Durga Trinetram।

Dhawala Paridhana Brahmarupa Pushpalankara Bhushitam॥

Parama Vandana Pallavaradharam Kanta Kapola Pina।

Payodharam Kamaniya Lavanayam Smeramukhi Nimnanabhi Nitambanim॥

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Kavach Mantra

Tripura Mein Hridayam Patu Lalate Patu Shankarabhamini

Arpana Sadapatu Netro, Ardhari Cha Kapolo

Panchadashi Kanthe Patu Madhyadeshe Patu Maheshwari

Shodashi Sadapatu Nabho Griho Cha Padayo

Anga Pratyanga Satata Patu Brahmacharini

Story behind the name Brahmacharini

Mata Brahmacharini is a living example of a goddess who did severe penance to attain Lord Shiva. When Maa Durga Parvati came to know about her divine love for Mahadev, Narad ji advised her to follow the customs and rituals of rigorous penance of long ages. While doing penance, he had to bear the painful tortures of nature like severe cold, fierce flames of the sun, and thunder of rain.

Moreover, many believe that Maa Durga continued her austere penance for thousands of years and ate only bilva leaves to survive. For many hundreds of years, Mata abstained from water and food and thus devoted herself entirely to the worship of Lord Shiva. This great penance glorified her by the name ‘Brahmacharini’ and Lord Shiva accepted her as his wife.

On the second day of Navratri Puja, Durga devotees worship Goddess Brahmacharini to gain the strength to abstain from food and water for nine days of fasting. At the same time, devotees chant mantras and make stutis (invocations) to seek the immense blessings and grace of the Goddess. Devotees can increase their stamina by worshipping the Goddess wholeheartedly.

It is not just a miracle, but the grace and magnificence of Goddess Brahmacharini, who bestows her devotees with great strength to bear the unpredictability of nature. The second day of Navratri Puja is for Devi Brahmacharini. So worship the almighty on this auspicious day and receive her immense blessings.

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Rituals to perform on Navratri Day 2 puja

According to astrology, by worshipping the form of Maa Durga, issues related to planet Mars and Mangal Dosha are removed. This is the reason why you can worship Maa especially to get the blessings of Bhoomi-Bhavana, strength, etc. by strengthening Mars in your horoscope. Here are some measures to keep in mind to strengthen your marriage yoga in the horoscope, this Chaitra Navratri, which are mentioned below:

  • Go to a temple during Navratri and offer water and milk to Goddess Parvati and Lord Shiva.
  • After this, worship both of you with the Panchopachar method. After worshipping, make an alliance of Shiva and Parvati with Mauli and pray for early marriage.
  • Moreover, worshipping Gauri Mata is very fruitful for the native to get rid of any kind of marriage-related problems.
  • According to an incident described in Ramayana, Maa Durga Sita also worshipped Gaura Mata before marriage and only then she received Lord Shri Ram as her groom.

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